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Navy Blue Weddings

Navy Blue Wedding Moodboard

The 2017 wedding season is gathering pace so it’s time to start refreshing our mood boards and putting some new wedding ideas together. I’ve never considered navy blue as a run of the mill wedding colour, it’s a very strong and bold natural colour, although used sparingly can be beautifully effective.

WeddingCake_Cake Central

It’s really very versatile in the colours it will compliment be it peach, grey, silver or even blush pink. Of course most of all, with it being such a striking colour it contrasts wonderfully with whites, creams and champagne colours of the brides wedding dress.

Bridesmaids_Modern Wedding

You can also create some beautiful and stylish effects by using nave blue laces on your tables, wedding invitations or even wedding cake without the richness of the blue becoming overpowering. Navy blue organza sashes are very nice addition to chair covers as well.


There’s plenty of naturally blue flowers that you can choose to suit a navy blue wedding theme, which can also be contrasted with in your bouquets or button holes. You can also go a little bit different with Navy Blue for the Groom and Best Man if you feel so inclined. As earlier suggested it’s a great contrasting colour with peaches, pink or even mint greens so as to not to become completely overtaken by blue, unless that’s what you want.


That’s the beauty of creating your own moodboard for your wedding planning, you can visualise much better how things will look and feel before seeing it all together on the big day. They’re also really useful to show various suppliers when you’re at the planning stage or going round wedding shows, you never know they might have suggestions you’ve never thought of!



Collage Top Left to Bottom Right

Navy Blue Suit & Buttonhole –

Mason Jar Centre Piece –

Navy Blue & Blush Pink Wedding Invite –

Navy Blue Table Runner –

Wedding Cake with navy blue ribbon –

Country Themed Navy Blue Table Settings –

Editors Picks

Blue Bridemaids Dresses –

Navy Blue/ Silver Wedding Nails –

Almost every wedding day has a theme or a colour scheme that runs through everything from the invites, the table decorations, the brides bouquet, and so on. Compiling your own mood board of all the ‘good ideas’ that you stumble across is a great starting point when it comes to planning your own wedding day, not only to build that picture in your own mind of how you want your day to look but also to show suppliers, friends and family who are there to help you plan your big day!


Bridesmaids dresses are a really significant part of your bridal parties attire and it can be quite a challenge to keep everyone happy in this department especially if you have 3, 4, or even 8 bridesmaids!

Irenee Bridal_4

Image Courtesy of Irenee’s Bridal By Design

Cadbury purple can be quite an over powering colour when there is a lot of the same of it together, but it also helps it contrast well with lighter colours often associated with your wedding day, such as whites, ivories, pinks and greys. A bridal bouquet is nice touch for you to keep the cadbury purple theme alongside your wedding gown.


Image Courtesy of Sister Sister Bouquets

Table decorations are where you can really go to town, if you’re wanting lots of purple, or you can choose to be more subtle with a some scatter crytals to compliment your place names maybe?


Whichever route you decide, lots of deep and rich cadbury purple or more subtle smatterings it’s a beautiful colour and theme for a wedding day.


Images & Recognition


Header Image:


  1. Bridesmaids Dresses – Courtesy of Irenee’s Bridal by Design –
  2. Bridal Bouquet – Courtesy of Sister Sister Bouquets –
  3. Wedding Garter – Courtesy of Moonrise Garters –
  4. Wedding Cupcake Tower – Andrias Cakes, Scarborough –
  5. Scatter Crystals –
  6. Purple Fingernails –
  7. Purple Candy Cart – Courtesy of A Sweet Sweet Display Event Decoration & Hire –
  8. Purple Postbox – Pinterest –

Blogging has been a bit slow this week as it’s been 1st week at school for our Mini Moonrise, but we can still have a quick round up of all our wedding gossip over the past few weeks!


First off I introduced a relatively new little business that helps you decorate your wedding venue with anything from candelabras to vintage ladders!

medium wine glass holder

Read more about ‘Rent a Wedding‘ and find out what Sarah & Danielle had to say when it comes to Your Wedding Day!


Always on the lookout for things that make us go WOW, we had to hear from Shantel and her absolutely amazing cake toppers. Miniature works of art with an incredible eye for detail.


See more of Shantel’s stunning wedding cake toppers and what was the most strangest request she’d had for a cake topper & why she said NO!


When it comes to wedding photographers there’s loads to choose from. How do you decide? What should you look for? We introduce NPassos Weddings.


Get a snapshot of Nando’s work and see what advice he has to give when it comes to finding YOUR wedding day photographer.


Well that’s about it for now, but we’ve got some great features coming your way, including a slightly bizarre choice for Wedding Transport!


Have a great week.





A wedding cake just isn’t complete without a proud bride and groom standing on top. There are of course plenty to choose from as with most things to do with weddings, but a personalised cake topper is a great way to add a special touch to the day and always makes a great talking point among your guests. So, today I introduce Shantel’s Cake Toppers, and here’s what she had to say to us;


Q: Tell us a little bit about Shantel’s Cake Toppers and how you got started.

