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Start Your Wedding Journey at John Titcombe Jewellery

diamond engagement rings

Long before any of the planning and preparations for your wedding day start the journey begins someplace, somewhere with someone having to buy an engagement ring for the big proposal. This is a huge task in itself to get just right. Do you go big and ostentatious or more subtle? How much do you spend on an engagement ring? Do you decide on a solitaire diamond, or a diamond surrounded with emeralds? Whatever you decide you need to do your homework and do a bit of snooping with a lot of shopping around. When you find the one though, you’ll know.

pear shaped diamond engagement rings

How much do you spend on an engagement ring?

Well there is a tradition or saying that the Groom’s supposed to spend a months wage on the engagement ring! This day and age it’s down to personal preference as there’s a huge amount to choose from to suit everyone’s pocket. Keep in mind it’s the sentiment behind the ring that’s the important thing, not the amount you spend.

ruby diamond engagement ring

How do I know what size engagement ring to buy?

As for most men, the proposal is planned to be a big surprise so how on earth do you go about finding the right size before you go and buy the engagement ring. You can’t exactly measure someone’s ring finger without raising suspicion. You could always buy some cheaper costume jewellery and use that as an excuse, or try putting one of her other rings on your own ring finger and remember how far up your finger it goes.

red & gold wedding rings

What are the 4 C’s?

Make no mistake that the first step of the wedding journey of buying the engagement ring is a big task to get right and we haven’t even touched on things like; What’s the best shape of diamond for an engagement ring? What’s the most popular metal for an engagement ring? What about the slightly more technical elements of the 4 c’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight? That’s where finding a wedding jeweler that you are confident have the experience to be able to help and advise you.

Wedding bands by John Titcombe Jewellery

Whilst tweeting I bumped into a wonderful wedding supplier of wedding jewellery based in both Clifton, Bristol and Cirenceter, Gloucestershire. John Titcombe Jewellery have an array of diamond engagement rings as well as a host of wedding rings for both him and her, be it Platinum, Palladium or White, Yellow and even Red Gold there’ll be a combination to suit most! After visiting their website and just loved their diamond engagement rings wanted to showcase some of their work on our wedding blog.

Wedding Rings


Telephone:- 0117 973 3178 (Bristol) 01285 655 754 (Cirencester)


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