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So what sort of a Bride are you when it comes to shopping for your Wedding? Are you cool, calm and collected when it comes to making decisions? Do you leave everything to the last minute and just take everything as it comes? Or are you the original Bridezilla, when you know exactly what you want and anything other than perfection is just a downright outrage and an utter personal insult?

gabrielle _wedding_bustier

When it comes to wedding underwear for your Big Day, don’t leave it to the last minute! Even if you’ve been losing weight and you hope to lose a few more pounds, get your bridal lingerie in plenty of time, about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. At least you have enough time to ale sure it fits comfortably, and I don’t just mean for 5 minutes in a changing room, you should wear it for a while to make sure it’s really comfy and supportive. You’re going to be wearing it for the whole day, the last thing you want is to feel it riding up, falling down or digging into you.


Give it some thought before you go shopping for your bridal underwear. Think about what style of lingerie is going to suit your figure AND your wedding dress. Whatever you choose, be it a bridal bustier, a wedding corset or a full bra and suspender set, it has to work in Harmony with you and your gown. Think of it as the foundation on which your wedding dress is going to sit on, if it’s no good then it’s not going to show you and your dress off to the max!


Choose something that is going to give you support where you want it. If you’re big chested make sure they’re supported. If you want a smooth outline to your figure then look for a longline wedding corset or some bridal shapewear that’s going to give a nice contour to your shape. The main thing is that you’re comfortable in what you choose.


If you’re a Panic Bride and you’re an unusual size or a size that isn’t normally well stocked for some reason, then change your approach! You might well find your perfect bridal lingerie to go beneath your dress, but if it’s not a ‘popular/ common’ size or even if the colour isn’t right, then you’ll need some time to get it ordered! After all you want it to be perfect, don’t you?

Wedding Bell Stockings

If you don’t want to be a Panic Bride and leave everything to the last minute then order a FREE bridal lingerie catalogue from Moonrise Lingerie – “The Bridal Underwear Specialists” and get your wedding underwear all sorted!







Good Morning everyone. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and enjoying sunshine wherever you are! There’s no better time than on a lazy Sunday morning to catch up with all the wedding chat that’s been going on, on our wedding blog at Moonrise Bridal.

 Moonrise Wedding Blog

We had the pleasure of sharing the beautiful and vibrant wedding of Pamela and Amanda. A gorgeous wedding ceremony followed by a wonderful garden reception. Notice the lighting through the trees and all the pom poms! A lovely reminder of what marriage and weddings is all about!


Read more about Amanda and Pamela’s Wedding Day and find out what their best wedding buys were and where they got them from!


I then had the pleasure of introducing you to Sister Sister Bouquets. A family run business with loads of experience in the floristry sector who make absolutely stunning bridal bouquets from silk, foam and other materials!


See more of their stunning bridal bouquets and find what out what Claire had to say when we caught up with her!


Finally we took the liberty of pinching a post feature for ourselves and looked at wedding corsets to go beneath the wedding dress, along with what a corset will do for you and your figure!

Strapless Wedding Corset

Take a look at some of the different styles of wedding corset you can choose from and which would suit your style of wedding dress.


Well that’s pretty much it for another quick round up!


Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday!







Getting the right bridal underwear to go beneath your wedding dress on your all important wedding day can be quite a demanding task, especially if you’ve left it to the last few weeks, thinking you’ll just pop into town and pick something up! So I thought I’d have a quick look at wedding corsets, different styles of bridal corset, what they can do for you and a few pitfalls to look out for when choosing your wedding corset.


What does a Wedding Corset do for You?

A bridal corset is still quite popular with modern brides when it comes to choosing wedding lingerie for their big day, but sometimes it’s maybe not the most appropriate underwear to go beneath their wedding dress. A wedding corset is particularly designed to pull your figure in at the waist to assist in producing a smooth and sculpted hourglass shape to your figure.


It does this by it’s particular design and structured boning that helps to pull the waist in by anything from up to 2″ – 4″. Modern day corsets are not like the corsets of old that were quite uncomfortable and restrictive to the point of impeding breathing of the wearer! On this point of a corsets boning, it’s important to note whether your wedding gown already has a structured bodice with boning in it, because if this is the case, then a structured corset will be more than likely be far too restrictive and not required!


What Style of Bridal Corset will suit my Neckline?

Remember your bridal lingerie should remain a well covered secret, with your underwear line remain hidden well out of view of guests and cameras! So the neckline of your wedding corset must sit well below that of your gown.

Floral Tapestry Wedding Corset

A strapless wedding corset is great for off the shoulder gown styles and straight necklines, but if you’ve fallen for a sweetheart neckline with a low plunge or even a low back dress style, then again beware! The strapless wedding corset above carries another desirable feature, that of a double lace up tie back, which basically allows you, the wearer to set your own level of comfort or waist cinching effect with this personal adjustment!

Low Back Wedding Corsets for Low Back Bridal Gowns.

I touched briefly a little earlier about open back or low back wedding gowns that are very popular at the moment, which also brings along its own difficulties in finding suitable wedding lingerie to go beneath and provide the necessary support. Not all wedding dresses will accommodate, but a low back wedding corset can sometimes be a life saver for some Brides, as not everyone is comfortable with the idea of not wearing any underwear for their boobs!


What Lingerie will Suit a Close Fitting Gown or Silk Wedding Dress?

As mentioned your wedding undies need to be the unsung hero or heroine of your wedding day, by providing comfort and support all through your day as well as shaping and toning your figure to enhance your wedding dress. It has to do all of this whilst remaining hidden well out of sight. Although, a little more costly it has to be said, but, a seamless wedding corset could come into it’s own here and fit nicely beneath a silk wedding dress or indeed a close fitting gown style.


When Do I need to get My Wedding Underwear?

If a corset is not your normal choice of lingerie or underwear, even if not just for special occasions, then make sure you allow plenty of time to shop around and find the right wedding corset for you. In doing so, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to get used to wearing it, trying it on with your final dress fitting to make sure it works in harmony with both you and your wedding dress. The morning of your wedding is far too late to find out your beautiful bridal corset doesn’t work with your perfect wedding gown!


If you need any further help in finding a wedding corset for your wedding day then please get in touch with us here at Moonrise Lingerie by e-mailing or via any of our social media links below!

Good luck and the very best of wishes for your Wedding!







Header Image: Courtesy of Paul Travis of EyeDream Photography