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Well it’s Sunday & time to catch up all the wedding wonderfulness that’s being going on at Moonrise Bridal this week, (and a little bit from the week before)!

Moonrise Wedding Blog

Wedding Flowers & Bridal Bouquets

We caught up with one of our good friends from last wedding season, Claire from Sister Sister Bouquets. We wanted to find out some of the advantages that artificial wedding flowers have over real ones, and a where to start when it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding day.


See what colours Claire thinks are going to be popular this year, and see more of her fantastic floral designs & bridal bouquets.


Keeping Kids Entertained at Weddings

Keeping kids occupied at weddings can be a real struggle, so our next post might be just what you need.


We caught up with Jade from Astbury Darlings, to find out just how they can help out at keeping kids entertained at weddings. Their prices are really good too!


Customised Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are becoming more and more customised by Brides to Be for their wedding day. So when we saw these lovely little beauties handmade by Tomas Molyneux, we just had to share them!


Take a glimpse at a few more Custom Glitter Shoes and find out what made Tomas start making wedding shoes!


Wedding Day Photography

Finally we caught up with a fabulous Wedding Photographer we had the pleasure of discovering from one of our Real Brides Features from last year. We spoke to Hayley Scott Photography and asked what couples should be thinking about when it comes to choosing a wedding day photographer for their special day.


Well that’s it for another wedding chat round up. Hope enjoyed what we brought you and look forward to helping you along with your wedding planning journey!







Some of our regular followers might have remembered one of our Real Brides Wedding features Jenny & Dave? No? Well not to worry, you’ll be able to catch another glimpse in this post from Hayley Scott Photography. She captured some wonderful images of their wedding day that I knew I wanted to feature her work someday. Wedding Day Photography is a big part of peoples wedding days, it’s the part the captures your day for all to look back over and so has to be the right choice, so we asked Hayley for a bit of her advice.


Q: Tell us a little bit about Hayley Scott Photography. Why you started and how long you’ve been going?

I have always had a passion for photography for as long as I remember. I have been doing photography since I was 16. Can’t believe that is 12 years ago. I used to work for a portrait studio company and worked there for about 4 years. Unfortunately the company ceased trading and I didn’t have the confidence for financial backing behind me to follow my dream so I ended up working in an office and trying to build up my portfolio on the side photographing family and friends. I met my fiancé in 2010 and he was so supportive in pursuing my dream and it wasn’t until I had my first son in August 2013 that I finally took the plunge to start Hayley Scott Photography and haven’t looked back since.


Q: What inspires you and your photography?

The people I photograph. Every couple is special and unique and love that they ask me to be a part of their wedding day. It is such a privilege. I love capturing those special moments from father of the bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time to first dance as husband and wife. It’s these special moments that melt your heart and makes me happy that I am giving them memories to treasure forever.


Q: What should brides to be looking for when choosing a wedding photographer?

They choose a wedding photographer that they feel completely comfortable with. They are going to be a big part of the day and you don’t need the added stress worrying that you’re photographer is rude and bossy to you and your guests. I have seen these a few times as a guest at weddings. Your photographer should make you feel relaxed and make it fun too.


Q: What advice can you give couples when it comes to the photos for their big day?

Try not to stress as it can show in the photos. I ask my couples to give me a list of any special photos they would like me to get on the day prior to the wedding so they don’t need to worry about tying to remember which ones they have missed and trying to organise the guests.  Also try not to worry about the little things going wrong because at the end of the day your marrying the love of your life and that’s the most important thing.


Q: With so many wedding photographers to choose from what makes you stand out?

I have often been told by my couples that when they receive their photos, they are amazed how I have captured some pictures they didn’t know were being taken as I am discreet and don’t impose in those special moments. I don’t just take photographs, I capture the emotions as well. I also feel that I am not just a photographer but an extra pair of hands, if needed to help the day run smoothly from sorting out buttonholes to entertaining children.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far to date? (doesn’t have to be wedding related)!

