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Archive for the 'Wedding Favours' Category

It’s a been a while, hasn’t it? So how’s about a quick roundup of all things wedding that’s been going on at Moonrise Lingerie’s wedding blog recently?


Following the success of Moonrise Garters last year, we decided to broaden the our handmade wedding garter collection to include a few more, let’s say, elegant garters for our Brides to choose from.


Take a closer look at what Tanya’s been creating with a needle and thread and her sewing machine here at Moonrise Wedding Garters.


It’s always a real pleasure writing about Real Brides and their Wedding Days, so we took time out to congratulate Nicole & Craig on their outdoor Scottish Wedding on the banks of the very picturesque Loch Lomond.


Find out more about her lovely proposal and her pastel coloured wedding day with wedding day photographery by KGT photography.


We then talked wedding favours. An area where most Brides try their hand at a bit of DIY, but beware before you do!


We caught up with ‘Can I Do You a Favour’ to see what they had to offer in the way of wedding favours as well as a few hints and tips on keeping within a budget!


That’s it for the time being. We’ll be off to MODA on the look out for new wedding lingerie collections as well some nice lingerie collections for our sister site Moonrise at Midnight!







Wedding favours along with invites and place names are things that Brides to Be often take on themselves for their own wedding day without realising just how time consuming it is making 50, 100, 150 or even more favours for their guests. So have a serious think before you choose which DIY tasks you take on for your wedding day. Sometimes it’s just better to leave industry professionals to do what they do! So we caught up with Laura from ‘Can I Do You A Favour‘ and picked their brains about wedding favours.


Q: Tell us a little more about ‘Can I Do You a Favour?’ Why you started & How long you’ve been going?

I started my little business in November 2012 , the main reason being so I could work from home and still look after my twin boys who were born June 2012. I’ve always been creative and because of this I made a lot of my own wedding stationery and favours for my wedding in 2010, I started off by offering favours which soon expanded into wedding stationery.


Q: What are some of your most popular favours to your more bespoke/ specific wedding favours?

Our most popular favours are our lip and moustache lollipop favours. Boxed favours are popular too as well as scratch card/lottery ticket holders.


Q: Many brides are on a budget. What advice can you give them on budget when it comes to their wedding favours?

All of our favours can have guests’ names put on, so therefore the cost of favours and place settings can be combined.


Traditionally favours are only for female daytime guests.


Maybe have a bowl/basket of favours for guests to help themselves to, rather than one per guest.


Q: What can Brides to Be expect when they come to ’Can I Do You a Favour?’ for their wedding favours?

A friendly, helpful and professional service that delivers on time and keeps you up to date along the way!


Q: What advice can you give our Brides to Be when it comes to planning their wedding day?

Do your research! If it’s too good to be true then it probably is! Think about the elements that matter the most to you as a couple and get them sorted, then any spare budget can be spent on a few little luxuries.


Q: Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? & What are they? (Just for fun)!

To get fit! Cliche I know but joined the gym and did my induction today! Will need to be organised too!


If you’d like to see more of what ‘Can I Do You a Favour’ are able to offer then pop on over to their website or even have a look at their Facebook page and drop them a like!







Good Morning everyone. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and enjoying sunshine wherever you are! There’s no better time than on a lazy Sunday morning to catch up with all the wedding chat that’s been going on, on our wedding blog at Moonrise Bridal.

 Moonrise Wedding Blog

We had the pleasure of sharing the beautiful and vibrant wedding of Pamela and Amanda. A gorgeous wedding ceremony followed by a wonderful garden reception. Notice the lighting through the trees and all the pom poms! A lovely reminder of what marriage and weddings is all about!


Read more about Amanda and Pamela’s Wedding Day and find out what their best wedding buys were and where they got them from!


I then had the pleasure of introducing you to Sister Sister Bouquets. A family run business with loads of experience in the floristry sector who make absolutely stunning bridal bouquets from silk, foam and other materials!


See more of their stunning bridal bouquets and find what out what Claire had to say when we caught up with her!


Finally we took the liberty of pinching a post feature for ourselves and looked at wedding corsets to go beneath the wedding dress, along with what a corset will do for you and your figure!

Strapless Wedding Corset

Take a look at some of the different styles of wedding corset you can choose from and which would suit your style of wedding dress.


Well that’s pretty much it for another quick round up!


Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday!