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Time to catch up with all what’s been going on at our wedding blog this week, with another Real Brides feature as well, that’s absolutely amazing and worth a read!


This week we have some amazing styles and colours to brighten up you week ahead!

We start off with bold and beautiful wedding stationary created by Vicky, featuring some lovely warming tones as we head in to autumn…


See what colours are trending this autumn with Blueskys Creations



We love reading about Real Brides Weddings and today is no exception

I’d like to congratulate Bev and James on their recent wedding.

Find out a little bit about how they met and how they both got on planning their magical day!

To see more inspiring wedding photos take a look at Bev & James wedding feature

Wedding Day Photography & Images Courtesy of Nigel Read Photography



Our final topic this week is Wedding flowers!

We all love how they bring vibrant colour to a wedding day, however have you really thought about them… What type of flower would you have? What colours are in this season? or would you have real or ARTIFICIAL flowers?

It seems that more and more bride are choosing to have artificial flowers…!

Why not! there are many reasons why, you can have any flower, colour any style and the best part about it is you get to keep them forever!

Check out this guest post from Graceful Wedding Flower to see more.

Well, that’s all the wedding chat & gossip from Moonrise Bridal for this week!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading & keep following next week.





Right at the very beginning of your wedding journey you set the ball rolling by sending out your wedding invitations, which begin to set the theme of your wedding day. So this week I introduce Vicky from Blueskys Creations to take a look at wedding stationery from invitations to table planners with some food for thought before you start thinking about your colours!


Q: Tell us a little bit about Blueskys Creation, how you started and how long you’ve been going.

It all started 3 years ago when my brother was planning his wedding, he knew I was crafty and asked me to make all his stationery for him, I jumped at the chance and never looked back, from there we’ve grown into what we are today.


Q: What hints, tips or advice do you have for our Brides to Be when it comes to arranging their save the date cards, invitations & table planners etc?

Think about what you want, don’t just dive into the first thing you see. Research what you like and don’t like. I know the cost of wedding stationery can seem daunting but don’t worry, a good supplier will talk you through everything and come up with a design for you. It’s also a case of pay what you want, either off the shelf or more bespoke designs. But remember go with what you love, not with what you expect other people to love.


Q: What makes Bluesky’s Creation stand out from the rest and what can Brides expect when they order their wedding stationery from you?

We pride ourselves on excellent communication from the minute couples contact us. If I can make this part of the wedding planning easy then I will. We work with the best quality materials that we can and make sure at every step along the way our couples are 100% happy. This means from the moment they contact us to  the time their stationery arrives with them we keep in contact with regular messages with updates and photos.


Q: When should Brides be looking to arrange their stationery and what would you suggest as a sensible budget?

Unfortunately the cost of stationery is like a piece of string dependent on what you want. The average price for good quality invites range from £1 for a basic printed design to £6 for a luxury invite which includes extra inserts. When buying, shop around, ask different companies for prices if one seems a lot lower than other, then ask why, and always get samples, that way you know your finished product is exactly what you’re looking for.


Q: What advice would you give any Bride about their Wedding Day? (It can be about anything).

Enjoy it! Remember once you and your other half are saying your vows everything else will be forgotten.


Q: What does the future hold for Blueskys Creation? 

We’ve just opened up our Etsy store and have lots of new designs springing up, so from here we aim to get bigger and better (we’re always up for a challenge design wise)!


So there you go, if you’d like to see more from Blueskys Creations, from ‘save the date’ cards, wedding invites to table plans why not visit their Facebook Page and let them know what you like!







I would like to welcome to our blog Flash Floozy and gorgeous headwear. Flash Floozy is owned by the amazing Marie and when I asked her is she would like to write a post for us to put on our blog she was happy to, and we are so pleased to share with this post with you. If you have any questions for Marie then please find her details at the bottom of this post… enjoy! 
1) Can you tell me a bit about what you do?
I design and hand make boho and vintage inspired headwear. I make anything from over sized floral crowns and dainty rustic halos through to Gatsby inspired feathered headpieces and glitter headbands. I love old style glitz and glamour from the 1920s and 30s, they really knew how to dress back then. But I also like easy going comfortable, gypsy bohemian and modern convenience and I think this reflects in the kind of product I offer.



 Silver Deco Headband

2) How did you get into this line of work?

It started as a hobby really. I have always made my own jewellery and when I bought my new sewing machine I started making lace and turban headbands. I suppose it got out of control from there! I’ve always worked in the Fashion Industry but I guess the turning point was losing my job earlier this year, it gave me the push and the time I needed to take my business to the next level. I’m not a natural designer, my background is more sourcing, production and quality so I’ve kind of come at it from a different angle but I feel that this only serves as an even better platform to offer an excellent quality product.


Pink & White feather

3) I have had a look at your website and you have some beautiful items, Where does your inspiration come from when designing them?

