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Bridal Basques and Wedding Bustiers for your Wedding Day Lingerie.





Many modern day brides are falling in love with the idea of wearing a bridal basque or bustier on their wedding day for their bridal underwear. We thought we’d put together a few bits and pieces about pro’s and cons of choosing a bridal basque or bustier along with some FAQ’s we get asked.



Styles of wedding Basques.



In general in bridal basque still has elements of boing in its design and will help to pull your figure in around the waist and a little above your hips, so they have some good figure toning and shaping effects. They are a very popular choice among bigger busted brides as they’re great at providing support for the breast, with profiled cups and underwiring, especially if you’re going down the route of a strapless wedding basque.




Isabella bridal basque

I always think of a basque as a halfway house between a corset and a bustier. All are great support for the breast but have different degrees of figure shaping and to the extent of body to which they cover.



Bridal bustiers

237 copy

Lace Wedding Bustier

A bridal bustier has the name hints towards, is more focused at supporting and holding the breasts. Bustiers tend not to have the same degree of bonding in them as a more traditional style of bridal corset and, again they tend not to go down as far as the hips. The lace wedding bustier is very popular as it’s strapless in its design and is a very good low back wedding lingerie option.



Gabrielle White Bridal Bustier

Gabriella Bridal Busier

Wedding bustiers tend to be popular plus size bridal underwear options as they can provide a better element of support for larger breasts a bra, especially if your gown requires you to wear a strapless wedding lingerie option.





Padded Push Up Bustier

We always recommend working out which size Basque or busier will be best for you, by using your exact measurements as they are at the time of buying.



Although Moonrise Lingerie is an online lingerie store and we can’t offer direct one on one fittings, however all of our staff have attended fitting courses and are fully qualified to assist over the phone. The other reason, is we offer a wide range of wedding lingerie from manufacturers of different countries, so it’s a good practice to work from your basic measurements and to match sizes from our size charts. See our other short posts on measuring for a wedding corset.



Frequently asked questions.



Here are some of the questions we get asked by our brides that may be of help. If you have any other questions then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, at




What Size lingerie do you go up to?

Our sizes vary depending on manufactures sizing charts, however we do offer a range from 32A up to size 44E Cup.

It is always worth giving us a call or sending us a quick email so that we can check your preferred lingerie item with the size charts and make sure that you are looking at the correct size for yourself. We often find that brides to be have been dieting and lost weight or there body shape has changed and you may require a smaller size than you think…!


My wedding dress is very low at the back and I need strapless lingerie, can you help?

Yes, we offer quite a wide range of optional strapless lingerie ranging from bridal basques & bra’s to wedding corsets.  We can help you find the right style and shape wedding lingerie to make you look and feel special  for the biggest and most important day of your life. As well as the all important wedding underwear, don’t forget that we can also help you with your wedding accessories such as bridal stockings and of course your bridal garter.


What is the difference between a Bridal Basque and a Wedding Corset?

This is a very good question which we are asked a lot!


Basques are made from a softer material which allows it to stretch or move with your body whilst at the same time offering support. A basque has cups to help support your breasts and generally sits around your lower waist area just above your hips to offer shape to your belly whilst fastening at the back with a hook and eye closure. Some Basques offer light plastic boning strips to also help mould your figure whilst most are made from shaped material panels.


Corsets are made from much tauter materials as they were originally designed to pull in your waist by up to 2cm for which they also needed to have stronger metal boning. Today however, although the principle is the same, they are made more with comfort in mind and offer more flexibility. Many now offer a re-enforced plastic boning which is slightly flexible but will still hold your shape all day whilst allowing you to move around more and enjoy your big day and more so your first dance. Many Wedding corsets come with a ribbon tie up at the back as this offers the best support to your individual body shape, ie: you can have it fastened tighter at the bottom, whilst keeping it a bit looser at the top or vice versa allowing you full control of your shape. You can pull in the areas you would like to hide away whilst at the same time enhance the areas you would like to show off giving you the best possible shape on your special day. Another feature that the corset offers and a bustier does not is that once you have fastened it up at the back you can then take it off via a hook and eye fastening which is usually at the front of the corset or on some it is at the side… This allows you to be able to put it back on with ease on your wedding day.


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