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If you’re a Bride to Be and soon to be wed and just don’t know where to start when it comes to what to wear beneath your wedding dress, then this might just be of some help. We find many Brides leave finding their wedding underwear to the last minute, either they’ve been losing weight before the big day or they think it will simply be a case of popping into town to pick something up. Unfortunately this tends not to be as straight forward as they imagine.

 trio bra image

A wedding dress is a really special dress not just by its very nature but by its design and fit as well, so quite often requires some special lingerie for your wedding day. This is really why it shouldn’t be left to the last minute and taken for granted that it will be an easy task. So where do you start when looking for your bridal underwear? Whatever you decide upon, it’s important that it works in complete harmony with you and your wedding gown.


If your dress already has a lot of boning throughout the bodice then a wedding corset with plenty of boning is more than likely going cause some discomfort. Resist the temptation when you hear a corset can take up to 4″ off your waistline in seconds. Properly fitted they can, but the 4″ has to go somewhere! A wedding corset is very good at helping to shape and sculpt your figure to a more hourglass silhouette and providing support over your midriff. Some bridal corsets also have underwired cups and also give good lift, support and shape to your bust too!


Many wedding dresses have sweetheart or bateau necklines and therefore require a style of strapless wedding lingerie to go beneath. This is where it begins to get more tricky and even more so if your size tends to be less well stocked in high street shops, so a bit more time and patience is called for. A strapless wedding bustier could work well for this style, it would still provide some shaping to your figure as well as underwired support for your breasts.

It’s important to get fitted and go and try on bridal bras, you want to make sure it doesn’t give you a bulge over the top of the cup or alternatively that the cups don’t fall forward when you lean over, leaving you feeling unsupported and exposed! A dress that is made from a light material, such as silk or satin may also show any fancy lace edging or a heavily padded cup will be quite noticeable. Your wedding day lingerie should be the unsung hero of your wedding day, comfy and supportive and not seen by your guests and photographer!

 plus size strapless wedding brafish-tail-bride

Comfort has already been mentioned a few times, because it’s important. Your wedding day does pass by quickly but comfort really is king, so bear this in mind when it comes to your undies. If you’re not a thong kind of person then your wedding day is not the day to try. You don’t want to be fidgeting and shuffling all through your day trying to get comfortable, stick to briefs or hip huggers if that’s what you’re used too! You can get underwear that don’t have elasticated edges so don’t show the dreaded VPL!


Shapewear is quite a popular option these days with brides wanting to make sure that everything is tucked in to look their best in the wedding photographs. Bridal shapewear has evolved quite markedly over the years with some nice pieces available in whites and ivories to suit dress colours. When it comes to colours, try and make sure that you get bridal underwear that matches the colour of your dress. Most important of all is to try your wedding day lingerie on with your dress at some point to make sure they compliment each other and you’re comfortable!

firm_corset_briefchiffon-eyelash-lace-brideAll these amazing wedding dresses images are:

courtesy of  Wedding Wize


So what sort of a Bride are you when it comes to shopping for your Wedding? Are you cool, calm and collected when it comes to making decisions? Do you leave everything to the last minute and just take everything as it comes? Or are you the original Bridezilla, when you know exactly what you want and anything other than perfection is just a downright outrage and an utter personal insult?

gabrielle _wedding_bustier

When it comes to wedding underwear for your Big Day, don’t leave it to the last minute! Even if you’ve been losing weight and you hope to lose a few more pounds, get your bridal lingerie in plenty of time, about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. At least you have enough time to ale sure it fits comfortably, and I don’t just mean for 5 minutes in a changing room, you should wear it for a while to make sure it’s really comfy and supportive. You’re going to be wearing it for the whole day, the last thing you want is to feel it riding up, falling down or digging into you.


Give it some thought before you go shopping for your bridal underwear. Think about what style of lingerie is going to suit your figure AND your wedding dress. Whatever you choose, be it a bridal bustier, a wedding corset or a full bra and suspender set, it has to work in Harmony with you and your gown. Think of it as the foundation on which your wedding dress is going to sit on, if it’s no good then it’s not going to show you and your dress off to the max!


Choose something that is going to give you support where you want it. If you’re big chested make sure they’re supported. If you want a smooth outline to your figure then look for a longline wedding corset or some bridal shapewear that’s going to give a nice contour to your shape. The main thing is that you’re comfortable in what you choose.


If you’re a Panic Bride and you’re an unusual size or a size that isn’t normally well stocked for some reason, then change your approach! You might well find your perfect bridal lingerie to go beneath your dress, but if it’s not a ‘popular/ common’ size or even if the colour isn’t right, then you’ll need some time to get it ordered! After all you want it to be perfect, don’t you?

Wedding Bell Stockings

If you don’t want to be a Panic Bride and leave everything to the last minute then order a FREE bridal lingerie catalogue from Moonrise Lingerie – “The Bridal Underwear Specialists” and get your wedding underwear all sorted!







October 22, 2015

We’ve posted on a whole manner of wedding topics on our blog recently from shoes, jewellery, wedding cakes and even cake toppers, so I thought it high time we took a quick peek at our ivory bridal lingerie. What we have to offer from bridal basques, wedding bras right down to wedding stockings to show off those legs on thhe big day itself!


Bridal Basques

A bridal basque is great for offering support for the bust as well as holding you in slightly around the midriff. Although they’re very similar to a wedding corset, they generally have a lesser waist cinching effect and nor do they go as far as the hips.


Wedding Bras

Although many wedding gowns are structured and maybe don’t require wedding underwear, a great many brides simply feel uncomfortable with the idea of not wearing a wedding bra on their Big Day, for fear of falling out or just maybe not having that support that they’re used to everyday.


The addition of lace overlay creates are really nice romantic feel to wedding underwear sets, particularly this one with the deep suspender belt.


Don’t forget that a balconette wedding bra or more obviously a push up bridal bra can be a great way of adding a touch more definition to your bust if that’s what you’re wanting as well.


A more traditional full cup wedding bra will provide fabulous support throughout your wedding day. Don’t overlook the importance of wearing the correct size of bra beneath your wedding dress, it maybe worth getting measured before splashing out on your wedding day lingerie. The last thing you want to remember on your wedding is to have been fidgeting with your underwire or straps because they’re starting to dig in!


Queen Size or Plus Size Wedding Lingerie

It seems that anyone who sports a bust size bigger than a D cup needs to shop in a plus size category? I’d say even more important on your wedding day if you’re bigger busted as myself to have a correct fitting bra, but also a comfortable wedding bra. (For those who’ve followed us for any length of time, know only too well, that, that’s the reason of how Moonrise Lingerie came about)!


BEWARE! Self Promotion ALERT! Our very own Harmony Plus Size Bridal Bra set was designed exactly for the plus size bride in mind, not only to cater for sizes up to 36G, 38G, and 40H but also to be extrememely comfortable, offer multi strapping options and have a beautifully romantic and luxurious feel to it, at a price that isn’t going to break the budget!

Wedding Garters, Stockings & Accessories!


A wedding garter makes a great gift for any Bride to Be, and is an area where you can add a little bit of elegance to your wedding day wear or even have a little bit of fun with. We’ve been asked to add football pins, add satin bows in football colours, add clovers, lockets and our very own lucky sixpence garter has been a real favourite!


Don’t forget the little things like your wedding garter or your bridal stockings, it’s quite often the little things that just complete your look!

Wedding Bell Bridal Stockings

Choose with care when it comes to ivory wedding underwear as there are many different tones and shades of ivory from the very deep ivory’s that border on a yellowish colour to the very light, which are often an off white!


Don’t leave your wedding day lingerie to the last minute. Feel free to pop on over to our website at and have a look at all of our wedding corsets, basques, bra sets and wonderful accessories such as wedding garters, stockings and petticoats to help you finish your look for your Wedding Day?









Finding Wedding Lingerie to Suit your Bridal Gown Neckline.

Happy New Year to everyone and here’s hoping 2015 is going to be prosperous for us all. Congratulations to all the Brides to Be out there who we’re lucky enough to get proposed to over the  Christmas period. With the 2015 wedding season soon upon us I thought I’d kick Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog off with looking at different styles of wedding lingerie to suit the neckline of your chosen gown.

Image from Paper Blog

It was when I stumbled across this little infographic last year that got me thinking about this. It’s quite straight forward if you have a neckline that is fairly straight forward such as a high neck, square or even a scoop neckline, you have a multitude of options from wedding corsets, bridal bras and basques to choose from.
Untitled-1 copy
However it starts to get a little tricky if you’ve opted for a sweetheart, off the shoulder or an illusion neckline. These styles of neckline will send you down the route of strapless wedding underwear solutions, which there are plenty but you need to be prepared to look a little harder, particularly if you’re needing a particular colour or a size that isn’t commonly stocked on the high street.
Untitled-2 copy
Many popular styles of wedding dress are being designed with low backs which makes it slightly more trickier to find low back bridal lingerie that’s also strapless. With all of this in mind it’s worth leaving yourself about 6 – 8 weeks to get your wedding lingerie in order, and definitely have it in plenty of time for your final dress fitting to allow for any last minute alterations.

Low Back Wedding Corset

Now the v-neck, halter and halter strap neckline may well be able to accommodate strapless wedding underwear solutions however for bustier brides who require a plus size bridal underwear solution for greater support then a halter neck bridal bra option may be needed.
A handy tip that some of our brides have used is to have small press studs sewn onto their bra straps and the halter strap of their wedding gown to make sure the bra strap remains hidden out of sight. Let’s not forget that your wedding lingerie needs to be the unsung hero of your wedding day, it has to be comfortable, provide great support where needed and make you feel fabulous, and do all of this whilst remaining out of view!

