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I’m pleased to congratulate Jenny & Dave on their recent marriage and very happy that Jenny allowed us to share their amazing day with us. It’s a bit of a long one, but well worth the read and some great little nuggets of advice for Brides to Be! Wedding Day Photography & Images courtesy of Hayley Scott.
Hayley Scott Photography

Q: Tell us about the proposal or tell us a little bit about how you met.

Myself and now husband Dave met 11 years ago, while I was visiting a family member and he caught my eye. We were both still quite young, (late teens), we dated for a while and I knew within weeks that I had fallen in love. But life threw us a curve ball, which meant we spent some years apart but neither of us could ever quite forget about the other. As soon as we made contact again things moved fast as we both truly believed we were meant to be together, so we quickly moved in and  talk about our wedding soon begun. I knew he had bought me a ring, (our children dropped him in it lol). So me being head over heels in love with him and being a woman, begged until he finally presented me with my beautiful ring.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: When & where did you get married?

We got married on 28th august 2015 which was a Friday. We decided to get married in our local registry office as it has beautiful grounds for wedding photographs which I absolutey love! We picked our venue, The Warren Lodge Hotel, as it was a beautiful small hotel set on the river Thames and it gave us the option to have our wedding breakfast outside. This is something I had imagined for quite some time and it also gave us the option to arrive in style, by boat, while our guests were having their arrival drinks and canapés on the river terrace to see us arrive. The size of both the registry office and venue are quite small, which was perfect for us as we wanted a small and intimate wedding.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: What style of dress did you choose & why? Where did you get it from?

I along with many brides had a wedding dress nightmare and ended up with 3 dresses. The first was a very Grecian style dress dress by Sottero and Midgley but I bought this dress too early about 1 1/2 years before our wedding and fell out of love with it. So my advice for any brides, is not to buy your dress too early. I then went on the hunt for another wedding dress and found my beautiful plain, simple, elegant and slightly vintage dress from a local boutique, which sadly has since closed after many years of trading.  I also purchased a cheaper dress for the evening so I could change into something much lighter and more comfortable.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: What colour/ theme did you choose for your wedding day?

I wanted a nice simple vintage style wedding with lots of lace, pearls and hessianalong with hints of caramels, lattes and beiges. I knew exactly how I wanted everything to look and it was all in my head. I didn’t trust anyone else to see the vision I had in my head as I’m not very good at explaining what I want! So I decided to do everything myself with the help of my husband who loved to get involved and had his own opinions on things. He totally loved and got the style that I wanted, and would even put his foot down at times which was lovely to know that he cared about what everything looked like. My bridesmaids were amazing and helped with everything. Almost everything at our wedding was made by us, the only thing we got bought into the venue was a lovely lady from a company called Toast to decorate the chairs.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: What did you decide upon for your reception?

For our reception we knew we wanted a good few hours from our wedding ceremony to our wedding breakfast so our guests could enjoy the surroundings. It would also give us time to have our photos done and give us time to arrive by boat. So we decided on arrival, drinks and canopes, and a steel band playing on the river terrace to keep everyone happy and in the dancing mood. It created a great atmosphere for us to arrive to. We had our wedding breakfast outside and had speeches and when our evening guests arrived our amazing dj got the party started! He was fab, knew how to keep our guests happy and kept them up dancing.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: Do you have any hints or tips that you would pass on to brides that are planning their own wedding? (anything that you wouldn’t bother doing if you had to do it again, or anything that you definitely would recommend doing).

My only advice I can really give is, like I said, don’t buy your wedding dress too early. Also one thing we didn’t have was a videographer and I’m not saying that I would have got one as I think they are far to expensive but I would advise that you get someone to record the important bits. Luckily the night before the wedding I suddenly had the thought about getting it recorded. Not something I had thought of before, so I sent a message to my ‘Hubby to Be’ to get him to get my sister in law to record it on camcorder and thank God I did as i’ts been so lovely to watch back and I’m sure in years to come it will be watched over and over. I see a lot of brides worrying about walking down the isle. I was one as well, I believed I would pass out! I was fine, as will any other brides be reading this. The moment you enter the room it’s as if no one else is there except you and your Hubby, so don’t worry.

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: Did you have an absolute bargain buy, and what was it?

I was very lucky with my wedding and had lots of bargains and saved a lot by making and doing things myself. Grandad’s potting shed on facebook did lots of engraved gifts for me along with my guest book jenga, his prices are fab and is a delight to deal with. My flowers were from bouquet boutique again on facebook and for fake flowers they were stunning and I would highly recommend her. Amazon was great for bargains for a lot of bits for my wedding.

Hayley Scott Photography

I think the money best spent on my wedding was my venue. For the price I paid, it was a bargain and the food and service received was outstanding! They were so attentive from the moment I woke up to the moment my last guest left. I honestly have nothing but gratitude for all that they did. Truly a great team of people. I would also like to mention my photographer who was great, she was at our side all day long and yet she was discreet and it didn’t feel imposing even in those special moments. I love my pictures and believe she has a truly amazing talent and I have learnt from her pictures that its not just photos she takes but captures real moments and emotions. So pick your photographer carefully, ours was Hayley Scott photography –

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: What was your most favourite part of the day?

I have a few special moments from my big day. A gift I received from my then ‘Hubby to Be’ in the morning had me in tears and that just set the trend for the day (lots of tears). Seeing my daughter all ready had me in tears too. When I arrived at the registry office I saw my 2 year old and 10 year old boys all suited and booted and this was very emotional but just about managed to hold the tears back! Then walking in and seeing my Hubby was amazing. I could see tears in his eyes and it was so emotional that I almost ran down the isle ditching my mum, (who was giving me away), before she had a chance to hand me over!

Hayley Scott Photography

I darted to him to give him the reassuring cuddle I could see he so needed. It was an extremely emotional ceremony as well as beautiful and special. When we finally got on the boat to head to the venue it was lovely just to take that 20 minutes to ourselves, away from all our guests, to just enjoy each other and relax and take in what we had just finally done was perfect. Hearing my husband say “my wife” in his speech was pretty special too!

Hayley Scott Photography

Q: What advice would you pass on to brides for their actual wedding day itself?

My advice for any Brides to Be, would be just relax and enjoy every minute. Try to take a tiny bit of time out together to soak it up and enjoy each other. There is no point saying don’t get stressed out before hand because we all do, but once your day starts don’t let anything bother you. There is no point stressing about small things, just enjoy it and at the end of the day you are marrying the love of your life and that’s all that matters.

Hayley Scott Photography

Thank you once again Jenny for sharing your amazing day with us, it was a pleasure to read with some honest hints & tips for Brides to Be. Your photographs are stunning and now all is left for me to say is, we wish you the very best of luck for the future and that You and Dave have a long and happy marriage! Congratulations!

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