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 Bowen Technique that could help with Scarring



There are may women out there who have had a mastectomy or who are going to be having a mastectomy. This is a very distressing and daunting time for them and also family & friends.


It is extremely important that you have a great support network around you, for many this is family and friends, however it is also important to have support from others, ladies who have been through the same experience as you are going or about to be through.


This will allow you to find out first hand what is happening and also what to expect. You will also find lots of tips that might help… such as this Bowen Technique Therapy which was suggested.


Here is a few questions I have asked Nicola about this technique…

•Would you say that the Bowen Technique can help with post surgery pains and discomfort?

Absolutely. A surgery of any kind is invasive. A surgeon will be cutting through the delicate layers and tissues of the body to reach the intended area of treatment. Upon reaching the site, there will be further invasive work, created by instruments and the surgeon working in the specific area. Whilst surgeons generally try to keep this to a minimum, ultimately scar tissue will form. Bowen technique looks to reconnect the body. Aiming to relieve pain, discomfort and aid the healing process. This ethos is also applied to scar tissue specifically – no matter how old.  

• What will the Bowen technique offer the client after after surgery, i.e., body balance, realignment etc?

This will be different for each client. Ultimately, Bowen treats the whole person. Whether the clients wishes to interpret this as realignment or re-balancing, is up to them. What the treatment doesn’t do, is manipulate. A Bowen ‘move’ comprises a gentle rolling movement over a precise area dense in nerve receptors. No two treatments are ever the same. We treat the body that is present on the day.   

•What advice would you offer clients who have come to you having had surgery?

Listen to your body. Follow your doctors advice. Drink plenty of water. Get a Bowen treatment as soon as possible! 

  • Are there any points you would recommend or like to stress for clients that we could shout about on our Facebook page for you?
DRINK – the good stuff. Plenty of water – sorry, with fermented grapes / barley or infused tea leaves or coffee beans, doesn’t count! Breath into your diaphragm. Get the right bra fit. If you’re in pain – book a Bowen session. Don’t wait.   



Nicola is also able to offer scar specific work. This is an amazing price of ONLY  £25 for an hour’s treatment. Appointments are available during the day on Wednesday’s & 6-8pm Monday – Friday.
If you would like to know anymore about Bowen Technique Therapy please feel free to contact Nicola Pike below…

Rose Holistic

Rose Bungalow, Kennmoor Road, Kenn, Clevedon, BS21 6TZ

Tel: 07742061997


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