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If you’re a Bride to Be and soon to be wed and just don’t know where to start when it comes to what to wear beneath your wedding dress, then this might just be of some help. We find many Brides leave finding their wedding underwear to the last minute, either they’ve been losing weight before the big day or they think it will simply be a case of popping into town to pick something up. Unfortunately this tends not to be as straight forward as they imagine.

 trio bra image

A wedding dress is a really special dress not just by its very nature but by its design and fit as well, so quite often requires some special lingerie for your wedding day. This is really why it shouldn’t be left to the last minute and taken for granted that it will be an easy task. So where do you start when looking for your bridal underwear? Whatever you decide upon, it’s important that it works in complete harmony with you and your wedding gown.


If your dress already has a lot of boning throughout the bodice then a wedding corset with plenty of boning is more than likely going cause some discomfort. Resist the temptation when you hear a corset can take up to 4″ off your waistline in seconds. Properly fitted they can, but the 4″ has to go somewhere! A wedding corset is very good at helping to shape and sculpt your figure to a more hourglass silhouette and providing support over your midriff. Some bridal corsets also have underwired cups and also give good lift, support and shape to your bust too!


Many wedding dresses have sweetheart or bateau necklines and therefore require a style of strapless wedding lingerie to go beneath. This is where it begins to get more tricky and even more so if your size tends to be less well stocked in high street shops, so a bit more time and patience is called for. A strapless wedding bustier could work well for this style, it would still provide some shaping to your figure as well as underwired support for your breasts.

It’s important to get fitted and go and try on bridal bras, you want to make sure it doesn’t give you a bulge over the top of the cup or alternatively that the cups don’t fall forward when you lean over, leaving you feeling unsupported and exposed! A dress that is made from a light material, such as silk or satin may also show any fancy lace edging or a heavily padded cup will be quite noticeable. Your wedding day lingerie should be the unsung hero of your wedding day, comfy and supportive and not seen by your guests and photographer!

 plus size strapless wedding brafish-tail-bride

Comfort has already been mentioned a few times, because it’s important. Your wedding day does pass by quickly but comfort really is king, so bear this in mind when it comes to your undies. If you’re not a thong kind of person then your wedding day is not the day to try. You don’t want to be fidgeting and shuffling all through your day trying to get comfortable, stick to briefs or hip huggers if that’s what you’re used too! You can get underwear that don’t have elasticated edges so don’t show the dreaded VPL!


Shapewear is quite a popular option these days with brides wanting to make sure that everything is tucked in to look their best in the wedding photographs. Bridal shapewear has evolved quite markedly over the years with some nice pieces available in whites and ivories to suit dress colours. When it comes to colours, try and make sure that you get bridal underwear that matches the colour of your dress. Most important of all is to try your wedding day lingerie on with your dress at some point to make sure they compliment each other and you’re comfortable!

firm_corset_briefchiffon-eyelash-lace-brideAll these amazing wedding dresses images are:

courtesy of  Wedding Wize

Today’s lingerie spotlight is a beautiful and elegant Low Back Bridal Corset.


Not only is this an eye catching wedding corset that will leave your newly wed speechless when they see you on your wedding night, it also offers some great features to go with your wedding gown. This popular low back wedding corset is well suited to backless and sweetheart styles of wedding dresses because of its low back, which sits perfectly placed below your shoulder blades for comfort whilst at the same time maintaining its support structure.

It is made from a delicate lace at the front, whilst the back is a soft stretch mesh which allows it to mould to your bodies natural curves leaving a stunning silhouette.


This is a full length corset sitting half way down your hip, many others rest just above the hip. Resting over your hip allows the corset to act a little like shapewear in the fact that it holds all your waist, hips and tummy in whilst still maintaining a smooth look.


This low back bridal corset will sit perfectly with this style of dress or similar, as the low back of the corset will swoop down your side to your lower back following the outline of the gown.


Our stunning low back bridal corset is made from a beautiful quality lace, and is available in ivory or white with a full range of sizes, it has the added flexibility of removable suspender straps, that would allow for bridal hold-ups of stockings if preferred.

Wedding Bell Bridal Stockings

We also stock matching elegant bridal briefs and thongs, to further compliment your look.


For those of you who live in the Bristol and North Somerset area, why not book your FREE bridal fitting in our lingerie shop. This will enable you to experience a truly personal and professional service with our fully trained and dedicated staff.

We’ve been a little bit busy over the past few weeks here at Moonrise Lingerie, we’ve still been talking about all things wedding and wonderful whilst at the same time starting our little Christmas campaign off on our sister site – Moonrise at Midnight. (Click here if you want a cheeky look to see our latest addition). So let’s see what’s been going on at Moonrise Bridal over the past few weeks.


