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Romantic Photos on Valentines Day – Viktoria Kuti

Today I’d like to introduce to a very good friend of ours here at Moonrise Lingerie, Bristol based boudoir photgrapher, Viktoria Kuti. You may well have remembered we worked together on a project just over a year ago with some of our bridal lingerie at Berwick Lodge and we fell in love with her work. With Valentine’s Day fast appoaching we thought it apt to preview some of her latest romantic boudoir photo sessions and ask her more about what’s involved. Here’s what Viktoria had to tell us;

boudoir photos Bristol

Tell us a little bit about yourself Viktoria. What made you specialise in portrait styles of photography?

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a photographer, and I definitely didn’t have any idea that I would become a portrait photographer. I am fascinated by the human form and also watching people go through transformation… and that is what my photoshoots are. When people walk into my studio, they usually still have their guard up. They are very self conscious and maybe even a little nervous. But slowly, they let me through, they connect with me, and I love seeing them unfold in front of the camera and seeing their light shine out.

bristol photo session Valentines

What’s your background in photography? What’s been YOUR most exciting photo shoot?

I haven’t received any formal photography education, but was always interested in arts. My passion and journey with photography started about ten years ago – I am grabbing every opportunity I get since to better my skills and master this beautiful craft as much as possible. My most exciting shoot was probably the ballerina I photographed at dawn in Paris ( – it was a challenge because it was fully organised from the UK and wasn’t quite sure how all my plans would turn out, but I am (and my lovely model is too) very happy with the images we created.

Viktoria Kuti Photography

A photo shoot sounds like a great idea for an original Valentines gift for your loved one, but what’s involved?

romantic photo valentines day

After booking a photoshoot, I like to meet for a personal consultation with my clients (if not possible, we can do this over the phone). It gives them a chance to connect and get to know me a little bit better, as well as to dig into the details of what they are expecting from their session. We discuss styling and outfits and I’ll try to dissolve any other doubts they might have. Most of the photoshoots take place in my Bristol studio, but there is also an option to have your boudoir shoot at an external location (like your home, a boutique hotel or outdoors if you’re feeling adventurous!)


The session itself starts with the makeup and hair styling. Some people find this a little unnerving – they might not be used to wearing makeup every day, or they have their very set ways of wearing it and are worried that they wouldn’t look like themselves… Worry not. My make-up artists are professional and are happy to adapt to whatever you are looking for. The make-up is part of the session because of the experience and pampering, but it can be as natural and barely there as you’d like it to be.


You do not need to know how to pose or worry about how you’re going to look like on your images at all! I am an expert at making people relax and open up in front of the camera also to guide you with posing down to your fingertips to make sure you look your best. I’ll show you what poses and angles flatter you the most and be your coach every step of the way. No experience necessary, you just need to trust me to give it a go.


Professional retouching on all your best images is included with your session. I don’t believe in drastically altering your appearance or body type, I believe all my customers are perfectly beautiful just the way they are. I do believe in small tweaks however, to get rid of the things you are not fond of and/or correcting the bits (lumps and bumps) that appear due to wardrobe or posing. This is a collaborative process, so please don’t be shy about telling me to get rid of a certain mole or scar or stretchmark.

portrait photo for valentines day

About two weeks after your photo session we meet up again for a private viewing and selection of your final images. After the initial presentation, we’ll step through the images one by one and start picking favourites. Following that, we’ll determine which products and packages will suit you best based on the images we’ve created, your goals for the shoot, and on your lifestyle. I offer a range of beautiful photographic albums, archival wall art, high resolution digital image packages, and more. I also have great options for gift giving, whether you’re buying for a groom or bride, a significant other, or as a treat to yourself.

viktoria kuti bristol photographer

I love the idea of having a professional photo session, but I’m not that confident about myself?

Most women who become my customers start our conversation with – ‘I’m very self conscious’ or ‘I’m not very photogenic’ or ‘I hate having my photos taken’. It’s completely normal (to be honest, I’m not a big fan of being photographed either). But the good news is – it’s not your job to be photogenic, or to be confident and know what to do in front of the camera. It’s MY job to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and safe… once we have that, confidence is not even an issue at all.

valentines gift ideas bristol

How long does the session last for? What sort of outfits and how many could I bring? And what if you don’t get any good photos in time?

