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The charming Tango Bra Panache Lingerie.


New and out NOW is the gorgeous Tango FUCSHIA!



Tango has proven to be a well made bra with excellent structure and support, offering you a great lift and nice rounded shape.





•3 panel cup

•Laminated cup for extra strength

•Available in many colours through out the year

•Delicate leaf detailing on fabric.




All these point make this bra one of #Panache’s finest designs!




Matching brief & thongs are also available to complete the set.


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Celebrating Mum this Mother’s Day!

Mums are so special!  We only get one mum in life and we depend on them for everything. They are there when we need then for child care, a shoulder to cry on or simply just to pop round for a coffee and a natter. A bunch of flowers is always a winner… who doesn’t love flowers! However…

mothers day

 Flowers by Chic Blooms in Nailsea.

… Today we are keeping with our bridal theme, however we are looking at Mother of the brides. Mother of the brides dresses and outfits are stunning, they are delicately made and can be fitted or flowing. Whatever style they choose, they will be looking for a bra that will work with there attire. This could be a strapless options for which there is a few choices such as…



Harmony Bridal Bra

Harmony bridal bra is a full cup optional strapless bra made from a soft Boselli Satin adorned with a matching ivory lace, however it is not just for brides. It can work perfectly with a Mother of the brides outfit.


Quinn Plunge Strapless Bra

Quinn is an optional strapless bra with a plunge style cup. Perfect for low cut or V-neck tops, blouses and dresses.

However if you are looking for something a little more colorful and in keeping with your wedding attire, take a look at these stunning options…


This is the gorgeous Claire moulded cup by Affinitas. It is such a stunning colour as the name suggests, (vintage rose) whilst holding that little darker detailing on the  shoulder straps and edging and also features a delicate lace covering and has matching lace thong or brief.


Tango is a very popular balconette bra which is available in many different colours to go with your outfits. This is also a great design by #Panache as it caters for the larger back and bust sizes all the way to HH Cups. Definitely worth a look.


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Importance of Getting Fitted!




What are the stages of a bra fitting?

● We take 2 measurements, one over bust and one under bust.

● We use the measurement to give us an idea of what size you require to try!

● Your lingerie consultant & fitter will collect a few bras based on their measurements.

● You try on each of the bra to see their fit and the shape they give you to make sure they are what you are looking for.

● Last, but most importantly, we check that your new bra is comfortable! This is a MUST!


news letter


 What we look for in a fitting!

1. The Band. Moonrise Lingerie like to start at the back, we check that the back is sitting nice and low. (The back of your bra should be level with your underwires at the front. 80% of the support comes from the back of your bra, and only 20% comes from the straps! The band of your bra should feel comfortable and not cut in to your skin. Continuously wearing the wrong side band can cause sore skin, redness if the band is too tight and can lead to back pain if the band is too loose due to not having the correct support for the weight of your breasts.

2. The Cup. Once we have ensured that the back of your new bra is fitting correctly we turn our attentions to the front! We check that your bust is filling the cup correctly. Making sure that you are filling the whole cup, (including the bottom of the cup).  We also want to check that you are not spilling out over the top or sides this suggest that the cup is too small, just as it would suggest that the cup is too big if it had ripples or gaps. Wearing the incorrect cup size results in your breasts not being supported and the stretching of your breast tissue increasing the changes of over stretched breasts as you get older and start to lose the definition. Or it can have the opposite effect and be too tight causing possible damage to your breast tissue.


3. The Underwire. These play a very important role! This helps to support your bust giving it lift. Your underwire should be sitting FLAT against your ribs, (however you would not be able to feel it digging in). Your Moonrise Lingerie Consultant will also need to check that the underwire is sitting correctly at the side – not digging in to your breast tissue allowing it to cause damage to your skin or tissue. The outside end of the underwire should be aiming towards your underarm NOT back into your bust! The inner end of the underwire should be sitting against your chest between your bust, again not digging in to your breast tissue.





Always make sure YOU feel comfortable in your new bra before leaving the shop. If you feel uncomfortable then the bra is not the correct style, shape or size, so you must let your fitter know!

Wearing the correct bra size, shape and style brings you comfort, relief and confidence to stand up tall and embrace life.

Photos by Layla Sidwell -






Royce Lingerie Specialist.

October is such a special month,  we all join together to help raise money to beat cancer!

