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Welcome to the first of Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, a quick look at who we met and what we talked about over the past week, for anyone who missed it first time round!


Moonrise Wedding Blog

On Tuesday we kicked off with the adorable Belle’s Charms, an ideal solution for personalised gifts for your wedding party that won’t break the budget. Beautiful keyrings, bracelets and wine glass charms amongst other ideas for your wedding guest to have as a wonderful keepsake of your Special Day.

wedding day bracelets

Belle’s Charms – Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas


We picked up on Thursday by introducing you to Irenee’s Bridal by Design, offering absolutely fabulous bridesmaid dresses with a level of customer service to suit. A few tips from Irenee when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses and keeping everyone happy!


Irenee’s Bridal by Design – Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses


Finally on Saturday we brought you up to date with our coffee catchup with Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol. New owners of the business with an insight into what drives and inspires them when it comes to helping Brides to Be find their perfect wedding dress.

budget wedding dresses bristol

Catchup with Les & Joanne – Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol


Well that’s our first ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, I hope you enjoyed our wedding industry favourites this week and we look forward to next week and our first ‘Real Brides’ wedding! 

wedding day bracelets

More often than not I come across posts on Facebook Groups from Brides to Be asking for suggestions and ideas for wedding gifts for Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Best Man and Flowergirls. When buying gifts for all these guests the costs soon start adding up, so today I’d like to introduce you to Belle’s Charms! A great choice of charms and keepsakes that can be personalised as a memento of your Wedding Day and that says a special ‘Thank-You’ for being part of your Special Day. I took some time to find out from Louise about Belle’s Charms;



Why did you start Belle’s Charms?

I started Belle’s Charms as I thought there was a gap in the market for unique keepsake keyrings, jewellery & gifts.

Wineglass_charms_for _wedding_day

What makes Belles Charms so unique and stand out?

Belle’s Charms are unique and stand out as they are made to order. If a customer requires a charm that I haven’t got, I am more than happy to go all out and find the charm they’re after.


What advice can you give to our brides to be when planning their wedding day?

My advice would for Brides to Be, is, shop around and not simply go for the easiest option, take your time on organising your big day.

What is your most favourite charm/ jewellery that you’ve made and why?

My favourite item to make is wedding bracelets, as I love talking to the Bride to Be and helping them out the best I can. I also love the idea that a part of me is attending their wedding, be it on a bridesmaid or flowergirl’s wrist.


What does the future have in store for Belle’s Charms?

I hope that Belle’s Charms continues with its success and I’d like to attend more wedding fairs in 2016.

How do brides buy from you?

It is easy to purchase from me. I invoice my customers via PayPal, (no account is needed), and they pay through PayPal or by card. It is all secure or another way to buy is through e-bay.


I’m sure you’ll agree that Louise produces some beautiful pieces that will make gorgeous keepsakes that are both special and individual for your Wedding Day.




Almost all brides are sporting a delightful little secret beneath their perfect wedding gown on their wedding day for only a few to see, a beautiful garter. There are lots of traditions across many wedding ceremonies among many faiths, but this one intrigued me. The brides wedding garter was thought to be an English tradition starting from as far back as the 14th century. It was believed that the good luck and fortune of the Bride and Groom would be passed to the lucky bachelor that managed to get to keep it from the wedding day.


Early bridal garters were originally made from a piece of the wedding gown and in an effort to retrieve the brides garter from her leg it was quite often the case that dresses were getting ruined. So in an effort to avoid this, brides began wearing two garters, the second one being slightly smaller, and being a throw away garter or a toss garter. This was the garter that was thrown willingly into a group of her guests, to avoid her gorgeous gown from any ruin.


Some brides choose to place their throw away garter just above the knee and the lucky bachelor is invited to remove the wedding garter in front of a crowd of wedding guests!


There were other beliefs that retrieval of the bridal garter was a sign that the marriage had been consummated, and again that the good fortunes of  the lucky married couple would be passed along with the garter. I’m not quite sure how well this would sit with today’s society?


The wearing of the garter is enjoyed by many of today’s brides, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. Some choose to add a splash of colour to match the grooms colours or family tartan, while others opt for a an even more personalised wedding garter, with their wedding date on it, or even their names.


Another popular idea is to use the wedding garter for the brides ‘something blue’. Don’t forget the wedding garter can be a great idea for a gift from a Chief Bridesmaid and serve as a lovely keepsake from your Special Day. Whatever you choose for your garter, it’s an area where you can have a little fun, so don’t leave it till the last minute and best wishes for your big day!


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