The sessions usually last about 3 hours (1 hour for the makeup and hair styling, 2 hours shooting time), but I don’t limit the sessions by either time or the number of outfits. Everyone is different, some people need a little more time to warm up and relax, so if I don’t feel that we have enough killer images, I’ll keep going until we get what we need. I usually suggest bringing 5-6 outfits to the session and I also have some nice dresses and accessories in my studio wardrobe too, which is available to use for my customers.


Finally – what advice can you give to anyone who’s always thought of having a photo shoot but has always been a bit, shy, shall we say?

We, as women all have the same (or at least very similar) self-doubts and insecurities, and you can trust me, I know them all. I want you to feel absolutely incredible and to fall in love with yourself after seeing how I see you through the lens. What I offer is a chance to see yourself in a completely new light, to allow yourself to be more beautiful, stronger and more confident.

original valentines day gift

You do not need to feel ‘more confident’ to do this! The confidence comes with the experience, so please, come as you are.

Some truly beautiful photographs from just a selection of Viktoria’s portfolio, (as well as some amazing tattoo work as well!). You can see she is as good as she professes to be in so much that she will make you feel relaxed as well as confident to create some beautiful images. A fantastic gift for Valentine’s Day with a real personal touch with love!

More of Viktoria’s collection can be found on her website;




Sports Bras – Time to get fit?


Now that the festive season has past and the new year has started, your thinking it’s time for a new you!


Well, so are we! Moonrise Lingerie have added a sports range to our website. Panache Sports Bras are amongst the best out there! They have been designed and created using the latest technology from  Progressive Sports at Loughborough University, with support and comfort at the very core. Using latest material technologies and designs all of their sports bras have been proven to help reduce bounce during exercise, whether that be light or impact sports.

Panche Sports Bras

By using this they were able to reduce the bounce movement by an astonishing 83%! and on top of that they are still comfortable to wear. This is because they have designed the bra to support each breast in the  cup rather than just squash them down.

 Shop for Sports Bras



This is great news for all size ladies. Not only do they look fab, Panache  plus size sports bras are well structured and can support the larger bust as well as it supports the smaller cup. The size ranges from a 28 – 40 back and B – H cup size.  


For ladies who prefer not to have any padding Panache has also designed a non padded version for the larger lady. The Panache sculptress is plus size sports bra available in sizes 34 – 46 back size and in D – J cup size.



Both option of sport bra features a racer back detail to help further reduce the pressure when exercising, along with wide shoulder straps which are cushioned for added comfort whilst exercising.


 Click here to see our NEW Sports Bra Range


Breathable fabrics help to keep you dry during your exercise routine, allowing you to keep focused on your target. Panache Sports are perfect for both high and low impact exercise.


Images a curtesy of Panache Lingerie Ltd

If you’re a Bride to Be and soon to be wed and just don’t know where to start when it comes to what to wear beneath your wedding dress, then this might just be of some help. We find many Brides leave finding their wedding underwear to the last minute, either they’ve been losing weight before the big day or they think it will simply be a case of popping into town to pick something up. Unfortunately this tends not to be as straight forward as they imagine.

 trio bra image

A wedding dress is a really special dress not just by its very nature but by its design and fit as well, so quite often requires some special lingerie for your wedding day. This is really why it shouldn’t be left to the last minute and taken for granted that it will be an easy task. So where do you start when looking for your bridal underwear? Whatever you decide upon, it’s important that it works in complete harmony with you and your wedding gown.


If your dress already has a lot of boning throughout the bodice then a wedding corset with plenty of boning is more than likely going cause some discomfort. Resist the temptation when you hear a corset can take up to 4″ off your waistline in seconds. Properly fitted they can, but the 4″ has to go somewhere! A wedding corset is very good at helping to shape and sculpt your figure to a more hourglass silhouette and providing support over your midriff. Some bridal corsets also have underwired cups and also give good lift, support and shape to your bust too!


Many wedding dresses have sweetheart or bateau necklines and therefore require a style of strapless wedding lingerie to go beneath. This is where it begins to get more tricky and even more so if your size tends to be less well stocked in high street shops, so a bit more time and patience is called for. A strapless wedding bustier could work well for this style, it would still provide some shaping to your figure as well as underwired support for your breasts.

