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It’s been a little over a year ago or so since we first introduced Bridal Eyewear on our wedding blog at Moonrise Bridal. So we thought it high time we got back in touch to see what they’d been up to and remind all of our Brides to Be, just what it is they specialise in!


Q: It’s been a while since we introduced Bridal Eyewear. Can you remind everyone what it is you do?

Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise is eyewear for special occasions.  


We can match your glasses to your wedding dress, colour theme of the day, head dress or jewellery. We take the time to match your eyewear like an accessory and as I am a qualified dispensing optician I can also advise on the right lenses for your prescription. We are independent opticians so we can also do full sight examinations and contact lenses. 


Q: What have you been up to over the last year? We’ve noticed you in the press a few times.

The last year has been amazing we have opened two more practices with Yorkshire Eyewear in Howden and Knaresborough. I have been the business women of the month, in Goole and Howden, nominated in the Mumpreneur top 100, appeared in our professional magazine Dispensing Optics and nominated for two national award – we will find out at a dinner at the NEC in November if we are winners! Our last photo shoot was working with Eleda Hats to match hats & glasses not just for weddings but for race days, we also match the eyewear to prom and evening dresses.


Q: What advice can you give to our brides when it comes to choosing glasses for their wedding day?

Avoid transitions lenses, they are fantastic for your honeymoon but you don’t want to look like you are wearing sunglasses for your outside wedding photographs. A must is to have a good quality anti-reflection coating like Nikon or Essilor to avoid reflections on your lenses.


Look at your eyewear as an accessory – it’s the overall look so think about your jewellery, if you are wearing silver or gold or do you want a colour to match your flowers. A dispensing opticians will be able to advise on the best lens for your prescription – you want to have the thinnest lens available for the best cosmetic look. Remember you will be looking at your photos for years to come and most of the images will be close ups of your face, you can wear your glasses again after your big day. So the investment isn’t just for your wedding.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related).

Going over to Manchester to meet Amanda Wyatt the wedding dress designer to dispense the perfect pair of glasses for her daughters wedding Charlotte Balbier. Unrelated to weddings must be designing and fitting our new practices I even recycled and up cycled most of our furniture.


Q: How do you help brides or indeed grooms when they come to you looking for frames for the big day?

I always look at the prescription first to decide on a suitable frame whether rimless, supra or full rimmed. If a prescription is too high then it doesn’t always work in a rimless frame. I then talk to the bride or groom on wedding ideas and colour themes. I also ask them to bring in a colour Swatch or head dress or jewellery that they would like to co-ordinate with. The frame has to fit correctly, feel right and look right.


Q: What does the future hold for Bridal Eyewear?

I am looking at spending the Autumn and Winter months attending Wedding Fayres especially across the Harrogate and Knaresborough area where we have our latest practice and trade fairs to see the latest trends. I have taken on Arbonne to give brides the complete look of make-up and glasses.


Well if you’re a Bride or Groom that wears glasses and wants some to co-ordinate for your wedding day, then Karen of Bridal Eyewear is the lady to speak to. Fingers crossed for those national awards as well! To find out more about Karen and to see more photos from her photoshoots, then find all her contact details below!








Welcome to the first of Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, a quick look at who we met and what we talked about over the past week, for anyone who missed it first time round!


Moonrise Wedding Blog

On Tuesday we kicked off with the adorable Belle’s Charms, an ideal solution for personalised gifts for your wedding party that won’t break the budget. Beautiful keyrings, bracelets and wine glass charms amongst other ideas for your wedding guest to have as a wonderful keepsake of your Special Day.

wedding day bracelets

Belle’s Charms – Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas


We picked up on Thursday by introducing you to Irenee’s Bridal by Design, offering absolutely fabulous bridesmaid dresses with a level of customer service to suit. A few tips from Irenee when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses and keeping everyone happy!


Irenee’s Bridal by Design – Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses


Finally on Saturday we brought you up to date with our coffee catchup with Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol. New owners of the business with an insight into what drives and inspires them when it comes to helping Brides to Be find their perfect wedding dress.

budget wedding dresses bristol

Catchup with Les & Joanne – Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol


Well that’s our first ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, I hope you enjoyed our wedding industry favourites this week and we look forward to next week and our first ‘Real Brides’ wedding! 

        Most of us have felt the pinch over the last few years because of harsher economic times and this is no different for Brides to Be when it comes to planning their wedding. Limited funds shouldn’t be a reason to stop you getting married and in fact it promotes great ingenuity from Brides to Be to cutting costs for their big day by searching online for better deals from suppliers. One of the biggest expenses of the wedding is the all important wedding dress and an area where you can make fantastic savings and if you shop wisely, you can do this without compromising on quality! So Moonrise Lingerie had a break and went to meet Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol.

Wedding Dresses Bristol

Q – Tell us a little bit about Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol.


Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol is owned by Les and Joanne, it’s been operating for a couple of years when we took it over in April 2015. We had been quite keen to find a business opportunity which we could develop together. We love being able to help Brides to Be to find their perfect dress, it’s very rewarding. To see their happy smile when they find the dress of their dreams is simply nothing short of awesome!

budget wedding dresses bristol

Q – Where do you get your inspiration from when deciding on wedding dresses and accessories for Discount Wedding Dresses?


Our inspiration when buying dresses and accessories for our Brides to Be comes from our desire to supply quality products at affordable prices. We are both eager to know where all our products come from and visit our suppliers to ensure that we buy only the best quality products. We want all our ladies to fall in love with their dress safe in the knowledge that the item they are buying is not only beautiful but that the price tag won’t be outrageous.

prom dresses bristol

Q – Why should brides come to you guys at Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol?


We think brides to be should come to us for the perfect wedding dress as we pride ourselves on the quality of our dresses. We love our ladies to come and see and feel the quality of our dresses. Our aim is very simply to supply beautiful dresses at beautiful prices.  As we run the business from our home we’re able to offer a relaxed, pressure free, unhurried atmosphere. Unlike many bridal shops we are able to allow the ladies to spend as much time as they desire to try on dresses and accessories. We are more than happy for them to bring friends and family to enjoy the whole experience. As we don’t have the overheads a bridal shop would have we are able to keep our prices competitive which is very important for the discerning bride to be.

cheap wedding dresses bristol

Q – What help or advice can you give to Brides to Be when shopping for their wedding dress?


We are great believers that our brides to be should find that one special dress that makes them feel like a princess. We encourage them to try on a variety of styles so they can figure out the ones they like. We also encourage them to consider their venue, for example if they were getting married on a beach they probably wouldn’t want a heavy ball gown style dress. We can offer advice on dress shape, sizing, etc, but nothing compares to the way a dress makes you feel. Family and friends are fabulous as dress choosing companions but we advise our ladies to choose the dress that feels right for them.

evening gowns bristol

Q –  What is your biggest achievement to date?


We are very proud that within a very short time we have managed to change the direction of the business. Our desire to know our products is the driving force behind this change. We can very often be found in a local coffee shop in a ‘meeting’ with a potential supplier.  We’re also immensely proud of the feedback we’ve received from our customers, the comments have been phenomenal. It’s very fulfilling when people recognise the hard work you put in.

Prom dresses bristol

Q – What does the future hold for Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol?


We hope that Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol will continue to grow whilst staying true to our beliefs and morals. We don’t want to be just another online retailer and always try to add that special personal touch.

Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol are extremely passionate about their gowns and are continuously adding new accessories to compliment their wedding dresses, from veils, sashes and even personalised hangers. Get in touch with either Les or Joanne if you’re looking for a quality wedding dress with a service to match as well as a price tag you can afford!