We introduced you all to KC Boutique, an online store of women’s fashions, perfect for those Brides lucky enough to be setting off on their honeymoon after their wedding day!


Find out more about KC Boutique, what they have to offer, everything from beachwear to baby clothes from their recent additions at KC Baby! – Honeymoon wear at KC Boutique.


We then pinched a blog spot for ourselves and had a look at what ivory wedding lingerie we have for all our Brides to Be with ivory weddings.


The Essme Ivory Push Up Bra set was one of our latest additions for this wedding season, with gorgeous deep suspender belt and matching brief to complete the look. Click here to find out more – Ivory Bridal Lingerie for Ivory Weddings


We then had a first on our wedding blog. We posted an A-Z of Weddings, of all the wonderful suppliers we’d introduced over the past few months to help all of our Brides to Be who are planning their Special Day or who are just starting off on their planning journey.


Image Courtesy of Hayley Scott Photography –


Next we introduced you to the lovely Stacey from ‘The Bridal Chalet’. As well as a stunning collection of wedding gowns she also had some great tips and advice of getting your hands on designer dresses at a fraction of the cost!


To find out how Stacey can help you find your perfect wedding gown on a budget then take a look at what she had to say when we caught up and find her details at the bottom of the post – Introducing Bridalwear by The Bridal Chalet


After the massive response we had after our first wedding moodboard, we looked at blush peach and what colours went well such as mints and greys.


Take a closer look at what else we found when digging around for ideas for our Peach Moodboard


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed our posts over the past few weeks and hopefully found them useful in planning your own Wedding Day. Keep in touch, we’ve got more great wedding ideas and chat coming your way over the next few weeks!







It gives me real pleasure to introduce Stacey from The Bridal Chalet. A great place to shop for bridalwear from wedding dresses, whether new, used or pre-loved as well as bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. Anyway, let’s see what Stacey had to say when we caught up!


 Q: Tell us a little bit about The Bridal Chalet and how it got started.

The Bridal Chalet is run from home and online tailored around my family life. Selling new, ex-sample and pre-loved dresses at excellent prices. It got started after I myself got engaged and I was shopping around for wedding dresses. Luck brought me in contact with a fantastic supplier of new, used and pre-loved designer wedding, bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses. Needless to say my wedding was put on hold due to that opportunity.


Q: What advice do you have for Brides to Be before they set out looking for their perfect wedding dress?

Do not rule anything out! A style you think may not suit you, try it, you may be pleasantly surprised. Also, depending on the designer, wedding dress sizes do differ from high street sizes.  Consider a pre-loved or ex-sample designer dress before a copy. Chances are the price won’t be much different.


Q: What makes The Bridal Chalet stand out from the crowd?

A designer wedding dress can be supplied at a fraction of it’s original cost and it is the real deal not a copy. Excellent, honest service. I can negotiate on price as there are no shop overheads.


Q: What style of wedding gown is proving popular at the moment?

Lace is a very popular choice from our Brides to Be at the moment.

Fuschia Dress

Q: Tell us a little bit about your newest wedding gown or accessories collection and why you’re so excited about it.

My next order of 25 dresses have lace style included and I can not wait to see them.


Q: What does the future have in store for The Bridal Chalet ?

Hopefully lots more happy Brides – happy with dress, happy with price and happy with the service.  Perhaps an extension to my home to allow for a dedicated room for viewing and trying.


There’s a brief glimpse into what Stacey has to offer at The Bridal Chalet, along with some great advice on getting your perfect wedding dress at a fraction of the cost without compromise!




E-bay User-id: stacey120780

Another busy week on our wedding blog with wedding hampers as unique wedding gifts, some gorgeous wedding wraps and some absolute stunning photography. So here’s a quick catch up of all our wedding chat over the past week!


We kicked off with something a little unusual but bespoke and unique at the same time. We introduced Hampers by Lucy, she makes wonderful bespoke hampers to your own requirements based on the recipient!


Click here to find out more about Lucy’s Hampers and what she’s able to do to make that wedding gift that little bit more personal & special.


Next we looked at some gorgeous wedding wraps and bridal stoles from Wonderful Wraps. Some of her wraps have even been worn by well known celebrities.


Take a look at more of these beautiful wedding wraps, perfect to keep you warm in those chillier months!


Finally we introduced husband & wife team Nikki and Neill of Georgie H Photography. Nikki was very helpful in giving some really good insights as to what to look for when choosing your wedding day Photographer.


