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Real wedding features are fast becoming a real favourite and everyone’s clearly very special in their own ways but this one really strikes a chord and is an absolutely wonderful reminder of what marriage is all about; love, commitment and above all happiness! A huge congratulations to Pamela and Amanda, thank you for sharing your wonderful day with here at Moonrise Bridal!


Image: Phil Davidson Storybook Photography

Q: Tell us about the proposal or tell us a little bit about how you met.

Amanda & I met five years ago at work we are both Midwives and met when I came to work at her hospital, we had an instant connection and although I was in a male-female relationship at the time knew I’d found my soul mate. Amanda proposed to me just before my 50th birthday last year and we got engaged in Brighton the weekend after my birthday in September.


Image: Phil Davidson Storybook Photography

Q: When & where did you get married?

July 25th was the date we married. We had two weddings on the same day. A registry office in the morning for family, and a big garden blessing at Amanda’s Dad’s place.


Q: What style of dress did you choose & why? Where did you get it from?

I originally bought a Sonsie Veronique dress off e-bay which was very heavy & structured, but then I tried on a princess style dress at Wed2be and fell in love, and despite being the wrong side of 50 and a plus size I felt amazing in it. Amanda wore a beautiful sage green trouser suit that was unusual and so totally her, she looked fantastic. We both wore irregular choice shoes, red for me & cream for her, with rainbow striped sneakers & flip flops from Rocket dog for later in the day.


Image: Phil Davidson Storybook Photography

Q: What colour/ theme did you choose for your wedding day?

We went for rainbow colours, I mean what else is there for a gay wedding!


Q: What did you decide upon for your reception?

We married on the lawn which we decorated with 6 meter Bali flags and wool pom poms running down the aisle (we handmade and trimmed almost 1000 pom poms). The reception around the pool, as we didn’t want people going in the pool we decorated it with huge helium balloons suspended on fishing wire so it looked like they were floating in air, the marque was decorated with varying sizes of honeycomb pom poms and paper lampshade with a bespoke paper sculpture in the center, as it went dark the surrounding trees came to life in many colours as my wonderful brother (and best man) had spent the previous very wet day setting up the lighting.


For food we did a BBQ with lots of salads, a sundae bar for desert was a hit with everyone. We provided drinks and our bar was stocked with wine, beer and soft drinks (we decided against spirits), we also did a hot drink bar, this was also a big hit with people and the idea came from going to a garden wedding earlier in the year and by 6pm really wanting a hot drink but there wasn’t any. When the party ended at midnight we had people camping in the bottom field and we all moved down there for a nightcap around a campfire. Our bridal suite was made for us by Amanda’s stepmum who created us a space in a shed with carpets and a tented ceiling and fairy lights it was so lovely.


Q: Do you have any hints or tips that you would pass on to brides that are planning their own wedding? (Anything that you wouldn’t bother doing if you had to do it again, or anything that you definitely would recommend doing).

Don’t go overboard on your budget, its amazing what you can accomplish on a tight budget and no one should spend years paying off a wedding.


We totally overestimated the amount of wine people would drink, we did two booze runs to France and honestly one would of done (it’s going to be a very merry xmas in our house!). If you’re having an outdoor wedding, think about providing hot drinks, we bought a water boiler off eBay and did tea, coffee, hot chocolate & herbal teas. Instead of a candy cart we filled plastic fishbowls (from poundland) with rainbow sweets and placed them on a big round table with the cake in the center.  Pinterest is your friend! We got so many ideas.


Paper Sculpture & Wedding Dressing by Vicky Barrett.

Q: Did you have an absolute bargain buy, and what was it?

I joined the facebook site, wedding items for sale and sourced some great bargains off it, although you do read about a lot of people being scammed, I was very lucky they included;


StoryBook Photography by Phil Davidson, Phil was so good and an absolute delight to have around, we hate having our photo taken but he really put us at ease and was very reasonable.


Grandads Potting Shed made our guest book that was a garden jenga with our married name and the date of the wedding; we provide a pot full of coloured sharpies and loved our messages that we will see every time we play with it.


Mrs Pott’s Cakery made our cake, I didn’t find her on that page but her page was liked by a friend over a year ago, I spotted a version of our cake and fell in love, her price was very good and the cake was lovely.


Q: What was your most favorite part of the day?

Amanda & I have four children between us (although my three boys are not strictly children anymore!) and at the afternoon blessing the three boys walked us in and during the service Amanda’s Daughter and my eldest & youngest did readings they were very special, and the boys and Amanda’s daughter did their own vows to each other becoming brothers and sister and her & I did our own vows to tell everyone that we were now mother and daughter (it was the first time I’d cried all day!!) but to be honest the whole day was beyond perfect from the beginning and travelling in the car with my Dad to sitting round a campfire still in my dress.


Image: Phil Davidson Storybook Photography

Q: What advice would you pass on to brides for their actual wedding day itself?

Don’t stress! There comes a point when you just have to hand over control to other people and let them get on with it, it is only one day and time goes so fast don’t waste it, let others take the strain they really don’t mind. At points in the day take time to just step back with your other half and take it all in. Have flat shoes on hand it’s a long day. Enjoy it, just enjoy it we did!!!

Thank you once again to Pamela & Amanda for sharing their wonderful Wedding Day with us all, some great advice on planning a great wedding and keeping control of the pennies, some excellent ideas and what a magical setting! We wish you all the very best for the future and a very long and happy marriage!


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