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Welcome to Chic Blooms – Artificial Silk Flowers


It’s nearly been a whole year since we first opened our doors here in the Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Nailsea near Bristol. Today we’d like to welcome Lisa from Chic Blooms and wish her all the very best in her new venture. I popped along to speak to Lisa to find out a bit more about her artificial wedding flowers and silk floral arrangements.


Q: How and why did Chic Blooms come about?

Chic Blooms established two years ago, started as a hobby from home creating vaious silk floral arrangements.  Having recieved lovely positive compliments and orders from family and friends gave me the inspiration to start selling to the public online in the UK and worlwide.I have steadily grown busier over the past two years creating resin water displays to bridal bouquets and table arrangements and decided to make a positive move to look for a shop to display all my floral creations. I was very lucky to be able to find a shop suitable at Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Colliers Walk, Nailsea where I started trading May 2017.


Q: What are the advantages of having silk wedding flowers instead of real flowers?

Many years ago Silk Flowers looked so unrealistic and was made of plastic but now have come a very long way to looking attractive and very life like with the advantage of not dieing like real flowers. I will only purchase quality silk flowers that will not fade or attract dust and with many hayfever sufferers this is a great advantage to my customers.


Q: Are you able to match your flowers to the colour scheme of the wedding and what do you need to do this?

I can match any colour and style silk flowers and arrangements for future Brides and Grooms to suit your wedding theme.


Q: How long does it normally take you to make a bouquet and how long would you suggest couples order before their wedding?

Bridal, Bridesmaidand Flower Girl bouquets, Buttonholes for the groom, corsages and table displays will be created and ready for collection within two weeks of placing the order, however I would advise you to order two months prior your wedding day.



Q: What can Brides & Grooms expect when they come to Chic Blooms for their wedding flowers?

I offer a free consultation with the option to pay monthly installments with a small deposit making it easier for you as weddings can be very costly.

With my expertise and creative skills you will endear a stress free experience leading up to your special day.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to wedding or flower related).

My biggest acheivement is being lucky enough to be able to come to work and enjoy what I do, plus having the advantage of bringing a smile to all my customers and perhaps in the future I would like to expand and have the opportunity to employ future staff.


To see more of Lisa’s beautifully crafted silk flowers and floral arrangements then visit her website or even better pop in and see her at Colliers Walk, Crown Glass Shopping Centre, Nailsea.



Well it’s Sunday & time to catch up all the wedding wonderfulness that’s being going on at Moonrise Bridal this week, (and a little bit from the week before)!

Moonrise Wedding Blog

Wedding Flowers & Bridal Bouquets

We caught up with one of our good friends from last wedding season, Claire from Sister Sister Bouquets. We wanted to find out some of the advantages that artificial wedding flowers have over real ones, and a where to start when it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding day.


See what colours Claire thinks are going to be popular this year, and see more of her fantastic floral designs & bridal bouquets.


Keeping Kids Entertained at Weddings

Keeping kids occupied at weddings can be a real struggle, so our next post might be just what you need.


We caught up with Jade from Astbury Darlings, to find out just how they can help out at keeping kids entertained at weddings. Their prices are really good too!


Customised Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are becoming more and more customised by Brides to Be for their wedding day. So when we saw these lovely little beauties handmade by Tomas Molyneux, we just had to share them!


Take a glimpse at a few more Custom Glitter Shoes and find out what made Tomas start making wedding shoes!


Wedding Day Photography

Finally we caught up with a fabulous Wedding Photographer we had the pleasure of discovering from one of our Real Brides Features from last year. We spoke to Hayley Scott Photography and asked what couples should be thinking about when it comes to choosing a wedding day photographer for their special day.


Well that’s it for another wedding chat round up. Hope enjoyed what we brought you and look forward to helping you along with your wedding planning journey!







Brides to Be are getting into full swing with their wedding planning now for the 2016 wedding season, so we thought we’d take another look at wedding flowers and speak to our good friend Claire Denise from Sister Sister Bouquets to get some more advice. Here’s what she had to say;


Q: What are the main advantages of choosing artificial flowers for your wedding?