Have a closer look at some of their work, their wedding day photographs by Georgie H Photography are amazing at capturing the love, joy and happiness of a wedding.


Well that’s our quick little roundup of this weeks wedding talk. Keep an eye out next week for our wedding mood board and more wedding wondefulness!







Autumn is knocking on our door and soon after will be Winter, so today I have the pleasure of introducing Katie of Wonderful Wraps. She has a little something to keep any Bride warm on her Winter Wedding Day or even just a little something to keep those shoulder covered.


Q: Tell us a bit about Wonderful Wraps. What you do? Why you started ? And how long you’ve been going?

Wonderful Wraps offer exquisite bridal, mother of the bride, occasion, vintage, fashion wear cover ups, jewellery and hair accessories that make the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion. We also have wedding wraps, bridal stoles, boleros and shrugs in the finest lace, silks, chiffons, velvet and cashmere to give a beautiful finish to a wedding outfit. Wonderful Wraps really has something to suit every occasion and outfit. We started about 15 years ago when there were hardly any shops selling nice quality cover ups.


Q: When would you say that a wrap or shrug would be a good idea, for any brides that maybe haven’t even considered one?

Our pieces are ideal for anyone wanting to have something covering their shoulders or perhaps keep in a bit of warmth for those weddings in the chillier months.


Q: What tips or advice would you give to brides about their outfit when planning their wedding?

Always try your accessories on with your dress in plenty of time, rather than leaving it to the last minute. Remember the devil is in the detail.


Q: What made you get involved with the wedding industry?

It was my passion for beautiful high quality fashion as well as helping Brides to Be with their outfit for their Wedding Day.


Q: What can brides expect when they buy from you?

Here at Wonderful Wraps we pride ourselves on supplying high quality, handmade pieces, (in the UK), and providing an excellent personal service.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related).

Helping lots of Brides feel special on their wedding day. As well as working with Strictly Come Dancing each year. Tess Daily, Jerry Hall & Debra Stephenson have all worn our wraps as well as Helen Mirren.


Q: What does the future have in store for Wonderful Wraps?

Lots of exciting new designs and now our jewellery is flying out the door!


To see more of what Wonderful Wraps has to offer Brides on their Wedding Day as well as celebrities wearing their beautiful wraps, then take a look at their website. Thanks to Katie for sharing your exquisite bridal wraps & shrugs, perfect for beautiful Wintery Weddings!









Welcome to the first of Moonrise Lingerie’s Bridal Blog ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, a quick look at who we met and what we talked about over the past week, for anyone who missed it first time round!


Moonrise Wedding Blog

On Tuesday we kicked off with the adorable Belle’s Charms, an ideal solution for personalised gifts for your wedding party that won’t break the budget. Beautiful keyrings, bracelets and wine glass charms amongst other ideas for your wedding guest to have as a wonderful keepsake of your Special Day.

wedding day bracelets

Belle’s Charms – Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas


We picked up on Thursday by introducing you to Irenee’s Bridal by Design, offering absolutely fabulous bridesmaid dresses with a level of customer service to suit. A few tips from Irenee when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses and keeping everyone happy!


Irenee’s Bridal by Design – Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses


Finally on Saturday we brought you up to date with our coffee catchup with Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol. New owners of the business with an insight into what drives and inspires them when it comes to helping Brides to Be find their perfect wedding dress.

budget wedding dresses bristol

Catchup with Les & Joanne – Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol


Well that’s our first ‘Weekly Wedding Crier’, I hope you enjoyed our wedding industry favourites this week and we look forward to next week and our first ‘Real Brides’ wedding! 

        Most of us have felt the pinch over the last few years because of harsher economic times and this is no different for Brides to Be when it comes to planning their wedding. Limited funds shouldn’t be a reason to stop you getting married and in fact it promotes great ingenuity from Brides to Be to cutting costs for their big day by searching online for better deals from suppliers. One of the biggest expenses of the wedding is the all important wedding dress and an area where you can make fantastic savings and if you shop wisely, you can do this without compromising on quality! So Moonrise Lingerie had a break and went to meet Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol.

Wedding Dresses Bristol

Q – Tell us a little bit about Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol.


Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol is owned by Les and Joanne, it’s been operating for a couple of years when we took it over in April 2015. We had been quite keen to find a business opportunity which we could develop together. We love being able to help Brides to Be to find their perfect dress, it’s very rewarding. To see their happy smile when they find the dress of their dreams is simply nothing short of awesome!

budget wedding dresses bristol

Q – Where do you get your inspiration from when deciding on wedding dresses and accessories for Discount Wedding Dresses?