For any further help & advice on finding the perfect wedding underwear for your big day then feel free to contact us at or visit our website at where you’ll find our complete collection of bridal lingerie. Because every bride deserves only the very best!



Tel: 01275  269054




Boudoir Photography by Impulse Glamour




How and why did you begin in boudoir photography?



I used to shoot a lot of fashion and portraiture but more and more clients
were asking about boudoir style photos so it was a natural progression for
us and now it’s my passion and our main business.



What do you find most challenging as in this line of photography?



I often work from a blank canvas. I never know for sure what people want or
the looks and ideas they have until I meet them however although challenging
this is what makes the job exciting and rewarding for me.






What would be your best piece of advice to the bride thinking of having a
Bridal Boudoir photoshoot?



During our consultation I always advise clients that they only work to a
level they are completely comfortable with and I offer full direction
throughout the shoot usually involving me demonstrating the poses which adds
a bit of humour to things!



You can never bring too much to a photoshoot – the more choice the better
and often it’s a good idea to bring along a parners favourite shirt or
sports shirt along with your bridal boudoir lingerie, jewellery and accessories.



The most important advice – just be yourself and have fun with it as it
helps me to bring you out and capture your personality.






Who’s work has influenced you most?



That’s a difficult one. I admire many photographers, artists and film makers
all of which have helped me to develop my own style of photography using
light, shade, make-up, outfits and props to compliment individual subjects.




For further details contact Impulse Glamour on Tel: 01656 842791 or Email:

 Getting Ready for Launch of Our Touch of Elegance Bridal Collection.

The blog at Moonrise Lingerie has been fairly quiet of late, it’s not that we don’t have much to talk about, quite the opposite in fact. The reason is that life is still quite hectic both here at Moonrise and at home, with our new addition demanding our attention as well as our toddler. Our house move & relocation is pretty much done and we’re all settling in nicely and starting to make new friends as well keeping in touch with those we left behind in Edinburgh.



_MG_1657(1) copy

Our new bridal lingerie range that you may have heard us mention once or twice, has turned into being quite a big undertaking but the end is in sight and we’re hoping to have lingerie in stock & available to buy by the end of September. We will be releasing our ivory plus size wedding underwear set, Harmony. Starting in a traditional plus size range from 36D – 40G with a matching bridal brief & thong to suit, our design philosophy has been to cater for the bigger busted brides & bring a selection of exceptionally high quality wedding lingerie with affordability as well.


We’ve recently welcomed, Elena Raouna, our newest member to the team to help us with the launch. I met up with Elena recently in Doncaster and I think she is the ideal model to help us introduce our new wedding lingerie collection to brides across the uk. I’m just organising the last finishing touches for our initial photoshoot, which is going to be carried out with the help of Paul Travis of Eyedream Photography. I recently worked with Paul on our pre-photoshoot and he produced some really great images with our ‘Made in the UK’ theme in mind.


I’m hoping to get some help from some of our friends & sponsors, so they too can be a part of this amazing time for us here at Moonrise Lingerie. Karen from Bridal Eyewear has already kindly agreed to loan us some of her stunning glasses for the photos and I’m hoping to be able to show off some of the gorgeous lace wedding boots from Kim at House of Elliot. The photoshoot is going to be at the same place as  we got married a little over 4 years ago now at Armathwaite Hall in the Lake District, a stunning country hotel & spa overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake.




We’re already starting work on our next set which will hopefully be following the Harmony Set soon.
Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and keep in touch with the latest developments here at Moonrise Lingerie.


 Pre-Launch Photo Shoot




In preparation form our new Bridal Lingerie Range coming out I thought it would be best to do a pre-shoot with our photographer Paul Travis of Eyedream Photography

This was my first photoshoot for Moonrise Lingerie and I must say I really enjoyed it. I was a little nervous at first but as it all started to fall into place it became more exciting, and Paul made it all seem so easy and relaxing.

Whilst our new model Shelley was getting her make up done Paul took a few photos of me for a profile picture.


Make up done by… Amanda from Pretty Doll Make Up.

Now I’m not very photogenic, but I think this photo looks good. Now that was my photograph done, it was now time to photograph our lingerie…

my profile image

First I wanted to get an image that would show our lingerie was being made in Britain, so we decided to use a Union Jack flag… this was a great idea as we got some great shoots…



This next one is one of my favouites…


These are all amazing shots, Paul was very relaxed and knew exactly what I was after and how to achieve it. He made both Shelley and I feel very welcome and at ease.

