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Almost every wedding day has a theme or a colour scheme that runs through everything from the invites, the table decorations, the brides bouquet, and so on. Compiling your own mood board of all the ‘good ideas’ that you stumble across is a great starting point when it comes to planning your own wedding day, not only to build that picture in your own mind of how you want your day to look but also to show suppliers, friends and family who are there to help you plan your big day!


Bridesmaids dresses are a really significant part of your bridal parties attire and it can be quite a challenge to keep everyone happy in this department especially if you have 3, 4, or even 8 bridesmaids!

Irenee Bridal_4

Image Courtesy of Irenee’s Bridal By Design

Cadbury purple can be quite an over powering colour when there is a lot of the same of it together, but it also helps it contrast well with lighter colours often associated with your wedding day, such as whites, ivories, pinks and greys. A bridal bouquet is nice touch for you to keep the cadbury purple theme alongside your wedding gown.


Image Courtesy of Sister Sister Bouquets

Table decorations are where you can really go to town, if you’re wanting lots of purple, or you can choose to be more subtle with a some scatter crytals to compliment your place names maybe?


Whichever route you decide, lots of deep and rich cadbury purple or more subtle smatterings it’s a beautiful colour and theme for a wedding day.


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  1. Bridesmaids Dresses – Courtesy of Irenee’s Bridal by Design –
  2. Bridal Bouquet – Courtesy of Sister Sister Bouquets –
  3. Wedding Garter – Courtesy of Moonrise Garters –
  4. Wedding Cupcake Tower – Andrias Cakes, Scarborough –
  5. Scatter Crystals –
  6. Purple Fingernails –
  7. Purple Candy Cart – Courtesy of A Sweet Sweet Display Event Decoration & Hire –
  8. Purple Postbox – Pinterest –

Welcome to the first of Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, a quick look at who we met and what we talked about over the past week, for anyone who missed it first time round!


Moonrise Wedding Blog

On Tuesday we kicked off with the adorable Belle’s Charms, an ideal solution for personalised gifts for your wedding party that won’t break the budget. Beautiful keyrings, bracelets and wine glass charms amongst other ideas for your wedding guest to have as a wonderful keepsake of your Special Day.

wedding day bracelets

Belle’s Charms – Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas


We picked up on Thursday by introducing you to Irenee’s Bridal by Design, offering absolutely fabulous bridesmaid dresses with a level of customer service to suit. A few tips from Irenee when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses and keeping everyone happy!


Irenee’s Bridal by Design – Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses


Finally on Saturday we brought you up to date with our coffee catchup with Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol. New owners of the business with an insight into what drives and inspires them when it comes to helping Brides to Be find their perfect wedding dress.

budget wedding dresses bristol

Catchup with Les & Joanne – Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol


Well that’s our first ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, I hope you enjoyed our wedding industry favourites this week and we look forward to next week and our first ‘Real Brides’ wedding! 

           Bridesmaids play such a crucial part on your wedding day, helping with preparations in the run up to the big day and then helping you get ready on the morning itself. It can often be a nightmare finding bridesmaid dresses to suit them all and keep each bridesmaid happy, and not to mention the fact that, the more bridesmaids you have the more expensive your budget becomes! So I’d like to introduce Irenee’s Bridal by Design, with her own shop and a fabulous choice of bridesmaids dresses along with an individual level of service to suit!



Q – Can you tell us a little bit about Irenee Bridal by Design


I opened my shop in January this year, ‘Irenee Bridal by Design’, which offers a range of made to measure bridesmaids dresses. I can provide dresses for all the girls and their dresses are tailored to each Bridesmaids requirements, which means no expensive alteration costs.


Q – What advice can you give to Brides to Be when deciding on dresses for their bridesmaids?


I always find it good to have the wedding dress bought before choosing the bridesmaid dresses as you know then what dresses and styles will compliment your bridal gown! Always try on different colours on your girls as not all colours may suit your girls.


Q – What makes Irenee Bridal by Design different from other suppliers?


The quality and workmanship of the dresses are second to none as you can see from the pictures, and all dresses are discounted according to the number of girls in the bridal party! I am proud to be a stockist of ‘For Her and For Him’ which provide me with the service of made to measure bridesmaid dresses. I also run on an appointment basis which allows me to devote all of my time and knowledge to each customer on a one to one basis.


Q – What is your biggest achievement to date?


My biggest achievement to date is being able to open my shop and seeing and believing my dream in reality. It all seems worthwhile when you see all the lovely wedding photos and being part of the Brides wedding planning and feeling proud of the service I’m able to offer.


Q – What does the future have in store for you at Irenee Bridal by Design?


I hope to grow my shop within the next 12 months and establish my reputation with quality dresses at affordable prices!

ideas_for _pastel_bridesmaid_dresses

You can see more examples of these gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and keep up to date with Irenees Bridal by Design on her facebook page or you can also simply give her a call if you see something you like or have something in mind!




Telephone:- 02882 267007