I feel my biggest achievement would have be having the confidence to become my own boss. I cannot believe how far I have come in 2 years and it is thanks to my supportive family and friends believing in me that I could do it. It is also thanks to my lovely clients who some I have stayed good friends with. I can’t wait to see what the next few years has to offer.


Q: Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions & What were they? (just for fun)!

Quite a boring one but my fiancé and I made a promise to try and go on a date night at least once a month. We have 2 sons, a 2 and half year old and a 6 month old so you can imagine we don’t get a lot of time for each other. We actually get married in July this year so I get to be on the other side of the camera for a change. Very excited.


Some amazing wedding day photographs from Hayley’s work as well as some good things to think about when deciding on the photographer for your wedding day. You want someone you can work with and know the quality of their work, it’s not all just about the price! To see more of Hayley’s work then visit her website or take a look at her Facebook page!





Time for a quick round up of all things wedding that’s been going on Moonrise’s Bridal Blog lately, from videography to another Real Brides Wedding!


First we looked at having your wedding caught on video. Of course it’s another expense, but we hear from so many Brides who either regret not having their Wedding caught on video or how pleased those who did take the plunge and have their day to watch over and over again.


Laura + Nicky 12th September 2015 from TinselTown Wedding Films on Vimeo.


So we caught up with Mette from Tinsel Town Weddings, to find out what advice they could offer – Doubts about Wedding Videography



We then had a little bit of fun with our wedding lingerie! Your wedding lasts all day so we thought ‘Why not? – Let them know who’s Bride?’

wedding underwear for the wedding night

Have a quick look and get some fun ideas of wedding nightdresses, pyjamas and dressing gowns from our little wedding lingerie collection we put together!


Finally we had the pleasure of extending our congratulations to Claire & Matt on their Wedding Day in another Real Brides Feature!


See more of their beautiful 1950′s retro styled day with polka dot theme here – Real Wedding Feature of Claire & Matt Photography captured throughout the day by Paul Willetts Photography at and find out about Claire’s luck with her wedding dress buy!


I hope you liked our recent wedding posts?








I read lots of posts on Facebook and hints from our Real Weddings Brides that they regret not having their Wedding Day filmed. So today we take a look at Wedding Videography by Mette at Tinsel Town Weddings, who has some great advice on what to look out for when choosing a videographer for your own Wedding Day. It’s a lot of money so take their advice on board when you go searching! PS – Check the little video clip out!


Q: Tell us a bit more about TinselTown Wedding Films, how you got started and how long you’ve been going?

I have been a video editor for a number of years now and gradually got into weddings through editing freelance for a number of other wedding videography companies. Right from the start I loved being a part of something which is such a special and unique experience for every couple, and the more weddings I edited the more I realised I wanted to build my own company where I could have full artistic licence on what I produced. But more than that, I wanted to create a different type of wedding film than the norm. I think my style of films stand out because not only do I film to capture emotions, but I try to do this in a dynamic style which allows me to then edit some great footage into a music driven film.



Q: I see many posts of Brides regretting not having a videographer video their wedding. What advice do you have for them when making the decision?

DO IT!! You are absolutely right that so many Brides’ main regret is not having their wedding professionally captured. And guess what, I was one of them!! I got married long before I started in the wedding industry, and in order to cut costs my wedding was videoed by a guest who assured me they were capable of filming, and after which I was going to then edit the footage. Unfortunately he didn’t really know what he was doing and it was all a disaster, and I still kick myself today for not hiring a professional – magnified times ten given what I now do for a living! I appreciate everyone has a budget, but your photos and video are the only real lasting memories of the day and really shouldn’t be scrimped on – you simply don’t get a second chance. The day goes by so quickly that you will be glad afterwards that you’ll always have your wedding vows, those moving speeches, footage of your family and friends enjoying the day, and even some dodgy best man jokes (ok, maybe not those) to relive whenever you want – whilst photographers are important, only a videographer can capture all that. Not only that, in most cases there are people who you would have loved to have been there but simply couldn’t for whatever reason – sharing your wedding video with them is at least the next best thing to being there.