Now that we had achieved our Made in Britain image, it was time to get some update shots of the bridal lingerie we stock being modeled by our new model Shelley.

_MG_1788 (1)

Shelley Modelling our gorgeous Gabriella Bridal Busiter… very popular with brides to be as it is light to wear but at the same time holds your shape perfectly.

_MG_1823 (1)

This is our Christina Wedding Corset being modeled by our lovely Shelley. This corset is a more fitted style, however still very comfortable to wear.

We decided to do this pre-shoot as we are designing are very own Bridal Bra complete with Briefs & Thongs. We are very excited about this adventure and wanted to share it with you all.

Keep an eye out for our range coming soon.

Bridal Basques and Wedding Bustiers for your Wedding Day Lingerie.





Many modern day brides are falling in love with the idea of wearing a bridal basque or bustier on their wedding day for their bridal underwear. We thought we’d put together a few bits and pieces about pro’s and cons of choosing a bridal basque or bustier along with some FAQ’s we get asked.



Styles of wedding Basques.



In general in bridal basque still has elements of boing in its design and will help to pull your figure in around the waist and a little above your hips, so they have some good figure toning and shaping effects. They are a very popular choice among bigger busted brides as they’re great at providing support for the breast, with profiled cups and underwiring, especially if you’re going down the route of a strapless wedding basque.




Isabella bridal basque

I always think of a basque as a halfway house between a corset and a bustier. All are great support for the breast but have different degrees of figure shaping and to the extent of body to which they cover.



Bridal bustiers

237 copy

Lace Wedding Bustier

A bridal bustier has the name hints towards, is more focused at supporting and holding the breasts. Bustiers tend not to have the same degree of bonding in them as a more traditional style of bridal corset and, again they tend not to go down as far as the hips. The lace wedding bustier is very popular as it’s strapless in its design and is a very good low back wedding lingerie option.



Gabrielle White Bridal Bustier

Gabriella Bridal Busier

Wedding bustiers tend to be popular plus size bridal underwear options as they can provide a better element of support for larger breasts a bra, especially if your gown requires you to wear a strapless wedding lingerie option.





Padded Push Up Bustier

We always recommend working out which size Basque or busier will be best for you, by using your exact measurements as they are at the time of buying.



Although Moonrise Lingerie is an online lingerie store and we can’t offer direct one on one fittings, however all of our staff have attended fitting courses and are fully qualified to assist over the phone. The other reason, is we offer a wide range of wedding lingerie from manufacturers of different countries, so it’s a good practice to work from your basic measurements and to match sizes from our size charts. See our other short posts on measuring for a wedding corset.



Frequently asked questions.



Here are some of the questions we get asked by our brides that may be of help. If you have any other questions then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, at




What Size lingerie do you go up to?

Our sizes vary depending on manufactures sizing charts, however we do offer a range from 32A up to size 44E Cup.

It is always worth giving us a call or sending us a quick email so that we can check your preferred lingerie item with the size charts and make sure that you are looking at the correct size for yourself. We often find that brides to be have been dieting and lost weight or there body shape has changed and you may require a smaller size than you think…!


My wedding dress is very low at the back and I need strapless lingerie, can you help?

Yes, we offer quite a wide range of optional strapless lingerie ranging from bridal basques & bra’s to wedding corsets.  We can help you find the right style and shape wedding lingerie to make you look and feel special  for the biggest and most important day of your life. As well as the all important wedding underwear, don’t forget that we can also help you with your wedding accessories such as bridal stockings and of course your bridal garter.


What is the difference between a Bridal Basque and a Wedding Corset?

This is a very good question which we are asked a lot!


Basques are made from a softer material which allows it to stretch or move with your body whilst at the same time offering support. A basque has cups to help support your breasts and generally sits around your lower waist area just above your hips to offer shape to your belly whilst fastening at the back with a hook and eye closure. Some Basques offer light plastic boning strips to also help mould your figure whilst most are made from shaped material panels.


Corsets are made from much tauter materials as they were originally designed to pull in your waist by up to 2cm for which they also needed to have stronger metal boning. Today however, although the principle is the same, they are made more with comfort in mind and offer more flexibility. Many now offer a re-enforced plastic boning which is slightly flexible but will still hold your shape all day whilst allowing you to move around more and enjoy your big day and more so your first dance. Many Wedding corsets come with a ribbon tie up at the back as this offers the best support to your individual body shape, ie: you can have it fastened tighter at the bottom, whilst keeping it a bit looser at the top or vice versa allowing you full control of your shape. You can pull in the areas you would like to hide away whilst at the same time enhance the areas you would like to show off giving you the best possible shape on your special day. Another feature that the corset offers and a bustier does not is that once you have fastened it up at the back you can then take it off via a hook and eye fastening which is usually at the front of the corset or on some it is at the side… This allows you to be able to put it back on with ease on your wedding day.