I thought I would take this opportunity to write a short blog post about our non wired, mastectomy bras supplier, Royce Lingerie who will be donating £1 from every bra  they sell throughout the whole of October.


Royce are world leaders when it comes to non wired bras. They have been specialising and producing wire free since the early 90s. Royce have designed a truly outstanding mastectomy bra that is innovative in style, superbly comfortable and containing X-Static silver fibre to aid the healing process.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners Jane Fleming, when I attended their in house advance training program and factory tour.


This was such a wonderful experience, being able to meet, measure and fit some truly remarkable ladies who had undergone mastectomy surgery (single or double!).

The ladies told us of there experiences and later allowed us to measure and fit them in lingerie from the amazing range that Royce offer.


Royce are very dedicated to what the do and helping ladies who require non wired bras in all areas, not just mastectomy. They have utilized the technologies and designers they have to create a teen bra collection which feature sizes 28AA- 36D, a beautiful non wired collection in a full range of sizes and a maternity collection which range up to a 40K!

 Candy Floss 8013_Pink Cream_Front_RGB_W314H433

Royce is enormously proud to be a British company.  All our products are designed by our dedicated and gifted team here in UK, and we know that our customers – along with discerning people the world over – appreciate the design excellence as well as the quality and craftsmanship that go into creating the ‘Best of British’.


Images courtesy of Royce Lingerie

If you’re a Bride to Be and soon to be wed and just don’t know where to start when it comes to what to wear beneath your wedding dress, then this might just be of some help. We find many Brides leave finding their wedding underwear to the last minute, either they’ve been losing weight before the big day or they think it will simply be a case of popping into town to pick something up. Unfortunately this tends not to be as straight forward as they imagine.

 trio bra image

A wedding dress is a really special dress not just by its very nature but by its design and fit as well, so quite often requires some special lingerie for your wedding day. This is really why it shouldn’t be left to the last minute and taken for granted that it will be an easy task. So where do you start when looking for your bridal underwear? Whatever you decide upon, it’s important that it works in complete harmony with you and your wedding gown.


If your dress already has a lot of boning throughout the bodice then a wedding corset with plenty of boning is more than likely going cause some discomfort. Resist the temptation when you hear a corset can take up to 4″ off your waistline in seconds. Properly fitted they can, but the 4″ has to go somewhere! A wedding corset is very good at helping to shape and sculpt your figure to a more hourglass silhouette and providing support over your midriff. Some bridal corsets also have underwired cups and also give good lift, support and shape to your bust too!


Many wedding dresses have sweetheart or bateau necklines and therefore require a style of strapless wedding lingerie to go beneath. This is where it begins to get more tricky and even more so if your size tends to be less well stocked in high street shops, so a bit more time and patience is called for. A strapless wedding bustier could work well for this style, it would still provide some shaping to your figure as well as underwired support for your breasts.

It’s important to get fitted and go and try on bridal bras, you want to make sure it doesn’t give you a bulge over the top of the cup or alternatively that the cups don’t fall forward when you lean over, leaving you feeling unsupported and exposed! A dress that is made from a light material, such as silk or satin may also show any fancy lace edging or a heavily padded cup will be quite noticeable. Your wedding day lingerie should be the unsung hero of your wedding day, comfy and supportive and not seen by your guests and photographer!

 plus size strapless wedding brafish-tail-bride

Comfort has already been mentioned a few times, because it’s important. Your wedding day does pass by quickly but comfort really is king, so bear this in mind when it comes to your undies. If you’re not a thong kind of person then your wedding day is not the day to try. You don’t want to be fidgeting and shuffling all through your day trying to get comfortable, stick to briefs or hip huggers if that’s what you’re used too! You can get underwear that don’t have elasticated edges so don’t show the dreaded VPL!


Shapewear is quite a popular option these days with brides wanting to make sure that everything is tucked in to look their best in the wedding photographs. Bridal shapewear has evolved quite markedly over the years with some nice pieces available in whites and ivories to suit dress colours. When it comes to colours, try and make sure that you get bridal underwear that matches the colour of your dress. Most important of all is to try your wedding day lingerie on with your dress at some point to make sure they compliment each other and you’re comfortable!

firm_corset_briefchiffon-eyelash-lace-brideAll these amazing wedding dresses images are:

courtesy of  Wedding Wize