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What Shapewear Can I Wear Beneath My Wedding Dress?

Contrary to popular belief not every Bride places a high priority on the appearance of her wedding underwear that she wears on her Big Day. A lot of Brides place more emphasis on the practical aspects of what their bridal lingerie is doing for them rather than the aesthetics. After all your look is going to be captured in wedding photographs and maybe even a video and remembered over time to come, so there’s quite a bit of logic in that thought and so it’s understandable that Brides want to, shall we say, “smooth out the outline of their figure for the camera”!


What Does Shapewear Do That Wedding Corsets, Bras & Bustiers Don’t?

Well, both types of lingerie provide elements of support which is important for any Bride to Be on her Wedding Day. We emphasise to all of our Brides that comfort is key and that bridal lingerie needs to be working in complete harmony with both you and your wedding dress. However wedding shapewear, bodyshapers, spanx or whatever you choose to call them now use a lot of different materials and panelling in order to focus their ‘control & firming’ to dedicated areas such as the tummy, waist, bum, hips and thighs as required.


Bridal Shapewear isn’t Very Flattering for The First Wedding Night.

This is often true. Many Brides don’t want their new partners to see them climbing out of their beautiful wedding dress on their first wedding night and to be remembered wearing what resembles a swimming costume from the 1920′s! So many brides often have some wedding night lingerie for that first wedding night, a wedding babydoll or a chemise and even a bridal nightgown. It can be far more relaxing to talk about the day & enjoy the rest of the evening in something a little less restrictive than a wedding corset or full length bodyshaper that’s been pulling you in or holding you up all day.

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What Shapewear Should I Choose?

Everyone is different in so many ways, height, weight, size and shape. So when it comes to deciding what wedding shapewear to choose to go beneath your wedding dress it really comes down to personal preference and what works with your dress design. Choose something that’s going to smooth and firm the areas you want and that’s going to be comfortable. Remember to have it for your final dress fitting though, it’s a bit late to find out your wedding morning that it doesn’t work well with your wedding dress!


So before you go in search of bridal underwear to go beneath you dress on your Wedding Day, just have a think about what you want it to do for you!









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