Not many items from your wedding day can be kept for a lifetime your dress could get tucked away in the loft, the cake gets eaten but your wedding bouquet can be cherished as a keepsake for a lifetime after your wedding our bouquets display lovley in your home, we have had some brides give them to a family member. Secondly is the cost we know how expensive weddings can be so every saving helps.


Q: Many Brides are overwhelmed by the whole planning experience. How would you suggest they start when it comes to flowers?

You may have an idea in your mind what you would like your flower to look like send your florist pictures or flower types that you like from what you have seen from maybe magazines or mood boards such as the ones on Moonrise. The great thing with artificial flowers we don’t have to have the discussion around what flowers are in season.


Q: Sister Sister Bouquets is a family business with customer service at it’s core. Remind us what Brides can expect when they choose Sister Sister Bouquets for their Wedding.

We treat all our clients how we would expect to be treated, from first communication we are friendly, helpful & professional not to forget our 100 % 5 star rating from all our previous clients.


Q: What was your most favourite floral design of 2015 and why?

Its so hard to choose I think it has to be the Steffany Bouquet blush pink really started to trend for Summer 2015 / 2016 I think this bouquet is one of our most natural looking bridal bouquets. One bride actually got asked would she like her bouquet stored in the fridge to keep fresh!


Q: What do you think will be popular colours for the 2016 wedding season?

Pastels is going to be popular I think for the 1st half of the year I personally think if you have chosen different colour dresses for your bridesmaids a simple ivory/white posey makes the perfect complement to the pastel shades.  I think for the later half dusky pinks/ Vintage purples will be very popular.


Q: Will you be setting any New Years resolustions? & What will they be?

Not really a new years resolutions but we do have goals set for 2016 season we want to appear in larger wedding fairs to give more brides & grooms chance to see our bouquets in the flesh & we also want to launch our hire range! very exciting year ahead.


Some gorgeous bridal bouquets and wedding flowers from Claire at Sister Sister Bouquets! At the time of writing this post, I’m pleased to say that they’ve been nominated for an award at the North West Wedding Award 2016. So if you’d like to vote for them then click on the link! To see more of their work or maybe get in touch with Claire from Sister Sister, then their details can be found below.








Etsy Store:


Time to catch up with all what’s been going on at our wedding blog this week, with another Real Brides feature as well, that’s absolutely amazing and worth a read!


This week we have some amazing styles and colours to brighten up you week ahead!

We start off with bold and beautiful wedding stationary created by Vicky, featuring some lovely warming tones as we head in to autumn…


See what colours are trending this autumn with Blueskys Creations



We love reading about Real Brides Weddings and today is no exception

I’d like to congratulate Bev and James on their recent wedding.

Find out a little bit about how they met and how they both got on planning their magical day!

To see more inspiring wedding photos take a look at Bev & James wedding feature

Wedding Day Photography & Images Courtesy of Nigel Read Photography



Our final topic this week is Wedding flowers!

We all love how they bring vibrant colour to a wedding day, however have you really thought about them… What type of flower would you have? What colours are in this season? or would you have real or ARTIFICIAL flowers?

It seems that more and more bride are choosing to have artificial flowers…!

Why not! there are many reasons why, you can have any flower, colour any style and the best part about it is you get to keep them forever!

Check out this guest post from Graceful Wedding Flower to see more.

Well, that’s all the wedding chat & gossip from Moonrise Bridal for this week!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading & keep following next week.





It’s been a little while since we looked at some wedding flowers, so today I’d like to introduce Graceful Wedding Flowers. A relatively new little business specialising in artificial floral displays, which are becoming ever more popular due to the fact that you can keep them as a memento of your day. If you don’t throw them for your Bridesmaids!

Q: Tell us a little more about Graceful Wedding Flowers. How you started and how long you’ve been going.