Laura + Nicky 12th September 2015 from TinselTown Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Q: There’s plenty of videographers to choose from, what should brides consider when deciding on who’s right for them?

Always do your research. I see plenty of Brides almost boasting on how they got a videographer for the cheapest price, but it’s usually a false economy. The only thing that should matter is whether you are getting value for money. Videographers can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds, but before hiring anyone always check out the quality of their work (if the camera work is all wobbly and the sound quality not great on the examples, don’t expect yours to be any better!) and then compare it to others to make sure you are getting the best videographer for your budget. Also make sure they have proper insurance and a contract otherwise you will have next to no comeback if anything goes wrong.


Q: What makes TinselTown Wedding Films stand out from the crowd & why should brides come to you?

As I mentioned earlier, I think my style of filming offers something different. Contemporary style highlights films have become very popular recently and are thankfully phasing out the older documentary type videos, but I wanted to create an alternative cinematic style which will hopefully last the test of time. So far I have had a lot of interest and great feedback which for me makes everything worth while. I also think that when couples invest their money in you it is important to offer them as much confidence as possible, which is why I come with an enhanced DBS check (CRB and ISA check), comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance, all my work has proper music licences, and I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and so limit the amount of weddings I cover a year.


Q: What has been your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related).

Without doubt having my twin girls. It’s great fun watching them grow up, and being a twin myself at least I’ll be able to pass on some first hand advice!


Q: Have you had any one particular moment that has stood out head and shoulders above the rest when videoing a wedding & what was it?

A recent wedding I shot, the Bride and Groom said they were a little camera shy and were very keen to have mostly candid, discreet filming which is obviously not a problem. But after the photoshoot myself and the photographer just felt there was something missing, so we suggested that we all sneak off after the meal while all the guests were still mingling to a nearby field which had a great scenic backdrop and do some styled shots, and to their surprise they absolutely loved it! Not only that we got some amazing footage which really helped make the video and photos. (By the way, if you are looking for a brilliant photographer I can thoroughly recommend Potters Instinct Photography :) )


Q: Do you have any special offers on at the moment that you’d like us to mention?

Yes I have a Winter / Spring offer on until April 2016 where you can get coverage of your ceremony through to first dance and an edited feature film for £595.

All my other packages currently have a 25% discount on too, but you’ll have to be quick with that as I’m getting quite booked up for next year so it won’t be there for long!


So avoid the same mistake that Mette made, (and I have to say ourselves as well), and give some real consideration to having a professional video your Wedding Day. It’s a decision I’m sure you won’t regret!







Another busy week on our wedding blog with wedding hampers as unique wedding gifts, some gorgeous wedding wraps and some absolute stunning photography. So here’s a quick catch up of all our wedding chat over the past week!


We kicked off with something a little unusual but bespoke and unique at the same time. We introduced Hampers by Lucy, she makes wonderful bespoke hampers to your own requirements based on the recipient!


Click here to find out more about Lucy’s Hampers and what she’s able to do to make that wedding gift that little bit more personal & special.


Next we looked at some gorgeous wedding wraps and bridal stoles from Wonderful Wraps. Some of her wraps have even been worn by well known celebrities.


Take a look at more of these beautiful wedding wraps, perfect to keep you warm in those chillier months!


Finally we introduced husband & wife team Nikki and Neill of Georgie H Photography. Nikki was very helpful in giving some really good insights as to what to look for when choosing your wedding day Photographer.


Have a closer look at some of their work, their wedding day photographs by Georgie H Photography are amazing at capturing the love, joy and happiness of a wedding.


Well that’s our quick little roundup of this weeks wedding talk. Keep an eye out next week for our wedding mood board and more wedding wondefulness!







