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Another busy week on our wedding blog with wedding hampers as unique wedding gifts, some gorgeous wedding wraps and some absolute stunning photography. So here’s a quick catch up of all our wedding chat over the past week!


We kicked off with something a little unusual but bespoke and unique at the same time. We introduced Hampers by Lucy, she makes wonderful bespoke hampers to your own requirements based on the recipient!


Click here to find out more about Lucy’s Hampers and what she’s able to do to make that wedding gift that little bit more personal & special.


Next we looked at some gorgeous wedding wraps and bridal stoles from Wonderful Wraps. Some of her wraps have even been worn by well known celebrities.


Take a look at more of these beautiful wedding wraps, perfect to keep you warm in those chillier months!


Finally we introduced husband & wife team Nikki and Neill of Georgie H Photography. Nikki was very helpful in giving some really good insights as to what to look for when choosing your wedding day Photographer.


Have a closer look at some of their work, their wedding day photographs by Georgie H Photography are amazing at capturing the love, joy and happiness of a wedding.


Well that’s our quick little roundup of this weeks wedding talk. Keep an eye out next week for our wedding mood board and more wedding wondefulness!







It’s often difficult to think of gifts for wedding party members that are both personal and special. So we thought a personalised hamper would make a wonderful gift for a Bridesmaid, Best Man or even The Groom to open on the morning of the wedding itself. Let me hand you over to Lucy and see what she has to say about her personalised gift hampers!


Q: Tell us a little bit about Lucy’s Hampers. How you got started and how long you’ve been going etc?

Hampers by Lucy launched almost two years ago, in October 2013. I was on maternity leave & took the decision to see whether I could build something I enjoyed doing for friends & family into a business.


Q: What are your most popular hampers when it comes to weddings, hen parties or even honeymoons?

The Luxury Wedding Hamper is exceptionally popular, the contents are hand-picked and unique, plus the hamper is personalised (as they all are) for the recipients. The Bride to Be Hamper is also a top-seller, containing gorgeous (& practical) treats for the Bride to Be!


Q: What advice can you pass on to our Brides to Be when it comes to planning their wedding day or the day itself?

I married my soul mate in 2007 and I have to say that I worried about a lot of small things in the run-up to the wedding. When it comes down to it, all that matters if you have each other, and your nearest & dearest there to celebrate with you. Chair covers and shades for sashes don’t really matter in the end. The best piece of advice we were given before the day was to make sure we caught up with one another throughout the day, just to be together and watch the celebrations, take it all in. You can become so wrapped up in speaking to guests that you forget each other!


Q: A personalised hamper would make a great wedding gift. What do you need to get started to make a Hamper by Lucy really special & personal?

As much or as little information you have can be turned into a gorgeous gift. I can personalise a hamper right down to matching the ribbons to the wedding colour scheme!


Q: What’s been your most special Hamper you’ve ever made?

Every hamper is special, it’s such a privilege to be asked to create a gift for someone. I recently created a Bride To Be Hamper which included items coordinating with the couple’s wedding stationary. I have also created gifts for Grooms To Be, one in particaular included a keyring engraved with the words ‘you hold the key to my heart’. It’s such an honour to be involved in such a magical time.


Q: How long does it take you to prepare one of your Hampers & what price range do you cater for?

It can take anything from hours to weeks, depending on what the client would like included. I have a range of gifts perfect for Bridesmaids from just £8.99. At the top end of the budget the cost depends entirely on what will be included!


So what a great way to make a beautifully personalised gift without breaking the budget as well. You can be sure that each hamper is made with dedication and loving care to make it that bit extra special. To find out more about Lucy’s Hampers then visit her website or look her up on twitter!





Something old,


something new,


something borrowed,


something blue,


and a silver sixpence for her shoe!


Lucky Sixpence Wedding Garter


A traditional saying that I’m sure even most modern Brides will be aware of? It stems from Old English folklore I believe that the silver sixpence is to bring good luck to the happy couple and that the something blue and something old is said to distract the Evil Eye, believed to render the new bride barren!



Not being ones to break a long standing tradition or English folklore, Tanya, of Moonrise Lingerie has recently introduced her very own ‘Lucky Sixpence’ wedding garters. Made from a very light ivory lace and wonderfully finished with a baby blue ribbon and bow with a lucky sixpence charm for the upcoming Bride to Be.


Personalised Wedding Garters

Tanya makes her wedding garters herself, and the beauty is that she is able to change the colour of the ribbon and bow to suit the colour theme of your wedding as well as being able to make a wedding garter to suit any size of leg!


Football Team Wedding Garters

Following on from the success of her ‘Lucky Sixpence’ garter and from many requests, Tanya has continued to design some lovely new wedding garter designs. Many of these have been specific to a Brides request from an Irish themed garter in green with a lucky four leaf clover charm to garters with a favourite football teams colours, either their own team or that of their new hubbies team!


Tanya’s new garters have really caught the eyes of many new Brides to Be who have even been kind enough to send her a nice review once they’ve received their personalised wedding garter, click here to read what our Brides to Be have had to say!