I’m a new business I’ve been making bouquets for just over a year it all started from when my daughter got married I made all her wedding bouquets etc and I got a lot of lovely compliments so its spiralled from then now my business has been very successful. I specialise in mostly foam fabric flowers that are realistic with accessories. I’m 100% committed to working with brides.


Q: What advice can you give our Brides to Be when it comes to choosing flowers for their wedding day?

I try to give advice to brides on suggesting what type of flower and colour that would match their colour theme, and also make brides happy with what I have made for them.


Q: What can Brides expect to get when they come to Graceful Wedding Flowers & what makes you stand out from other wedding florists?

I want to make my bouquets as natural looking as possible. I take a lot of time making and designing the bouquets and an excellent service is the heart of my business.


Q: When would you advise Brides to be getting their wedding flowers booked and can you suggest a typical budget?

I would recommend at least 6_8 months before your wedding day. I like to keep my packages as affordable as I know how much weddings can cost. My bridal bouquets start from £27 upwards.


Q: What has been your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related)

There is no better feeling than knowing that I have made someone happy when you see photos of brides with the flowers I’ve made and also receiving positive feedback and lovely comments.


Q: What does the future have in store for Graceful Wedding Flowers? Do you have any offers on you’d like us to share?

Graceful wedding flowers will continue making bouquets and making brides to be happy and always I’m keen to try new ideas and new designs.


Amazing floral bouquets by Grace at Graceful Wedding Flowers. If you’d like to see more of her wedding flowers & bridal bouquets then have a look at her Facebook Page!




It’s been a little while since we last looked at wedding flowers for the wedding day, so today I’d like to  introduce a relatively new business, Sister Sister Bouquets. A family business, they specialise in artificial wedding flowers and bouquets, and have a wealth of experience in the world of floristry. Let’s see what Claire had to say when I caught up with her!


Q: Tell us a little more about Sister Sister Bouquets. How you started and how long you’ve been going.

We are a fairly new business. Just over a year ago I was made redundant from a different industry & was looking at a complete change. I wanted to have a job that you did not feel like you needed a holiday from, I enjoy doing what I am doing now and every day is different. Sister Sister Bouquets is a family team with just over 20 years of experience in silk & dried flower arranging. We all have different strengths and feel we work well together to achieve our best results.  We specialise in everlasting artificial bouquets designed from silk, foam, fabric flowers and brooches. We are 100% committed to working with brides to achieve a bouquet that will not only be a part of their special day but will make the perfect keepsake for many years.


Q: What advice can you give our Brides to be when it comes to choosing flowers for their wedding day?

We know brides are trying to match colours for their wedding but we suggest instead of trying to match the same colour, look at flower types & colours that complement your theme. For example, not many flowers come naturally in the colour grey, however using a yellow flower will complement your grey items perfectly. We can work with brides to create a bespoke bouquet just for them, using flower types they like.


Q: What can Brides expect to get when they come to Sister Sister Bouquets & what makes you stand out from other wedding florists?

We want all our bouquets to look as natural as possible. We spend time working through ideas & designs with our brides to make sure their own personality & style is reflected in their bouquet.  We pride ourselves on 100% excellent feedback, high quality. Excellent service is at the heart of our business.


Q: When would you advise Brides to be getting their wedding flowers booked and can you suggest a typical budget?

We recommend booking with us at least 6 - 9 months before your wedding day. even though our designs are created using artificial flowers we do see seasonal variation.  We like to keep all our packages affordable as we know how costly weddings quickly add up, our luxury silk bridal bouquets start at £65 or foam bouquets start at just £30.


Q: What has been your biggest achievement to date?

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have made someone happy when you witness a bride see their wedding package for the first time or receiving positive feedback, it is so rewarding. You feel like you have been on the planning journey with them, it’s so exciting when you see photos of your wedding bouquets in action.


Q: What does the future have in store for Sister Sister Bouquets?