I first started up my business back in 2011 when my husband and I decided to re-new our wedding vows. I was looking into buying a cake topper, when I decided it would be quite fun to make it myself! My first one was awful, but with a little practice and patience they have vastly improved. I’m still learning new techniques and thinking of new ideas now, 4 years later!


Q: What has been your most bizarre request for a cake topper and why?

I once had an enquiry from a lady who wanted a ‘divorce cake topper’ She wanted herself on the top of the cake, looking down at her marine ‘ex’ at the bottom of the cake – as if he’d fallen! I didn’t waste much time telling her this wasn’t something I wanted to be associated with – there was no way I would make something quite so disturbing! I’ve had many other requests which I have been happy to make including the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, bride and groom in a hot air balloon – even a groom giving the bride a piggy back, and a bride holding a groom in her arms!


Q: How long does it take you to make a cake topper?

A ‘standard’ cake topper usually takes about a week at the most. I don’t work all the time, I have to fit it in around other things, and I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I have to pace myself.


Q: What advice can you pass on to our Brides to Be when it comes to planning their wedding day? (It can be anything).

Some very simple advice I would pass on to a bride to be is this:


 ”Always kiss hello and goodbye, even if you’re mad at each other!”



Q: What’s been your biggest achievement to date? (It doesn’t have to be wedding related).

My biggest achievement to date would be starting up my own cake topper business, and sticking at it when things were tough. And of course, I couldn’t have done it without my husbands help :)


Q: How do Brides to Be go about getting one of your amazing cake toppers?

Brides to be can find me on where they will find all the information and examples they need.


Such amazing works of art! Of course your wedding cake will more than likely appear in your wedding album and be one of your stand out memories with one of these stunningly detailed cake toppers stood on top! Please pop over to Shantel’s Facebook page if you want to see more examples of her talented work and of course if you want to get one for yourself or someone else you know is getting married!



It’s time to have a quick round up and catchup with what we’ve been chatting about all things wedding related over the past few weeks. It’s been a lovely few posts plunging you into wedding wonderfulness!


We started off with some gorgeous wedding cakes from the appropriately named Emmazing Bakes! From hanging chandelier wedding cakes to a new trend and her award winning split wedding cake!


See more of Emma’s amazing wedding cake creations on her post feature ‘Wedding Cakes that WOW’!


We then took a little trip down memory lane and re-introduced you to Impulse Glamour. A husband and wife team that specialise in boudoir photography. We had the opportunity to have some of our wedding underwear styled and photographed as well!


What a great way of getting more from your bridal underwear and maybe making a special gift for your partner on the morning of your wedding day? Get an eyeful of some the amazing “bridal boudoir images from Gill” at Impulse Glamour.


Finally we took the liberty of taking up the last spot with our new wedding garters that Tanya has been working really hard on, from her Lucky Sixpence Wedding Garter to her Diamond Dreams Bridal Garter. Everything you need for your something blue and your lucky sixpence!


Take a look at some of the more personalised designs that she’s been asked to create from different colours to favourite football team colours & charms! On our feature ‘Wedding garters with a personal touch‘!


Well that’s it for this week. Keep an eye out over the next week, we’ll be introducing you to a FREE online wedding planner and a look at a wedding makeup artist from afar!


Hope you’ve got some ideas & inspiration for your big day.






A crucial and eagerly awaited part of nearly every wedding is the cutting of the cake, it’s certainly a real favourite bit when I’m at a wedding anyway. I found a picture of one of Emma’s wedding cakes and immediately thought I have to write about this talented lady and introduce you all to her, and her business Emmazing Bakes! So here’s what Emma had to say when I asked a few questions about her wedding cakes.


Q – How did you get started with Emmazing Bakes?

I started baking while I was on maternity leave from my previous job. I made a cake for my own birthday which went viral on facebook so I started my facebook page on the back of that, I then set up my little cake business and things have been booming ever since. I absolutely love what I do, it almost doesn’t feel like work. I’m so passionate about edible art.


Q - Where do you get your inspiration from when you’re making a couples wedding cake?

A lot of couples come to me with their design in mind, or have a rough idea what they’d like. I listen to what they’d like and chat with them armed with various of pictures to make a moodboard and go from there. I always like to add my own touches to cakes to make them unique. I spend hours and hours on social media sites and pinterest to keep up with the latest trends and pick up ideas and inspiration. I often go out and about and think ‘ that would look great in cake form’!


Q – Have you had one wedding cake that has stood out for you as been a masterpiece of creation?

Definitely my split half and half caulkboard/silhouette wedding cake with the bride and groom. I originally designed and created this for Cake International in 2014 and was awarded a Bronze medal. I’ve since had lots of facebook attention and several enquiries and bookings for it. I wish I could get married again as I’d make it for myself :-p


Q – Do you have any advice to couples when they’re looking for their wedding cake?