Deciding on who is going to capture your wedding day on camera is another one of those big decisions you have to make in planning your big day. It’s so very important as it’s going to be the lasing memories of your day, so you want your wedding day photos to remind you of all the love, joy and happiness of the day, even years down the line. So today I introduce Husband & Wife team Georgie H Photography with some really good pointers when it comes to choosing your Wedding Photographer.


Q: Tell us a little bit about Georgie H Photography. How you got started and how long have you being going.

Georgie H Photography have been rocking the photography world since 2012. The company was developed after Neill received his diploma in photography and was unsure of the route to take. As a couple we decided to launch GHP so Neill could work for himself, when in fact he actually works for me! Our first wedding booking was actually an actress who used to be a regular in Hollyoaks, once we confirmed that booking the business just blew up for us and has been thriving ever since. I started out by working behind the scenes, talking to the clients and on the day I would go and assist Neill. Then Neill decided to buy me a camera and teach me a thing or two. Neill and I are also husband and wife, so we have been where the couple we are working for before, we know how stressful/exciting/overwhelming a wedding can be, so we are on hand to help out! We run our business as if we are the couple getting married, how would we want to be treated? what do we expect from a photographer? Many brides we speak to tend to say “this may sound like a silly question” Neill always replies “If you don’t know the answer, it’s not a silly question.” I also think our own story is very unique and people like the fact we are married and we have been in the position they are in. If you want to find out our story head over to


Q: What inspires you and your photography?

The people we work with. Each couple is so different and so unique, each couple has a story and we love hearing them! And when we create THAT image, the wow image for a couple, or when we capture a moment with a loved one, to know those images are going to be treasured forever, put on a wall is such a great feeling. We also love seeing so many of our images as facebook profile pics ha!

Also each other, each wedding we do, we set a picture target, best pic of brides mum, best sun set pic etc, and we are always trying to out-do each other, it pushes each of us to be and do better.


Q: What should brides to be looking for when choosing a wedding photographer?

Someone who has the whole package that fits your budget, and make sure you allocate as much as you can to photography.

In this industry I have noticed a few trends, you have the photographers who have substandard work but are the nicest people and a couple will get on with them really well, then the other end of the scale you have photographers who have fantastic end products, their photoshop skills are second to none, their equipment is the best out there but they are rude and arrogant and lack people skills.

The photographer(s) are going to be a big part of your day, they are probably going to be with you and around you more than most for a large portion of the day, choose a company you can get on with, someone you feel comfortable with and someone who has a great end product. Many photographers will say you MUST meet a photographer before you book them, I don’t think this is always the case, I have couples who I have not met yet have spoken to over the phone and exchanged email after email with and I know so much better than meeting them for an hour to pour over albums.


Q: What advice can you give couples when it comes to the photos for their big day?

Do not stress. If you do, it will show in your pictures.  If you haven’t done something up to a few days prior, it’s not that important, AND if anything goes wrong and due to the amount of factors revolving around a wedding, things might just go wrong, as long as you and your partner end up married at the end of the day, who cares? We have had cakes being dropped, cars break down, a registrar refusing to marry a couple as the paper work didn’t add up (they finally got married 5 hours late) at the end of each day they are all married…..that is all that matters (and that you have some pics to prove it)

Don’t over think your pictures, with trends such as pintrest it becomes so easy to sit and say oh yes I want the same as that, I want that and that, we say to each couple, do your own thing, make your own day, make other brides want to copy you! No image is ever going to be the same, you will never have the same weather, emotion, people, back drops, don’t coy images, create your own!


Q: With so many wedding photographers to choose from what makes you stand out?