If you’d like your own wedding garter with a slightly personalised touch in some way then feel free to get in touch with Tanya at and put her to the challenge! Her garters range in price from £8 to £16.99 depending on the design you would like.

You can always ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page and see what other fanciful designs Tanya comes up with for other Brides to Be!









Welcome to the first of Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, a quick look at who we met and what we talked about over the past week, for anyone who missed it first time round!


Moonrise Wedding Blog

On Tuesday we kicked off with the adorable Belle’s Charms, an ideal solution for personalised gifts for your wedding party that won’t break the budget. Beautiful keyrings, bracelets and wine glass charms amongst other ideas for your wedding guest to have as a wonderful keepsake of your Special Day.

wedding day bracelets

Belle’s Charms – Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas


We picked up on Thursday by introducing you to Irenee’s Bridal by Design, offering absolutely fabulous bridesmaid dresses with a level of customer service to suit. A few tips from Irenee when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses and keeping everyone happy!


Irenee’s Bridal by Design – Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses


Finally on Saturday we brought you up to date with our coffee catchup with Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol. New owners of the business with an insight into what drives and inspires them when it comes to helping Brides to Be find their perfect wedding dress.

budget wedding dresses bristol

Catchup with Les & Joanne – Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol


Well that’s our first ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, I hope you enjoyed our wedding industry favourites this week and we look forward to next week and our first ‘Real Brides’ wedding! 

wedding day bracelets

More often than not I come across posts on Facebook Groups from Brides to Be asking for suggestions and ideas for wedding gifts for Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Best Man and Flowergirls. When buying gifts for all these guests the costs soon start adding up, so today I’d like to introduce you to Belle’s Charms! A great choice of charms and keepsakes that can be personalised as a memento of your Wedding Day and that says a special ‘Thank-You’ for being part of your Special Day. I took some time to find out from Louise about Belle’s Charms;



Why did you start Belle’s Charms?

I started Belle’s Charms as I thought there was a gap in the market for unique keepsake keyrings, jewellery & gifts.

Wineglass_charms_for _wedding_day

What makes Belles Charms so unique and stand out?

Belle’s Charms are unique and stand out as they are made to order. If a customer requires a charm that I haven’t got, I am more than happy to go all out and find the charm they’re after.


What advice can you give to our brides to be when planning their wedding day?

My advice would for Brides to Be, is, shop around and not simply go for the easiest option, take your time on organising your big day.

What is your most favourite charm/ jewellery that you’ve made and why?

My favourite item to make is wedding bracelets, as I love talking to the Bride to Be and helping them out the best I can. I also love the idea that a part of me is attending their wedding, be it on a bridesmaid or flowergirl’s wrist.


What does the future have in store for Belle’s Charms?

I hope that Belle’s Charms continues with its success and I’d like to attend more wedding fairs in 2016.

How do brides buy from you?

It is easy to purchase from me. I invoice my customers via PayPal, (no account is needed), and they pay through PayPal or by card. It is all secure or another way to buy is through e-bay.


I’m sure you’ll agree that Louise produces some beautiful pieces that will make gorgeous keepsakes that are both special and individual for your Wedding Day.




Almost all brides are sporting a delightful little secret beneath their perfect wedding gown on their wedding day for only a few to see, a beautiful garter. There are lots of traditions across many wedding ceremonies among many faiths, but this one intrigued me. The brides wedding garter was thought to be an English tradition starting from as far back as the 14th century. It was believed that the good luck and fortune of the Bride and Groom would be passed to the lucky bachelor that managed to get to keep it from the wedding day.


Early bridal garters were originally made from a piece of the wedding gown and in an effort to retrieve the brides garter from her leg it was quite often the case that dresses were getting ruined. So in an effort to avoid this, brides began wearing two garters, the second one being slightly smaller, and being a throw away garter or a toss garter. This was the garter that was thrown willingly into a group of her guests, to avoid her gorgeous gown from any ruin.


Some brides choose to place their throw away garter just above the knee and the lucky bachelor is invited to remove the wedding garter in front of a crowd of wedding guests!


There were other beliefs that retrieval of the bridal garter was a sign that the marriage had been consummated, and again that the good fortunes of  the lucky married couple would be passed along with the garter. I’m not quite sure how well this would sit with today’s society?


The wearing of the garter is enjoyed by many of today’s brides, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. Some choose to add a splash of colour to match the grooms colours or family tartan, while others opt for a an even more personalised wedding garter, with their wedding date on it, or even their names.


Another popular idea is to use the wedding garter for the brides ‘something blue’. Don’t forget the wedding garter can be a great idea for a gift from a Chief Bridesmaid and serve as a lovely keepsake from your Special Day. Whatever you choose for your garter, it’s an area where you can have a little fun, so don’t leave it till the last minute and best wishes for your big day!