Do their homework on their baker. Check out their previous wedding cakes and the standard of their work. Most good bakers get booked up very quickly so try to find a good baker fairly quickly. Good cake isn’t cheap and cheap cake isn’t good.


Q – What makes Emmazing Bakes stand out from other wedding cake makers?

I like to be a bit ‘non-traditional’ in my approach to designing wedding cakes. I really enjoy making cakes which are quirky and fun. I love it when a couples come to me with their ideas and we spend time bringing them all together. I have also had people allow me to go completely free reign for them, its a huge compliment that they have confidence in my ability to create something worthy of their wedding day.


I like to think that because I conduct a lot of my business via social media that people can really portray their ideas to me at any time of day. Not having to get all your ideas across in one go but be able to send me stuff along the design journey, I’ve had brides send me their Pinterest boards, scribbled ideas, wedding dress pics and so on so we can really get to grips with what they want and I can create a personalised wedding cake just for them.


Q – What’s in store for the future of Emmazing Bakes?

I’m very happy continuing making couples dream wedding cakes. I am looking into moving into a shop/premises over the next few years, but may have to wait until my children are a bit older. I hope my business continues to be as successful as it has been for the past 2 years.


Q – What’s your favourite spice cake or sponge?

Definitely sticky toffee sponge with a gooey salted caramel filling. This flavour is probably my bestseller. mmmhmmm!


 Some truly gorgeous wedding cakes along with some really good advice for when it comes to choosing the Baker for your wedding cake. If you want to see more of Emma’s work or would like to get in touch to find out more about her availability and prices then her social media links are just here!


I’m off to put the kettle on!









E-mail:- emmazingbakes(at)gmail


Guest Post: Boutique Bakehouse Handmade Wedding Cakes with a Difference




Today I’m really pleased to introduce one of our latest wedding tweeters, @b_bakehouse, baking handmade wedding cakes and celebration cakes with a difference. We wanted to find out a little bit more about what they do and what gives them their inspiration in the wonderful world of weddings to design and make such beautifully handcrafted cakes with real attention to detail.


Q: Tell us a little bit about what you do @b_bakehouse.

I feel very lucky to be doing a job that I absolutely love, making and designing bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes for my clients.  Wedding cakes is the core part of Boutique Bakehouse’s business, and I work closely with the bride and groom to make sure that they get a cake that is perfect for their wedding.




White Lilac Wedding Cake with Blossom Chains


Q: What made you choose to get into the wedding cake sector of the wedding industry?

I have always loved baking, and cake decorating started as a hobby many years ago and has grown into a successful business. Before running Boutique Bakehouse I worked in the hotel and  events industry so have worked in weddings from the venue side too.  I feel very honoured to be involved in someone’s big day, it’s such an exciting and special time.




Black & White Contrasting Flower Wedding Cake


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from when you bake?

All food is a passion for me but I particular love baking. Inspiration for comes from everywhere, I love experimenting with new flavours.

Inspiration for cake design again comes from many different places, fashion is a big one (I love clothes!), interior design, nature, and sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea for a cake.




50th Wedding Anniversary 3 Tier Celebration Cake


Q: What makes @b_bakehouse the place for brides to go?
Beautiful bespoke wedding cakes.  A friendly service from someone very passionate about creating elegant cakes.  I can talk about wedding cakes all day long so I will work very hard to ensure we get the perfect cake for the day.  I am also a complete perfectionist when it comes to my cakes.


Q: What would your top tip for brides to be preparing for their Wedding Day & looking for that perfect cake?
When looking for a cake maker check websites and choose one that has designs that you really like.  However do not assume that photos on their site is all they can do, as most good cake makers will be able to achieve any design.  Show them photos of cakes that inspire you, and give details of other aspects of your wedding including your colour scheme, flowers, table decorations, invites etc.
A good cake maker should meet with you and bring sample cakes before you commit with a deposit. “I like the idea of this….!”




4 Tier Wedding Cake with Cascading Flower Clusters


Q: What has been the most outrageous/wild cake you have ever had to make?
My clients do not tend to be too outrageous with their wedding cake, most of my designs are elegant and stylish which suits the way I work and are the type of cakes that I love doing.  Although that is not to say I wouldn’t really enjoy the challenge of a cake that was really out there!
I get to have a lot of fun with my celebration cakes where the briefs are very varied, for example next week I am doing a birthday cake for a New Yorker with as many of the city’s features as possible i.e. the New York sky line, a yellow cab, street signs, an American flag, a hot dog and an apple – I can’t wait to get started.


A great little snippet from Gillian at Boutique Bakehouse and some wonderful examples of the beautiful wedding cakes she’s made during her time in the wedding sector. Boutique Bakehouse design and make gorgeous wedding cakes & celebration cakes for lots of different occasions, a visit to their website is a good place to start if you’re looking for a wonderful wedding cake with exquisite attention to detail.