I think there are a few things that help us stand out as a team, firstly communication. Our communication is second to none, we try and answer all emails/calls within a few hours and we are always just on the other end of an email or phone for our clients.  The fact I also work in events I think helps, I am able to offer advice/help the day run smoothly as well as take pictures. We are also on hand on the day to help, I am way into double digits now for the amount of times I have dressed a bride, we help look after children, we have driven brides and grooms and family members around. We say to every couple, we want the best from them, and if this means we have to help out so they are less stressed of course we are more than happy to do so! The only thing, and even after shooting over 200 weddings neither of us have yet to master is….. putting on the button hole! Cannot do it! And lastly, our final product, we put everything into a couple’s day and I think it shows when they receive their final images.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far to date? It doesn’t have to be wedding related.

The company has to be our biggest joint achievement, starting from nothing to where we are now is such a great testament to our hard work, love for what we do and commitment.


Q: What does the future have in store for Georgie H Photography Weddings?

To keep on progressing, we never rest on what we have, what we can do. We always push ourselves, always strive to better than the last wedding, Neill always has his eye on new equipment and new ideas. I would love to add a planning side to the company, so you never know Georgie H events has a nice ring to it x


Some great advice and some amazing images from Georgie H Photography. If you want to find out more about Nikki & Neill of Georgie H Photography then take a look on their website or like their Facebook page below!







Blogging has been a bit slow this week as it’s been 1st week at school for our Mini Moonrise, but we can still have a quick round up of all our wedding gossip over the past few weeks!


First off I introduced a relatively new little business that helps you decorate your wedding venue with anything from candelabras to vintage ladders!

medium wine glass holder

Read more about ‘Rent a Wedding‘ and find out what Sarah & Danielle had to say when it comes to Your Wedding Day!


Always on the lookout for things that make us go WOW, we had to hear from Shantel and her absolutely amazing cake toppers. Miniature works of art with an incredible eye for detail.


See more of Shantel’s stunning wedding cake toppers and what was the most strangest request she’d had for a cake topper & why she said NO!


When it comes to wedding photographers there’s loads to choose from. How do you decide? What should you look for? We introduce NPassos Weddings.


Get a snapshot of Nando’s work and see what advice he has to give when it comes to finding YOUR wedding day photographer.


Well that’s about it for now, but we’ve got some great features coming your way, including a slightly bizarre choice for Wedding Transport!


Have a great week.





It’s been a while since we had a look at some wedding day photography, so I caught up with Nando, from NPassos Weddings and got a bit of an insight into his business as well as finding out what Brides should be looking for when deciding on their wedding photographer.


Q: Tell us a little bit about NPassos Weddings. How you got started and how long have you been going?

NPassos Weddings is a recent company in the UK but I started doing professional photography 13 years ago. I started taking photos when I was 17 with my first SLR, when there were no digital images. A couple of years after I entered the world of macro photography, were I won several awards. With that, I had an invitation to shoot my first fashion show as a Freelancer. I did different kinds of works, from commercial photography to architectural photography as a freelancer and one day a big friend of mine asked me if I could shoot his wedding, I accepted. I was anxious. After a friend, came another one and then came a friend of a friend, to the point of becoming almost my only kind of work.


Q: What inspires you and your wedding photography?

Life, love and happiness inspires me. Capturing happiness is one of the best things for me. Your wedding day is possibly your happiest day ever and it’s a blessing if I can capture that.


Q: What should Brides to Be, be looking for when choosing a wedding photographer?

They should look for a style that they like . They should look at the portfolios and choose the one that makes the “click”.
There are wedding photographers that prefer to do a photo journalism coverage, I integrate the fashion photography experience in my works. If all depends on what the brides like or want.


Q: What advice can you give couples when it comes to the photos for their big day?

It all depends on what personality they have. I generally recommend people that are not comfortable in front of a camera to do a engagement session. It will make them much more relaxed and therefore the poses will be more natural and elegant. If they’re comfortable in front of a camera, just let them be directed by the photographer and have fun, that’s the most important part.


Q: With so many wedding photographers to choose from, what makes you stand out?

