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VW Campervan Hire for Weddings


vw campervan hire wedding

We’re real fans of VW’s in our household, so this post was an absolute must when I stumbled upon them on Facebook one night! VW Campers are becoming ever more popular among enthusiasts and are starting to make their stamp on many a wedding day as well. Buttercup Bus have even started using them as the ultimate mobile photobooth! We’ve been to quite a few receptions and photobooths go down really well with guests, especially with a few prosecco’s on board! So here’s what Nathalie from Buttercup Bus had to tell us;


Image Courtesy –

Q: You have quite a few VW’s available as wedding cars. How long have you been involved with the wedding industry and what inspired you to become involved?

It all started out about 10 years ago, when we were expecting our first child. My car at the time was a tiny Smart Car, so my Husband advised me to sell it and purchase something more practical for our new family. His jaw hit the floor, when I came back with my first campervan, Pushka. Whilst it was not what he had in mind, I told him that with her cream paintwork and good looks, we could do the odd wedding hire, here and there to fund keeping her running nicely. The campervan turned out to be far more popular than I anticipated, and I really enjoyed doing the weddings – so we saved and purchased additional campervans and set up as a business.

Buttercup Bus VW Camper hire

Image Courtesy –

Q: What tips and advice can you give to couples when looking to hire their wedding transport?

Check with the supplier for recent photos of the vehicle – do they personally own all the vehicles, or are they owner by third parties? (We own all our vehicles!) Also, check their social media profiles for real photos of them in action. Ask how the vehicle will be decorated – for example, does it come with any flowers, bunting, soft furnishings and can you choose the ribbon colours to match your theme?

VW campervan photobooth hire

Q: How long in advance would you recommend couples book their wedding car? What about insurances?

Always go with a proper wedding transport company that have the specialist wedding transport vehicle and public liability insurance in place. Most of our wedding couples book their campervans between 12 to 18 months in advance of their wedding so that they get the vehicle colour of their choice.

VW Beetle for Wedding Hire

Q:There is quite a bit of competition when it comes to wedding car hire. What can couples expect when the book their VW beetle wedding car or camper van with you?

Having 10 years experience, we know how to plan timings and routes with the correct contingencies in place. We also have multiple campervans and drivers in place as back up. We are familiar with many of the venues in our area of coverage, so understand how to best position the campervan for post ceremony photos. Our wedding transport business is a passion as well as a business, and we enjoy taking the time to clean and decorate the campers with little details to make the day extra special. We have pretty umbrellas, can offer personalised bunting and have bespoke flower garlands made specially to decorate our campervans.

Buttercup Bus VW hire London

Q: Which is YOUR most favourite wedding car/ van that you offer and why?

Ha ha – I am the campervans’ Mum. I talk to them, and tuck them up at night in their special blankets. I could not possibly choose a favourite, or the others would get upset with me!

Vw campers for hire

Q: What is your biggest achievement to date? (It doesn’t have to be wedding related).

Alongside our wedding car services, we also offer campervan photobooth hire. This year we invested in upgrading our technology to include greenscreen. These photosbooths have enabled our campervans to be enjoyed at a much wider range of events to include private parties, corporate hospitality and promotional events. It led to us winning awards, to include “Most Innovative Photo Booth Hire Company” and “Best Media and Creative Business” in the last couple of years.

buttercup bus

An awesome collection VW campers to choose from if you’re an enthusiast looking to arrive at your wedding in style, or indeed want a photobooth with a difference to capture all your guests on your magical day! If you want to find out more from Nathalie of Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers, then get in touch with their details below or visit their website!


We love different and quirky on our wedding blog, so when I saw Simon advertising his camper van for hire for weddings, I instantly wanted it to feature on our Moonrise Bridal Blog! If you want to arrive to your wedding in style & have your guests talking long after the wedding, then check this out! Over to you Simon;


Q: Tell us a little bit about Mystery Machine Hire. How you got started and how long you’ve been going.

I have only been in business really since July 1st this year. I had a few trial runs in June, but once I was happy that’s when I started advertising. I bought the vehicle in February, its on old mini bus and the exterior already had the scooby theme. It needed some metal work, as these old buses can rust – but it’s now all fine and dandy. The main work was on the interior – which is just awesome. I sent it to a specialist VW shop who are situated at Hemswell Cliff ( and they are simply the best at what they do. In terms of how and why I got started, I only bought the vehicle initially to convert into a camper van for my son and I. It still does do that, but I literally had people knocking on my door asking to hire the van, so I compromised on the interior design to a degree, spent way more money than originally intended – so now it works as a novelty vehicle for hire, and also to go camping with my son.


 Q: What made you venture into the wedding industry?

Initially, I had no intention. But once the idea was put in my head about hiring it out, the cogs started moving, and with the help of a few good people, came up with a plan….and ran with it. I did a lot of research, sought a lot of advise, and I am so glad I did.

It’s brilliant to be part of people’s big day….taking part of the stress away, putting smiles on people’s faces – and creating memories. I love it.


 Q: What advice & tips can you give to couples when it comes to them looking for transport for their wedding day?

First and foremost, make sure to ask all the questions you want. Don’t be scared. Anyone operating in this industry would be glad to help you every step of the way. Make sure the vehicles have the relevant permits and insurances (as there are people out there who do not).
Make an arrangement to see the vehicle, seek feedback. So many people have said to me, the pictures of the Mystery Machine don’t do it justice. I am only too glad to answer genuine questions people have. I would also say, it is worth the extra cost to hire the vehicle out for a few hours, rather than seek hire for a short journey. That is where the better value is.


 Q: With so many wedding car companies to choose from, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

I have specifically targeted the novelty market, something different. Some of the vehicles out there are simply stunning, and I am in awe of a lot of them, and very jealous. That said, The Mystery Machine, and Herbie which is to follow soon, are completely different, they are not traditional, but they really do provide a talking point and a different way of doing things.


 Q: What’s your biggest achievement to date so far? (It doesn’t have to be wedding related).

In relation to the business, I have to say building relationships with other companies in the industry. I have received some great advice off some great people. I have always given my very best to every booking I have had. I operate this business around my full time job, which is a juggling act. Maybe one day I will take that leap and go full time doing this. The signs are promising. Outside of the industry, I will give you the stock answer – my kids. They are awesome.


 Q: What does the future have in store for Mystery Machine Hire?

The vehicle is always a work in progress, I am always tinkering to make it better. The latest innovation is to add a photobooth feature. Its not quite the same as the traditional type of professional set ups you can get, but I can print out pictures virtually instantly, and give guests an instant souvenir – which has gone down really well, as often you have to wait weeks for your wedding photos. The inside, and the outside make a great back drop. The vehicle is a registered private hire vehicle, so I do hire it out for other things, particularly proms and nights out. Other than that, I will do my best to keep it immaculate for as long as I can, and hopefully grow the business as much as my capabilities allow. The fleet will grow to two from December with Herbie, my classic VW Beetle coming back from being refurbished from the ground up, and from there who knows – maybe more vehicles!!


So if novelty, quirky and fun is what you’re after from your wedding day transport, then why not give The Mystery Machine a whirl? The photobooth idea sounds amazing and I’m sure would keep friends & family chatting about your day for weeks to come!



Telephone: 01724850600 & 07432142825