Thank you! Its a cliche but inspiration can literally come from anywhere. I love people watching! It can be something as small as a detail on someone’s jacket, their hairstyle or make up, a building or crumbling doorway. Wild flowers growing out of a wall on the side of the road could turn out to be the starting point for your next design. If I’m watching TV I’m barely following the storyline as I am too busy looking at what everyone is wearing, or checking out the wallpaper or a lamp in the background. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world in my previous career and I think, unknowingly I have gathered most of my inspiration from those travels, especially India and Pakistan where the colours and textures can inspire any project, but the biggest inspiration has got to be receiving amazing feedback from the bride when she tells you how perfect her headpiece was on her wedding day. That’s a real buzz.



Ivory Rose Crown

4) Do you have any offers or discounts that you would like us to shout about ?

I hold regular giveaways on my Facebook page and also I often put out promo codes on my Twitter  feed and Instagram.



Lia Yellow Orange Blossom Halo


Esta Teal Rose Headband


Black & Silver Leaf Feather

For any further details on any of the above pieces please contact Marie on one of the below…


TWITTER: @flashfloozy



Hi all,

My name is Jane and I am the owner of a small business called Those Little Bits. We are called Those Little Bits, because after you have sorted your photographer, chosen your cake and most importantly found THE dress, you may start turning your attention to all those other little bits. This is where we come in.  We have everything from miles of bunting, to decorated jam jars, teapots and teacups to great big white umbrellas (just in case of course) Royal Mail post boxes, vintage suitcases, memory boards, chalk board signs and lots more too. We love all things pretty and cant help adding to our stock all the time.


Those Little Bits came into existence when I came home one day with one to many teacups to add to my collection, and my husband swiftly made a polite but strong point that he was very much a man, and cant play poker with his friends amongst so many flowers. I understood his point and made the further point that he better find me a showroom so others can borrow and share in my china flowered joy, and quick too as the boys were due that weekend. Internal struggles between manly-ness and bank balances took place inside his head, I smiled sweetly and handed him a beer and thus the birth of Those Little Bits ensued.  Now I have a fully fledged business where I travel around Somerset and surrounding counties lending out beautiful items to some lovely brides with my Mum and business partner (or partner in convincing our husbands that our job isn’t nattering and drinking tea all day long). We have met some lovely people along the way, and are very excited for what is to come.


This summer has seen some new ventures for us, we have made a few more miles of bunting, decorated a few more venues and sadly broken two teapots, but there are highs and lows in every job I guess ;) So now as we have passed through the August bank holiday and it feels like Autumn is on the way, we hope that all you Autumnal brides are busy with your preparations, burnt oranges, creams and light browns can look stunning as those leaves start to turn and look gorgeous. If you ever need some finishing touches, or little additions just look us up, we are always happy to lend you anything you want, for a small fee of course.

Jane and Mum

Wedding Stationery Etiquette – and avoiding those sticky situations!


In the past, wedding stationery had an extensive etiquette and you could cause great offence by not handwriting the names and addresses or asking for cash instead of having a traditional guest list.

Luckily these days we are much more relaxed and, for all but the most formal weddings, you can decide on your own preferences.

However, there are new modern day pitfalls, so here are our Top 5 tips for avoiding sticky situations with your wedding stationery.



Top Tip No 1 – Make sure nobody important misses your wedding



You’ll want all your closest friends and relatives to share your big day, so make sure everyone knows well in advance by sending Save the Date cards as soon as you have booked your wedding day.

With our busy lives, it’s important to give people as much time as possible to plan.






Top Tip No 2 – Only send Save the Dates to those you are 100% sure you will be inviting



It’s an absolute no-no to send a save the date card to someone and then not invite them to the wedding.  So do work on your guest list first.

Occasionally, this can happen through circumstances outside your control – you have to change location and your new venue can’t handle the original numbers, for example. In this situation you’ll need to write to or telephone all those affected to apologise and explain.  What you don’t want to do is have to ring your friends and say “Sorry, we can’t invite you after all as we’ve got to fit in a couple of extra cousins”. Cue end of friendship – especially if they have already booked time off and accommodation.



Top Tip No 3 – Write the full names of everyone invited on the invitations



It’s important to be clear about who is invited. If you are inviting partners of your friends who you don’t know, then ask for their names and don’t just say “Jane Smith + guest” on the invite. Your wedding day is not the time to discover that Jane has ditched the nice accountant she met last year and has taken up with a new boyfriend with anti-marriage views and a drink problem.

If you wish, you can be more relaxed with Evening only invitations.








Top Tip No 4 – If children are not invited it’s best to spell this out



Even if the invitation is addressed to Mr & Mrs Smith with no mention of their offspring, some people will assume that their children are included.

To avoid any embarrassment make it clear on the invite with a sentence like “Due to the capacity of the wedding venue we are unable to invite children” or “We would like our wedding day to be an adults only occasion. We hope you will understand and enjoy a day off!”

Top Tip No 5 – Always send a Thank You card for your gifts




Stds and Invite_Plum pink lime





Nothing seems to bug wedding guests more than not receiving a Thank You card.



Tree of Hearts specialise in printed, personalised stationery that’s great quality at an affordable price.  All designs are available as a complete package and there is easy online ordering plus a free sample service.