We will be attending wedding fairs in the winter months & look forward to Brides to Be seeing our bouquets. We are aiming to achieve as many variations of bouquets as we possibly can, we are always keen to try and create new designs, this is what makes your bridal bouquet bespoke to you.


Some wonderful and stunning bridal bouquets, and I think they look amazing being made from artificial material such as silks, foams and fabrics! If you’d like to find out more about Claire and Sister Sister Bouquets, then feel free to get in touch with her using her details below:









Wedding flowers and floral arrangements can consume quite a lot of your time in the stages of planning your wedding day, be it button holes, centre pieces, bouquets or decor for the ceremony itself. So today, I’d like to introduce Susanna from ‘The Vintage Bouquet’. I stumbled across her work on some images that were on Twitter, and thought they looked quite fancy and a little bit different from the more traditional wedding bouquets!


Q:- Tell us a little bit about The Vintage Bouquet.


The Vintage Bouquet was created out of love from two of my favourite things, flowers and all things vintage. I trained as a florist 28 years ago & for a while I ran my own business trading in fresh floral arrangements, specialising in weddings. With the birth of my children, running this business became increasingly difficult owing to having to visit the flower market at 5am! As the artificial flower supplies at that time were inadequate I decided to take a break from floristry and instead became an aromatherapist. Some years later with the introduction of newer silk and foam flowers I returned to floristry and continued to make arrangements and bouquets for friends and family. I extended my training into Brooch Bouquets which are now becoming increasingly popular with the modern bride who likes a little vintage twist to her wedding. The Vintage Bouquet now solely specialises in everlasting artificial bouquets designed from silk, foam, fabric flowers and brooches, pearls, crystals and even buttons!


Q:- Where do you get your inspiration from when designing/ making up your bouquets?


I am inspired by anything vintage with special interest in the 1920′s, 1930′s, 1940′s and 1950′s. I spend hours researching these eras studying wedding trends of the day. I think many brides now are also inspired by vintage styles and themes and it’s great to see a surge in vintage wedding fashions. I am also hugely inspired by Hollywood Movies and many of my bouquets are named after movies, film characters or movie stars.  One of my recent bouquets was named ‘Pussy Galore’ after the lead female character in the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’ so beautifully played by Honor Blackman.  The bouquet is full of gold silk flowers, pearls, brooches and gold tulle but still remaining classy and elegant.


Q:- What advice can you pass on to our Brides to Be when it comes to them looking for their wedding flowers/ bouquet?


My advice to a bride would be to follow their heart when it comes to choosing flowers for their wedding. I advise them to create a mood board full of their own ideas, with magazine cuttings and even sketches of how they envisage their bouquet. From these ideas we can create together the bouquet of their dreams. I always send photos of the bouquet as it progresses so the bride can make any changes along the way. This is the beauty of artificial flowers as the bouquet can be created in advance with time for changes to be made. It’s also important to look at the style of the dress in creating a bouquet and it’s crucial that the bouquet does not overpower or overwhelm the detail of the dress.


Q:- What makes The Vintage Bouquet stand out from the crowd? Why should brides come to you?


There are many amazing florists out there and I never compete with them. I just try to be me. I love producing something personal for a bride. Something that means something to them, that they can treasure forever. For instance I once created a brooch bouquet incorporating items from members of the brides family who had passed away – grandmas brooch and dads cuff links. What a beautiful way to remember loved ones. I also offer personalised brooches which are set with the brides new married name & date of the wedding for a unique, personal touch.


Q:- What is your biggest achievement to date?


My biggest achievement so far ( apart from giving birth to my three daughters!  Don’t all mothers say that ?! ) would be creating all the wedding flowers for my daughters wedding this year. The bouquet I made for her was a true labour of love and I was so proud to see her walking down the aisle holding my bouquet.


Q:- What does the future have in store for The Vintage Bouquet?