Our inspiration when buying dresses and accessories for our Brides to Be comes from our desire to supply quality products at affordable prices. We are both eager to know where all our products come from and visit our suppliers to ensure that we buy only the best quality products. We want all our ladies to fall in love with their dress safe in the knowledge that the item they are buying is not only beautiful but that the price tag won’t be outrageous.

prom dresses bristol

Q – Why should brides come to you guys at Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol?


We think brides to be should come to us for the perfect wedding dress as we pride ourselves on the quality of our dresses. We love our ladies to come and see and feel the quality of our dresses. Our aim is very simply to supply beautiful dresses at beautiful prices.  As we run the business from our home we’re able to offer a relaxed, pressure free, unhurried atmosphere. Unlike many bridal shops we are able to allow the ladies to spend as much time as they desire to try on dresses and accessories. We are more than happy for them to bring friends and family to enjoy the whole experience. As we don’t have the overheads a bridal shop would have we are able to keep our prices competitive which is very important for the discerning bride to be.

cheap wedding dresses bristol

Q – What help or advice can you give to Brides to Be when shopping for their wedding dress?


We are great believers that our brides to be should find that one special dress that makes them feel like a princess. We encourage them to try on a variety of styles so they can figure out the ones they like. We also encourage them to consider their venue, for example if they were getting married on a beach they probably wouldn’t want a heavy ball gown style dress. We can offer advice on dress shape, sizing, etc, but nothing compares to the way a dress makes you feel. Family and friends are fabulous as dress choosing companions but we advise our ladies to choose the dress that feels right for them.

evening gowns bristol

Q –  What is your biggest achievement to date?


We are very proud that within a very short time we have managed to change the direction of the business. Our desire to know our products is the driving force behind this change. We can very often be found in a local coffee shop in a ‘meeting’ with a potential supplier.  We’re also immensely proud of the feedback we’ve received from our customers, the comments have been phenomenal. It’s very fulfilling when people recognise the hard work you put in.

Prom dresses bristol

Q – What does the future hold for Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol?


We hope that Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol will continue to grow whilst staying true to our beliefs and morals. We don’t want to be just another online retailer and always try to add that special personal touch.

Les & Joanne from Discount Wedding Dresses Bristol are extremely passionate about their gowns and are continuously adding new accessories to compliment their wedding dresses, from veils, sashes and even personalised hangers. Get in touch with either Les or Joanne if you’re looking for a quality wedding dress with a service to match as well as a price tag you can afford!









           Bridesmaids play such a crucial part on your wedding day, helping with preparations in the run up to the big day and then helping you get ready on the morning itself. It can often be a nightmare finding bridesmaid dresses to suit them all and keep each bridesmaid happy, and not to mention the fact that, the more bridesmaids you have the more expensive your budget becomes! So I’d like to introduce Irenee’s Bridal by Design, with her own shop and a fabulous choice of bridesmaids dresses along with an individual level of service to suit!



Q – Can you tell us a little bit about Irenee Bridal by Design


I opened my shop in January this year, ‘Irenee Bridal by Design’, which offers a range of made to measure bridesmaids dresses. I can provide dresses for all the girls and their dresses are tailored to each Bridesmaids requirements, which means no expensive alteration costs.


Q – What advice can you give to Brides to Be when deciding on dresses for their bridesmaids?


I always find it good to have the wedding dress bought before choosing the bridesmaid dresses as you know then what dresses and styles will compliment your bridal gown! Always try on different colours on your girls as not all colours may suit your girls.


Q – What makes Irenee Bridal by Design different from other suppliers?


The quality and workmanship of the dresses are second to none as you can see from the pictures, and all dresses are discounted according to the number of girls in the bridal party! I am proud to be a stockist of ‘For Her and For Him’ which provide me with the service of made to measure bridesmaid dresses. I also run on an appointment basis which allows me to devote all of my time and knowledge to each customer on a one to one basis.


Q – What is your biggest achievement to date?


My biggest achievement to date is being able to open my shop and seeing and believing my dream in reality. It all seems worthwhile when you see all the lovely wedding photos and being part of the Brides wedding planning and feeling proud of the service I’m able to offer.


Q – What does the future have in store for you at Irenee Bridal by Design?


I hope to grow my shop within the next 12 months and establish my reputation with quality dresses at affordable prices!

ideas_for _pastel_bridesmaid_dresses

You can see more examples of these gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and keep up to date with Irenees Bridal by Design on her facebook page or you can also simply give her a call if you see something you like or have something in mind!




Telephone:- 02882 267007

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