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Deciding on who is going to capture your wedding day on camera is another one of those big decisions you have to make in planning your big day. It’s so very important as it’s going to be the lasing memories of your day, so you want your wedding day photos to remind you of all the love, joy and happiness of the day, even years down the line. So today I introduce Husband & Wife team Georgie H Photography with some really good pointers when it comes to choosing your Wedding Photographer.


Q: Tell us a little bit about Georgie H Photography. How you got started and how long have you being going.

Georgie H Photography have been rocking the photography world since 2012. The company was developed after Neill received his diploma in photography and was unsure of the route to take. As a couple we decided to launch GHP so Neill could work for himself, when in fact he actually works for me! Our first wedding booking was actually an actress who used to be a regular in Hollyoaks, once we confirmed that booking the business just blew up for us and has been thriving ever since. I started out by working behind the scenes, talking to the clients and on the day I would go and assist Neill. Then Neill decided to buy me a camera and teach me a thing or two. Neill and I are also husband and wife, so we have been where the couple we are working for before, we know how stressful/exciting/overwhelming a wedding can be, so we are on hand to help out! We run our business as if we are the couple getting married, how would we want to be treated? what do we expect from a photographer? Many brides we speak to tend to say “this may sound like a silly question” Neill always replies “If you don’t know the answer, it’s not a silly question.” I also think our own story is very unique and people like the fact we are married and we have been in the position they are in. If you want to find out our story head over to


Q: What inspires you and your photography?

The people we work with. Each couple is so different and so unique, each couple has a story and we love hearing them! And when we create THAT image, the wow image for a couple, or when we capture a moment with a loved one, to know those images are going to be treasured forever, put on a wall is such a great feeling. We also love seeing so many of our images as facebook profile pics ha!

Also each other, each wedding we do, we set a picture target, best pic of brides mum, best sun set pic etc, and we are always trying to out-do each other, it pushes each of us to be and do better.


Q: What should brides to be looking for when choosing a wedding photographer?

Someone who has the whole package that fits your budget, and make sure you allocate as much as you can to photography.

In this industry I have noticed a few trends, you have the photographers who have substandard work but are the nicest people and a couple will get on with them really well, then the other end of the scale you have photographers who have fantastic end products, their photoshop skills are second to none, their equipment is the best out there but they are rude and arrogant and lack people skills.

The photographer(s) are going to be a big part of your day, they are probably going to be with you and around you more than most for a large portion of the day, choose a company you can get on with, someone you feel comfortable with and someone who has a great end product. Many photographers will say you MUST meet a photographer before you book them, I don’t think this is always the case, I have couples who I have not met yet have spoken to over the phone and exchanged email after email with and I know so much better than meeting them for an hour to pour over albums.


Q: What advice can you give couples when it comes to the photos for their big day?

Do not stress. If you do, it will show in your pictures.  If you haven’t done something up to a few days prior, it’s not that important, AND if anything goes wrong and due to the amount of factors revolving around a wedding, things might just go wrong, as long as you and your partner end up married at the end of the day, who cares? We have had cakes being dropped, cars break down, a registrar refusing to marry a couple as the paper work didn’t add up (they finally got married 5 hours late) at the end of each day they are all married…..that is all that matters (and that you have some pics to prove it)

Don’t over think your pictures, with trends such as pintrest it becomes so easy to sit and say oh yes I want the same as that, I want that and that, we say to each couple, do your own thing, make your own day, make other brides want to copy you! No image is ever going to be the same, you will never have the same weather, emotion, people, back drops, don’t coy images, create your own!


Q: With so many wedding photographers to choose from what makes you stand out?

I think there are a few things that help us stand out as a team, firstly communication. Our communication is second to none, we try and answer all emails/calls within a few hours and we are always just on the other end of an email or phone for our clients.  The fact I also work in events I think helps, I am able to offer advice/help the day run smoothly as well as take pictures. We are also on hand on the day to help, I am way into double digits now for the amount of times I have dressed a bride, we help look after children, we have driven brides and grooms and family members around. We say to every couple, we want the best from them, and if this means we have to help out so they are less stressed of course we are more than happy to do so! The only thing, and even after shooting over 200 weddings neither of us have yet to master is….. putting on the button hole! Cannot do it! And lastly, our final product, we put everything into a couple’s day and I think it shows when they receive their final images.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far to date? It doesn’t have to be wedding related.

The company has to be our biggest joint achievement, starting from nothing to where we are now is such a great testament to our hard work, love for what we do and commitment.


Q: What does the future have in store for Georgie H Photography Weddings?

To keep on progressing, we never rest on what we have, what we can do. We always push ourselves, always strive to better than the last wedding, Neill always has his eye on new equipment and new ideas. I would love to add a planning side to the company, so you never know Georgie H events has a nice ring to it x


Some great advice and some amazing images from Georgie H Photography. If you want to find out more about Nikki & Neill of Georgie H Photography then take a look on their website or like their Facebook page below!







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