It’s important to get fitted and go and try on bridal bras, you want to make sure it doesn’t give you a bulge over the top of the cup or alternatively that the cups don’t fall forward when you lean over, leaving you feeling unsupported and exposed! A dress that is made from a light material, such as silk or satin may also show any fancy lace edging or a heavily padded cup will be quite noticeable. Your wedding day lingerie should be the unsung hero of your wedding day, comfy and supportive and not seen by your guests and photographer!

 plus size strapless wedding brafish-tail-bride

Comfort has already been mentioned a few times, because it’s important. Your wedding day does pass by quickly but comfort really is king, so bear this in mind when it comes to your undies. If you’re not a thong kind of person then your wedding day is not the day to try. You don’t want to be fidgeting and shuffling all through your day trying to get comfortable, stick to briefs or hip huggers if that’s what you’re used too! You can get underwear that don’t have elasticated edges so don’t show the dreaded VPL!


Shapewear is quite a popular option these days with brides wanting to make sure that everything is tucked in to look their best in the wedding photographs. Bridal shapewear has evolved quite markedly over the years with some nice pieces available in whites and ivories to suit dress colours. When it comes to colours, try and make sure that you get bridal underwear that matches the colour of your dress. Most important of all is to try your wedding day lingerie on with your dress at some point to make sure they compliment each other and you’re comfortable!

firm_corset_briefchiffon-eyelash-lace-brideAll these amazing wedding dresses images are:

courtesy of  Wedding Wize

Today’s lingerie spotlight is a beautiful and elegant Low Back Bridal Corset.


Not only is this an eye catching wedding corset that will leave your newly wed speechless when they see you on your wedding night, it also offers some great features to go with your wedding gown. This popular low back wedding corset is well suited to backless and sweetheart styles of wedding dresses because of its low back, which sits perfectly placed below your shoulder blades for comfort whilst at the same time maintaining its support structure.

It is made from a delicate lace at the front, whilst the back is a soft stretch mesh which allows it to mould to your bodies natural curves leaving a stunning silhouette.


This is a full length corset sitting half way down your hip, many others rest just above the hip. Resting over your hip allows the corset to act a little like shapewear in the fact that it holds all your waist, hips and tummy in whilst still maintaining a smooth look.


This low back bridal corset will sit perfectly with this style of dress or similar, as the low back of the corset will swoop down your side to your lower back following the outline of the gown.


Our stunning low back bridal corset is made from a beautiful quality lace, and is available in ivory or white with a full range of sizes, it has the added flexibility of removable suspender straps, that would allow for bridal hold-ups of stockings if preferred.

Wedding Bell Bridal Stockings

We also stock matching elegant bridal briefs and thongs, to further compliment your look.


For those of you who live in the Bristol and North Somerset area, why not book your FREE bridal fitting in our lingerie shop. This will enable you to experience a truly personal and professional service with our fully trained and dedicated staff.

Happy 1st Birthday Moonrise Lingerie

Bra Fitting Bristol

On Saturday we celebrated our 1st Birthday since opening our doors here at The Crown Glass Shopping Centre in Nailsea nr Bristol. Our shoppers enjoyed fizzy drinks served by our Butler in the Buff for the morning and we had free face painting for the little ones, all donations taken were greatly received for our breast cancer awareness fund raising cause. No birthday is ever complete without a cake, so made our very own lace edged pink bra cake!

bra fitting service

Moonrise Lingerie has been serving the women of Nailsea and North Somerset for a year now, offering a free bra fitting service dedicated to making sure ladies are wearing the correct size and style of bra. Along side the fitting element our 4 strong team of lingeristas also promote the importance of breast health awareness associated with wearing the correct size and fit of bra. More recently the team have been working closely with local hospitals for ladies having undergone breast surgery and looking to get fitted for mastectomy bras.


In conjunction with our first birthday we are having a flash sale this week with a wide selection of high quality bras reduced to LESS THASN £20! This offer is available online as well on our website at, so you can grab yourself a real bargain! So be quick to see we have your size!


Click to find out more about ‘The Floris – Plus Size Balconet Bra

To make a booking for a ‘no-obligation’ fitting simply click ‘FREE bra fitting‘, then visit our website at