I am just planning a photo shoot for my website which is very exciting as we have been given permission to shoot it in a rather lovely location. I am also introducing hair accessories and headdresses to the range which came about through requests from brides who wanted to carry the vintage theme through to their headwear. I am very excited about the future as I see more and more brides of all ages turning towards a vintage theme for their wedding. Even with the recession, romance and weddings never go out of fashion and I have so many ideas for the future of The Vintage Bouquet.


Some lovely floral arrangements and lovely to find out a little bit about the woman behind The Vintage Bouquet, and what a great idea of how to involve the memory of a departed loved one by including a brooch or a photo of them in a brooch in your wedding bouquet for your Special Day? We’re looking forward to seeing your new headdresses and hair accessories in the none too distant future!








Telephone:- 01423 868059

I would like to welcome to our blog Flash Floozy and gorgeous headwear. Flash Floozy is owned by the amazing Marie and when I asked her is she would like to write a post for us to put on our blog she was happy to, and we are so pleased to share with this post with you. If you have any questions for Marie then please find her details at the bottom of this post… enjoy! 
1) Can you tell me a bit about what you do?
I design and hand make boho and vintage inspired headwear. I make anything from over sized floral crowns and dainty rustic halos through to Gatsby inspired feathered headpieces and glitter headbands. I love old style glitz and glamour from the 1920s and 30s, they really knew how to dress back then. But I also like easy going comfortable, gypsy bohemian and modern convenience and I think this reflects in the kind of product I offer.



 Silver Deco Headband

2) How did you get into this line of work?

It started as a hobby really. I have always made my own jewellery and when I bought my new sewing machine I started making lace and turban headbands. I suppose it got out of control from there! I’ve always worked in the Fashion Industry but I guess the turning point was losing my job earlier this year, it gave me the push and the time I needed to take my business to the next level. I’m not a natural designer, my background is more sourcing, production and quality so I’ve kind of come at it from a different angle but I feel that this only serves as an even better platform to offer an excellent quality product.


Pink & White feather

3) I have had a look at your website and you have some beautiful items, Where does your inspiration come from when designing them?

Thank you! Its a cliche but inspiration can literally come from anywhere. I love people watching! It can be something as small as a detail on someone’s jacket, their hairstyle or make up, a building or crumbling doorway. Wild flowers growing out of a wall on the side of the road could turn out to be the starting point for your next design. If I’m watching TV I’m barely following the storyline as I am too busy looking at what everyone is wearing, or checking out the wallpaper or a lamp in the background. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world in my previous career and I think, unknowingly I have gathered most of my inspiration from those travels, especially India and Pakistan where the colours and textures can inspire any project, but the biggest inspiration has got to be receiving amazing feedback from the bride when she tells you how perfect her headpiece was on her wedding day. That’s a real buzz.



Ivory Rose Crown

4) Do you have any offers or discounts that you would like us to shout about ?

I hold regular giveaways on my Facebook page and also I often put out promo codes on my Twitter  feed and Instagram.



Lia Yellow Orange Blossom Halo


Esta Teal Rose Headband


Black & Silver Leaf Feather

For any further details on any of the above pieces please contact Marie on one of the below…


TWITTER: @flashfloozy


Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your loved one.

 A quick post with a slightly personal touch this week.

Some of our friends recently celebrated their 10th Wedding anniversary, and having only just passed the 3 year mark myself, I thought, well done guys, 10 years happily married & still going strong!

That was after the initial “WOW”! Has it really been 10 years since we were all gathered in Greece for your wedding? Where’s does the time go?


 Mr & Mrs King – Tying the knot over 10 years since.


It got me to thinking about Wedding Anniversary Gifts and that people don’t tend to keep up with the traditional gifts, maybe it’s just me? Come to think of it…What were they? I can remember the first few, paper, cotton, and wood but that was about it? Apart from the milestones crystal, Silver, Gold & Ruby etc.

How many can you remember without glancing or scrolling down the post to see??


