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I read lots of posts on Facebook and hints from our Real Weddings Brides that they regret not having their Wedding Day filmed. So today we take a look at Wedding Videography by Mette at Tinsel Town Weddings, who has some great advice on what to look out for when choosing a videographer for your own Wedding Day. It’s a lot of money so take their advice on board when you go searching! PS – Check the little video clip out!


Q: Tell us a bit more about TinselTown Wedding Films, how you got started and how long you’ve been going?

I have been a video editor for a number of years now and gradually got into weddings through editing freelance for a number of other wedding videography companies. Right from the start I loved being a part of something which is such a special and unique experience for every couple, and the more weddings I edited the more I realised I wanted to build my own company where I could have full artistic licence on what I produced. But more than that, I wanted to create a different type of wedding film than the norm. I think my style of films stand out because not only do I film to capture emotions, but I try to do this in a dynamic style which allows me to then edit some great footage into a music driven film.



Q: I see many posts of Brides regretting not having a videographer video their wedding. What advice do you have for them when making the decision?

DO IT!! You are absolutely right that so many Brides’ main regret is not having their wedding professionally captured. And guess what, I was one of them!! I got married long before I started in the wedding industry, and in order to cut costs my wedding was videoed by a guest who assured me they were capable of filming, and after which I was going to then edit the footage. Unfortunately he didn’t really know what he was doing and it was all a disaster, and I still kick myself today for not hiring a professional – magnified times ten given what I now do for a living! I appreciate everyone has a budget, but your photos and video are the only real lasting memories of the day and really shouldn’t be scrimped on – you simply don’t get a second chance. The day goes by so quickly that you will be glad afterwards that you’ll always have your wedding vows, those moving speeches, footage of your family and friends enjoying the day, and even some dodgy best man jokes (ok, maybe not those) to relive whenever you want – whilst photographers are important, only a videographer can capture all that. Not only that, in most cases there are people who you would have loved to have been there but simply couldn’t for whatever reason – sharing your wedding video with them is at least the next best thing to being there.



Laura + Nicky 12th September 2015 from TinselTown Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Q: There’s plenty of videographers to choose from, what should brides consider when deciding on who’s right for them?

Always do your research. I see plenty of Brides almost boasting on how they got a videographer for the cheapest price, but it’s usually a false economy. The only thing that should matter is whether you are getting value for money. Videographers can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds, but before hiring anyone always check out the quality of their work (if the camera work is all wobbly and the sound quality not great on the examples, don’t expect yours to be any better!) and then compare it to others to make sure you are getting the best videographer for your budget. Also make sure they have proper insurance and a contract otherwise you will have next to no comeback if anything goes wrong.


Q: What makes TinselTown Wedding Films stand out from the crowd & why should brides come to you?

As I mentioned earlier, I think my style of filming offers something different. Contemporary style highlights films have become very popular recently and are thankfully phasing out the older documentary type videos, but I wanted to create an alternative cinematic style which will hopefully last the test of time. So far I have had a lot of interest and great feedback which for me makes everything worth while. I also think that when couples invest their money in you it is important to offer them as much confidence as possible, which is why I come with an enhanced DBS check (CRB and ISA check), comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance, all my work has proper music licences, and I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and so limit the amount of weddings I cover a year.


Q: What has been your biggest achievement to date? (Doesn’t have to be wedding related).

Without doubt having my twin girls. It’s great fun watching them grow up, and being a twin myself at least I’ll be able to pass on some first hand advice!


Q: Have you had any one particular moment that has stood out head and shoulders above the rest when videoing a wedding & what was it?

A recent wedding I shot, the Bride and Groom said they were a little camera shy and were very keen to have mostly candid, discreet filming which is obviously not a problem. But after the photoshoot myself and the photographer just felt there was something missing, so we suggested that we all sneak off after the meal while all the guests were still mingling to a nearby field which had a great scenic backdrop and do some styled shots, and to their surprise they absolutely loved it! Not only that we got some amazing footage which really helped make the video and photos. (By the way, if you are looking for a brilliant photographer I can thoroughly recommend Potters Instinct Photography :) )


Q: Do you have any special offers on at the moment that you’d like us to mention?

Yes I have a Winter / Spring offer on until April 2016 where you can get coverage of your ceremony through to first dance and an edited feature film for £595.

All my other packages currently have a 25% discount on too, but you’ll have to be quick with that as I’m getting quite booked up for next year so it won’t be there for long!


So avoid the same mistake that Mette made, (and I have to say ourselves as well), and give some real consideration to having a professional video your Wedding Day. It’s a decision I’m sure you won’t regret!







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