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Importance of Getting Fitted!




What are the stages of a bra fitting?

● We take 2 measurements, one over bust and one under bust.

● We use the measurement to give us an idea of what size you require to try!

● Your lingerie consultant & fitter will collect a few bras based on their measurements.

● You try on each of the bra to see their fit and the shape they give you to make sure they are what you are looking for.

● Last, but most importantly, we check that your new bra is comfortable! This is a MUST!


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 What we look for in a fitting!

1. The Band. Moonrise Lingerie like to start at the back, we check that the back is sitting nice and low. (The back of your bra should be level with your underwires at the front. 80% of the support comes from the back of your bra, and only 20% comes from the straps! The band of your bra should feel comfortable and not cut in to your skin. Continuously wearing the wrong side band can cause sore skin, redness if the band is too tight and can lead to back pain if the band is too loose due to not having the correct support for the weight of your breasts.

2. The Cup. Once we have ensured that the back of your new bra is fitting correctly we turn our attentions to the front! We check that your bust is filling the cup correctly. Making sure that you are filling the whole cup, (including the bottom of the cup).  We also want to check that you are not spilling out over the top or sides this suggest that the cup is too small, just as it would suggest that the cup is too big if it had ripples or gaps. Wearing the incorrect cup size results in your breasts not being supported and the stretching of your breast tissue increasing the changes of over stretched breasts as you get older and start to lose the definition. Or it can have the opposite effect and be too tight causing possible damage to your breast tissue.


3. The Underwire. These play a very important role! This helps to support your bust giving it lift. Your underwire should be sitting FLAT against your ribs, (however you would not be able to feel it digging in). Your Moonrise Lingerie Consultant will also need to check that the underwire is sitting correctly at the side – not digging in to your breast tissue allowing it to cause damage to your skin or tissue. The outside end of the underwire should be aiming towards your underarm NOT back into your bust! The inner end of the underwire should be sitting against your chest between your bust, again not digging in to your breast tissue.





Always make sure YOU feel comfortable in your new bra before leaving the shop. If you feel uncomfortable then the bra is not the correct style, shape or size, so you must let your fitter know!

Wearing the correct bra size, shape and style brings you comfort, relief and confidence to stand up tall and embrace life.

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