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Hi all,

My name is Jane and I am the owner of a small business called Those Little Bits. We are called Those Little Bits, because after you have sorted your photographer, chosen your cake and most importantly found THE dress, you may start turning your attention to all those other little bits. This is where we come in.  We have everything from miles of bunting, to decorated jam jars, teapots and teacups to great big white umbrellas (just in case of course) Royal Mail post boxes, vintage suitcases, memory boards, chalk board signs and lots more too. We love all things pretty and cant help adding to our stock all the time.


Those Little Bits came into existence when I came home one day with one to many teacups to add to my collection, and my husband swiftly made a polite but strong point that he was very much a man, and cant play poker with his friends amongst so many flowers. I understood his point and made the further point that he better find me a showroom so others can borrow and share in my china flowered joy, and quick too as the boys were due that weekend. Internal struggles between manly-ness and bank balances took place inside his head, I smiled sweetly and handed him a beer and thus the birth of Those Little Bits ensued.  Now I have a fully fledged business where I travel around Somerset and surrounding counties lending out beautiful items to some lovely brides with my Mum and business partner (or partner in convincing our husbands that our job isn’t nattering and drinking tea all day long). We have met some lovely people along the way, and are very excited for what is to come.


This summer has seen some new ventures for us, we have made a few more miles of bunting, decorated a few more venues and sadly broken two teapots, but there are highs and lows in every job I guess ;) So now as we have passed through the August bank holiday and it feels like Autumn is on the way, we hope that all you Autumnal brides are busy with your preparations, burnt oranges, creams and light browns can look stunning as those leaves start to turn and look gorgeous. If you ever need some finishing touches, or little additions just look us up, we are always happy to lend you anything you want, for a small fee of course.

Jane and Mum