I’ve worked with a lot of photographers, everyone has their own style and mine isn’t better than the others, it’s just different. To be honest, the main difference is that I try to make what is a stressful day for all of us (brides and photographers), a fun day. I try to keep them relaxed and enjoying their special day.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related).

My biggest achievement was marrying my lovely wife, without her, none of this make sense.


Q: What does the future have in store for NPassos Weddings?

We’re filling all 2016 dates and 2017 fast so I hope that we’re going in the right direction.


So if you’re still looking for a wedding day photographer then pop over to NPassos Weddings and take a look at their gallery and maybe drop him a line or have a look at their social media! Prices are very reasonable, starting from just £375.












Boudoir Photography by Impulse Glamour




How and why did you begin in boudoir photography?



I used to shoot a lot of fashion and portraiture but more and more clients
were asking about boudoir style photos so it was a natural progression for
us and now it’s my passion and our main business.



What do you find most challenging as in this line of photography?



I often work from a blank canvas. I never know for sure what people want or
the looks and ideas they have until I meet them however although challenging
this is what makes the job exciting and rewarding for me.






What would be your best piece of advice to the bride thinking of having a
Bridal Boudoir photoshoot?



During our consultation I always advise clients that they only work to a
level they are completely comfortable with and I offer full direction
throughout the shoot usually involving me demonstrating the poses which adds
a bit of humour to things!



You can never bring too much to a photoshoot – the more choice the better
and often it’s a good idea to bring along a parners favourite shirt or
sports shirt along with your bridal boudoir lingerie, jewellery and accessories.



The most important advice – just be yourself and have fun with it as it
helps me to bring you out and capture your personality.






Who’s work has influenced you most?



That’s a difficult one. I admire many photographers, artists and film makers
all of which have helped me to develop my own style of photography using
light, shade, make-up, outfits and props to compliment individual subjects.




For further details contact Impulse Glamour on Tel: 01656 842791 or Email:

 Getting Ready for Launch of Our Touch of Elegance Bridal Collection.

The blog at Moonrise Lingerie has been fairly quiet of late, it’s not that we don’t have much to talk about, quite the opposite in fact. The reason is that life is still quite hectic both here at Moonrise and at home, with our new addition demanding our attention as well as our toddler. Our house move & relocation is pretty much done and we’re all settling in nicely and starting to make new friends as well keeping in touch with those we left behind in Edinburgh.



_MG_1657(1) copy

Our new bridal lingerie range that you may have heard us mention once or twice, has turned into being quite a big undertaking but the end is in sight and we’re hoping to have lingerie in stock & available to buy by the end of September. We will be releasing our ivory plus size wedding underwear set, Harmony. Starting in a traditional plus size range from 36D – 40G with a matching bridal brief & thong to suit, our design philosophy has been to cater for the bigger busted brides & bring a selection of exceptionally high quality wedding lingerie with affordability as well.


We’ve recently welcomed, Elena Raouna, our newest member to the team to help us with the launch. I met up with Elena recently in Doncaster and I think she is the ideal model to help us introduce our new wedding lingerie collection to brides across the uk. I’m just organising the last finishing touches for our initial photoshoot, which is going to be carried out with the help of Paul Travis of Eyedream Photography. I recently worked with Paul on our pre-photoshoot and he produced some really great images with our ‘Made in the UK’ theme in mind.


I’m hoping to get some help from some of our friends & sponsors, so they too can be a part of this amazing time for us here at Moonrise Lingerie. Karen from Bridal Eyewear has already kindly agreed to loan us some of her stunning glasses for the photos and I’m hoping to be able to show off some of the gorgeous lace wedding boots from Kim at House of Elliot. The photoshoot is going to be at the same place as  we got married a little over 4 years ago now at Armathwaite Hall in the Lake District, a stunning country hotel & spa overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake.




We’re already starting work on our next set which will hopefully be following the Harmony Set soon.
Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and keep in touch with the latest developments here at Moonrise Lingerie.