Anniversary Gifts


I had a sneaky look on Wikipedia to see what they were and to quench my curiosity,  here they are;

1: Paper

2: Cotton

3: Leather

4: Fruit, Flowers

5: Wood

6: Sugar, Iron

7: Wool, Brass

8: Bronze, Pottery

9: Pottery, Willow

10: Tin, Aluminium

12: Silk

15: Crystal

20: China

25: Silver

30: Pearl

40: Ruby

50: Gold

60: Diamond


So there we are, I’m now in search of a suitable 10 year weeding anniversary gift made of tin or aluminium. I don’t think my initial thoughts of a tin of beans or aluminium can of juice would be as greatly received as I’d intend. (I’m sure the groom wouldn’t mind a can of beer/lager..!)


I’m open to any suggestions you may have… Please send them to


Images are taken from Google Search Images. Cotton:, Bag:, Paper:, Fruit:, flowers:, Wood:, Sugar:, Woolen:, Salt:, Copper:, Tin:, Silk:, Crystal:, China:, Silver:, Pearl:, Ruby:, Gold:, Diamond:


Roseparks Floral Specialists


Roseparks, Wedding & Corporate Event Florists


Today I’m pleased to introduce to our friends and followers one of our proud sponsors, Roseparks of Edinburgh, specialists in contemporary and innovative floral designs for corporate events and of course weddings! John shares some insight behind Roseparks, what they do and what makes them so special.


Wedding Florists in Edingurgh


Q: Can you explain a bit about what you do at Roseparks?

Roseparks are corporate event and wedding specialist florists based in Edinburgh. We are a family run business, started in 2005 and can now be seen in most of the prestigious venues in Edinburgh, Lothians and Central belt. We believe passionately about customer service and attention to detail in all areas of our business and can boast great relationships with our suppliers, venues and customers alike.


 Corprorate Floral Arrangements


Q: Why did you choose this area of the wedding industry?

Our head florist, partner and family member has been working for over 26 years in the wedding and event industry and is well known within the industry, therefore
it was an easy decision to set up our own family business. I have never met a more professional, passionate and dynamic person and even after 26 years maintains enormous enthusiasm and joy about creating bespoke designs with the very freshest of flowers.




Q: What inspires you at Roseparks?

Fresh flowers, happy customers, customer service, top flower designers from around the world, bespoke designs, flower textures & colours, challenging designs,
seeing a simple bucket of flowers transposed into truly amazing designs, always striving to do the best job we can – we’re all too aware that we’re only as good
as our last job.




Q: What makes @RoseparkEdin the place for brides to go?

How long do you have? We passionately care about your flowers and are completely honest and upfront about what best suits your budget. We provide clear and concise quotations with no hidden extras anywhere. We provide all our brides with a complimentary sample of their chosen table centre design.

We will not be the cheapest,  certainly not the most expensive but arguably the best.




Q: What would your top tip or advice for brides to be who are looking for their wedding florist?

FACT – You’ll no doubt purchase more flowers from your florist for your wedding day than any other special occasion in your life therefore you must be happy with your choice of florist.

At your first meeting you must feel at ease and comfortable with your wedding florist and feel you are being listened to. Be prepared to provide your florist with a full picture of your wedding. To discuss flower preferences (and dislikes), budget, colour scheme, shapes of bridal flowers.


Wedding Buttonholes


If possible, put together a ‘moodboard’ or ‘vision board’ with colour swatches of your favourite or desired colour schemes, as well as pictures from magazines and websites that show the style and décor preferences.Ask for portfolios or testimonials from previous weddings they’ve done.

Communicate any changes with your florist personally. If your table numbers go up or down then you could be charged for something you don’t need or worse, be embarrassed for not having a table arrangement for the last minute additional table.


Bridal Bouquet


Thanks again to John from Roseparks for sharing a small amount of what makes them specialists in floral design and for some great tips and advice for our brides getting ready for the big day and how to make sure they get the best out of their wedding florist on the day. Some beautiful floral designs and bridal bouquets. If you’re looking for a top rank wedding florist for your wedding day then get in touch with Roseparks!