Tel: 01275  269054

I would like to welcome to our blog Flash Floozy and gorgeous headwear. Flash Floozy is owned by the amazing Marie and when I asked her is she would like to write a post for us to put on our blog she was happy to, and we are so pleased to share with this post with you. If you have any questions for Marie then please find her details at the bottom of this post… enjoy! 
1) Can you tell me a bit about what you do?
I design and hand make boho and vintage inspired headwear. I make anything from over sized floral crowns and dainty rustic halos through to Gatsby inspired feathered headpieces and glitter headbands. I love old style glitz and glamour from the 1920s and 30s, they really knew how to dress back then. But I also like easy going comfortable, gypsy bohemian and modern convenience and I think this reflects in the kind of product I offer.



 Silver Deco Headband

2) How did you get into this line of work?

It started as a hobby really. I have always made my own jewellery and when I bought my new sewing machine I started making lace and turban headbands. I suppose it got out of control from there! I’ve always worked in the Fashion Industry but I guess the turning point was losing my job earlier this year, it gave me the push and the time I needed to take my business to the next level. I’m not a natural designer, my background is more sourcing, production and quality so I’ve kind of come at it from a different angle but I feel that this only serves as an even better platform to offer an excellent quality product.


Pink & White feather

3) I have had a look at your website and you have some beautiful items, Where does your inspiration come from when designing them?

Thank you! Its a cliche but inspiration can literally come from anywhere. I love people watching! It can be something as small as a detail on someone’s jacket, their hairstyle or make up, a building or crumbling doorway. Wild flowers growing out of a wall on the side of the road could turn out to be the starting point for your next design. If I’m watching TV I’m barely following the storyline as I am too busy looking at what everyone is wearing, or checking out the wallpaper or a lamp in the background. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world in my previous career and I think, unknowingly I have gathered most of my inspiration from those travels, especially India and Pakistan where the colours and textures can inspire any project, but the biggest inspiration has got to be receiving amazing feedback from the bride when she tells you how perfect her headpiece was on her wedding day. That’s a real buzz.



Ivory Rose Crown

4) Do you have any offers or discounts that you would like us to shout about ?

I hold regular giveaways on my Facebook page and also I often put out promo codes on my Twitter  feed and Instagram.



Lia Yellow Orange Blossom Halo


Esta Teal Rose Headband


Black & Silver Leaf Feather

For any further details on any of the above pieces please contact Marie on one of the below…


TWITTER: @flashfloozy


Truly Personalised Hampers for Every Occasion by I Heart Hampers


“Buying wedding gifts these days can be so difficult, especially as we want our gift to be special to the happy couple. When I stumbled across Donna’s bespoke hamper making service, I thought what an absolutely fab idea to really personalise your gift. This is what she had to say when I asked her about her wonderful hampers.”

Wedding Gift Ideas

My name is Donna, I actually work full time as a Wedding Planner for a hotel, but my love of creating ‘nice gifts’ for friends and family has stayed with me, and I felt it was the right time to diversify and offer a bespoke hamper service, as many of my friends had told me that they love them and so would other people.


I have only recently launched i-heart-hampers in the last 5 months, however I have a loyal following of friends who place orders for birthdays, baby showers and Christmas. Due to the industry I am working in, I have made some lovely contacts whom I regard also as friends, and their support in helping me ‘get out there’ is very much appreciated.
Personalised Gift Ideas for Christmas
I think my husband dreads the sound of the doorbell, as I order lots of things online and certainly keep my postman busy. I have converted my little summerhouse into a ‘hamper packing workshop’ and love to go down in the garden, put the iPod on (and now the heater) and start from scratch with an empty basket and carefully put it altogether. My workshop contains baskets of all sizes and styles, a whole spectrum of ribbon colours and shredded paper in a vast array of colours.
Christmas Gift Ideas
Each hamper is bespoke to suit the recipient, I ask for a list of their favourite things and then would suggest items to put in the hamper. The men are the funniest, as they tend to give me a value to work too and let me get on with it!


I do have favourite things that I like to feature in hampers, Yankee Candles being at the top of the list. Everyone loves candles, and because there are so many fragrances, you can get one to suit the hamper theme – or colour! It’s not just about the content of the hamper, it’s also the finishing touches, so each hamper is carefully wrapped with cellophane and finished with a beautiful ribbon. I have a good friend who does beautiful little wooden keepsakes in shapes such as hearts, stars etc. So I ensure her business piggy backs from mine as I also include one of these too.
personalised gift hampers
The most unusual thing to have ever been put in a hamper would be a car key! About 18 months ago I was asked to create a hamper for a girl’s 21st birthday and her present from her parents was a new car – how fantastic! I did a pink themed hamper which had in it a car air freshener, chamois cloth, torch, fluffy dice of course, sponge etc and in the middle was a box which had the key in it. As you can imagine she was really over the moon!
Personalised wedding gift ideas for the bride
Thinking about hampers for a wedding I would create one which included a Yankee Candle (of course) using the Wedding Day fragrance, a personalised wooden plaque, photo frame, mini bottle of bubbly and some hand made truffles.